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i told my therapist about you,
while your lips were still slathered alllll over my body.
i showed her the places we had been,
and all the things we had seen.
i told her what lies underneath that pretty
skin of yours,
and i told her how i knew.
i spelt out your name as she scribbled it on her cute little clipboard,
i told her about the   first     night
and the      second
and the   fourth
and that time in the closet.
i told her everything,
i really just wanted to   get
of my brain,
it didn't matter if saying these things put me in  sososo  much pain.
because you've  moved   on  so why can't i?
i told my therapist about you,
but i still can't tell you
i know i'm  s t u p i d,
for holding on this l
                             ­    g,
i know it's useless,
for wishing you weren't                              gone.
but my words carry on like a heartbeat
s     l      o      w
u   s   e   d
  n    t   a   y
i   keep   keep   keep  breaking and breaking and breaking and
i told my therapist about you.
i think part of the reason why we hold onto something so tight is because we fear something that great will never ever happen twice
Strutting your stuff as you go on your way,
At first glance people call you ***.
You flap your wrist, as if you lack muscle,
But we all know better, so quit the hustle.
With cries such as "fabulous" and "oh my god guys",
Its amazing normal people don't eat you alive.
Even though you feel your heart has good cheer,
Your brain knows, you are full of fear.
Yeah so I decided that I SHOULD do the series. I`m really proud of it so far!!!
Fluttery heart beats;
Intrepid love scatters from behind;
Rapidly thoughts come to mind.
Smiles of pure elation;
Talk, hand in hand, for a time.

Date to last through the ages;
Anticipation released from you.
Tender kiss to say goodnight
Exuding happiness: two.
Went on my first date with Bjorn, it went really well and he`s SUPER sweet...
This year we decide,
We're not going before we've tried.
As bad as it may seem,
Let's make 2019 gleem!!!
Look I'm making this up as I go.
This is me just pretending to know.
Why am I even still talking.
I'll just keep walking.
It's like no one listens,
I'm waiting for a day that glistens.
So far, I know many people that just gave up on 2019!!!!
i wanna cut
my chest open
just to make sure
my hearts still
beating inside
You don't know what is like to not love your self,
To be put down cast away and not even have a response from your cry for help,
You don't know what is like to be me,
To build for wall around themselves made of Steel,
Running and hiding is my duty,
Insecurity my pride,
You don't understand what is like to see the whole world in black & white,
When everyone visions are colorful and nice,
Fear and nightmares are my company,
While death is my destiny,
You don't know what is like,
To have your day become night,
No you just don't understand what is like to be ***,
Even though it's slap right in front of your face.
I think I might start a series out of "*** Life". I really have a lot to say about this matter, so why not?
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