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Arthur DeVasto Apr 2018
There he was with the blade in his hand
Scars on his skin replace pain in his head
Worthless and pain is all that he knows
Desperately fiending for a lovely soul
She abandoned him so his death must be quick
Every lie feeling like a crack of a whip
Revenge consumes his mind
Making him wonder possibly why?
She made him believe she was everything
Only to leave him for a step up the ladder
She told him she would save him yet she only made him sadder
Claiming her life now as perfection
All she had to do was desert his affection
So he raised the knife slitting his throat on that cold night
He died believing his revenge would be on sight
Maybe she would finally feel what it's like when you take away a light
But she only shed crocodile tears
Knowing she had escaped her worst fears
No longer can he be the thorn in her side
He was as worthless and disposable as she claimed him to be
And now she had just been released from his prison of mirrors
She is finally free.
Opening lines inspired by Jahseh Onfroy
Arthur DeVasto Mar 2018
A cancer in my mind
No cure to find
Slit wrists and throats ease my shame
Self sentenced on death row
Yet, happiness is all I ever show
Broken and shattered no one wants to be
So who could possibly want to be around me?

I look and look
For reasons to thrive
All I can see is my dead body among the pines.

She entered my life like a rising sun
All she wanted was some fun
Perfection is all I see
Finally free
Genuine happiness floods my mind
A final end to my eternal find.

Yet, abandonment soon came
The storm returned ravaging my brain
With final hope I told the world my deepest shame.

Locked away in a place of sadness
With patients all claimed to suffer from madness
Yet, in the palace of shame
Brief peace I find once again

They told me to leave us torn apart
I could not heal the scars to my heart
I tried to believe it was the best for me
Yet, the second released I returned to thee
I just need your ecstasy with no fee
But, who could possibly love a fiend?

The tears cluster my eyes
Leaving my happiness eternally blind.

Their is only permanent cure for me
Only to pass on the cancer to the ones that had the burden to care for me
Now, I am nothing but a slave to the hearts that beg me to stay.

So, stuck I am in this eternal sadness
Once again silent towards my pain
With supposed fain
Yet, no doctor ever understands that my silence always whelps
Somebody help.

— The End —