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Aron Lenith Jun 2016
A broken heart is no desire
The truth the pain seems a liar
The dark the cold the unforgettable knife
Is deep down inside my horrible life

You think I'm strong but you tear me down
I desire a love a new clean ground
But all hope has lost me beneath my gain
You tried too much so I've refrained

The tortuous force went to my soul
So deeply under in a dark hidden hole
I tried to long to stand up tall
I think it's time for me to fall

It's killing me from the inside out
I may seem fine but I am in doubt
It makes me feel like I should die
I would like to leave and fly

-Jay Daniel
  Jun 2016 Aron Lenith
Jayce Childress
Why can't my parents understand why I want to wear a button up and pants not a dress?
"Kylie just wear the dress"
No I'm not Kylie and I'm not wearing a ******* dress.
I'm not wearing something I don't feel comfortable in.
Sorry if really bad I made the poem because my parents made me angry about the dance my school is hoisting

— The End —