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 Apr 2020 ArielMarriel
A philosophy
A daydream
A stream
A leap
A tiny thought
An observation
A declaration
An ode
A letter
A look
A light
A treat
A plea
Just thinking.
 Apr 2020 ArielMarriel
Wasted space
Borrowed air
Dead weight
Catatonic stare
Doesn’t matter. Don’t care.
As night fades to dawn
Day breaks and the world carries on

When the sun lays his weary head to rest
Mother moon rises, to take a breath

Even as the stars dim away
And ready the skies for another day

Through it all, this much remains true....
My love for you
 Jan 2020 ArielMarriel
sorry to say
but some of your poems
aren't poems
this is not a poem / why was this trending ?? oh my..
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