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Jul 19 · 268
Terrestial Skirmish
Kenshō Jul 19
There was a man who had been abandoned at an early age and left to be cared by a monk at a monastery.

In his early years of adult hood he was so depressed he decided he would climb a mountainous rock and from it, he would jump.

He would die, and the pain would be over.

As he was eyeing his rock and seeing there was no way, he sat defeated.

And then his eyes caught glance of a monkey, effortlessly climbing the rock, all the way up. And all the way back down.

He knew he could mimick that climbing style and make his way to the top as well.

Slowly he climbed, tracing every movement the monkey had made, perfect.

AS he reached the top, he cried from the pain of the physical.. and the emotional..

At that moment, that was a roar

A huge roar of cheering.

From below the people were cheering and saying "He is a world class rock climber!"

They thought he had decided to climb it for sport, his skill seemed to display.

Confused with emotion, pain and elation, he bowed and safely returned to the ground.

Where after his first climb on that precipitous rock, he decided to persue rock climbing from then on..
Apr 2020 · 324
An Old Photograph
Kenshō Apr 2020
sugar cane berry stains

lost friends life's bends

mountain still, in the end

there and back i've seen

we were kids, you were teens

we learned a lot where we've been

one more shot before we go

that sacred breath you always know-

when to call it a day
Apr 2020 · 391
An Old Photograph
Kenshō Apr 2020
sugar cane berry stains

lost friends life's bends

mountain still, in the end

there and back i've seen

we were kids, you were teens

we learned a lot where we've been

one more shot before we go

that sacred breath you always know-

when to call it a day
Feb 2020 · 269
Giggling I Dash
Kenshō Feb 2020
giggling i dash
phases and i slip passed
cloak caught on mara's thorns
no one looks within
but only at what is worn
follow the barren arrow
toward the ancient barrows
where the winding ways become narrow
and all is resting still

Nothing is what for i asked
where simply i am present
no future or past
And ones mind isn't molded
like an egyption tomb
explicit in caste
but warm in the womb
display shoshin in bloom
to inherent the present's heirloom

and when all is like before it begun
does any other stand higher than one
because if we fight over either
we're bound to be done
Feb 2020 · 351
Sapphire Albatross
Kenshō Feb 2020
the sapphire albatross
winding way of will
break the hardest
and wear away until
all has measured furthest
and met down that last hill
as all the drops converge
becoming less even still
all becomes one
in the ocean of time
all is perfect
not a single spill
Feb 2020 · 688
Emerald Albatross
Kenshō Feb 2020
the emerald albatross
totem of time
grows from the ground
it falls from the sky
over our heads it flies
but they tryna keep us down
all now seen as lies
im not a human
im going underground
running to a place
where i know ive found
where i can find my pace
and muffle out the sound
of sirens and cries and tv songs
im not like any of you
ill admit it
ive known this all along
Jan 2020 · 307
Alchemical Butterfly
Kenshō Jan 2020
Listen while reciting - Enjoy!!

Alchemical Butterfly
wing in the sky
eastern diamond bay
we were born this way
everyone will cry

Shhh It's all okay
Garden of God at play
megalithic dao
mirror of now
everyone is gay

I'm tired of the human race
But have love for god
I want to leave this earth
but float among space
And look back, from a pod

Im forgetting all name and form
And feeling as if I were never born
I cannot tell if it is after or before
All is now wet, I smile as it pours
Another barrier between my place and yours

But thats okay I like it inside
Closer to my heart for my soul to untie
Where there are no clocks
because people don't have the time
Life is a lie and the truth is everyone will die

So set me free from here
the land of the sun
where people are blind
the land of the gun
where humans **** their kind

My soul is a boat
Distant from shore
Bending the horizon
onward to nevermore
no body to tote

listen while reciting
Jan 2020 · 193
100k in the Night
Kenshō Jan 2020
Ill walk one hundred thousand steps in the night
I made the flight with no map or light

Stumbled through brier and thorn
Upon my soul like a garment, torn

Yet my mind is like a stallion
Stampeding with my battalion

The spirit of the heard(herd)
Is trans-Luci-dating the power of the third

I'm stuck here now on earth
But the lines are getting blurred

Each letter a note to the infinite song
Channeling the word of god all along
Dec 2019 · 178
I laugh
Kenshō Dec 2019
I know why god made waterfalls
Or why birds fly

When you cast thy mind to the call
your feet will lift to the sky

And if by gone ages be deaf
And no great minds be left

Then cast my mind astray
Like an owl lost in the light of day

God poured a waterfall in my heart
Once my soul was an arrow but now 'tis a dart

Flying flying towards i know not what
But i think they call this art

I am listening and it is getting louder
Nature is giving birth we must surround her

The future is an angel in your mind
With love and compassion we must ground her

So I trek with compass and staff
Because they **** with  mind
And suffocate with number and graph

I whistle upon the dixies
As I sneak around with pixies

In the end of it all
It seems a bit chaff
Inward thinking to myself, I laugh
Dec 2019 · 293
Should Be Asleep
Kenshō Dec 2019
should be asleep
but the rain is dreaming
across the empty land
resting moonlight streaming
edge of midnight's ocean
my criticism is blunted
moments frozen in motion
why can't we see everyone
as children and spirits

should be asleep
after all gods curves
are deep and steep
and i am astray and small
i've lost hours of mine
and been late yet
i didn't have a date set
or have the time
we are all running so fast

should be asleep
one last thing before i dream
'nd join the rain in dance
is that the universe knows
much more than it seems
'nd you are sharper in trance
as we all doze
planet earth slows
we find nightly death
as divine cosmic breath
births the expanse
written to
Nov 2019 · 436
Shhh... Come with Me
Kenshō Nov 2019
Listen and recite on tempo with the space between preferably

Let us sneak past the beholders
And fall through the hedge

Twist and tuck your shoulders
Careful not to slip the ledge

Where that speaking plant rose
'Till all noise is scant

Pass the root that slows
'Nd Keep the leaf that quickens

Follow the vine that goes
Passed the sign of picking

When the lone holt rises
And the deep mire thickens

There are three stones stricken
Standing of similar sizes

There it is the time of all ages
'Nd it doesn't matter what your age is

Where the wind flower is always a toss
And where the rocks are growing on moss

I have had it with signs and maps
At this next crossroad I will try to get lost

Nothing feels familiar and I've lost all name
Here life feels only a process, maybe a game..

I'm feeling wayward
I hope you are feeling the same

Forget all clocks
We will look in each others eyes to tell time

Forget all forms
The great Dao is a mirror and you are a mime

Whistle 'gypsy' to meet a sekret of my kind
Passage to a garden of thistle and thyme

five fold colors from the canopy above
rest warm and low on the mushroom land of love

With draping crowns of brugmansia
and fragile ground of foxglove

tip toe the maze and careful where she lept
for where she landed is where many had wept

the life giving rivers we swim
are the same some were sweptt

or have you ever thought
that where you are now is where once a soul's body was left?

where one is complete
another in this life is bereft

so respekt what beyond that hedge lies
everything may be separate now, but everything is one when it dies

And if I were to shapeshift into a fish
my swirling ocean, i would call my sky

And if that fish had one wish
Would be that the world would never run dry

See your spells of intention and what you imply
dictates what your world is run by

And that is beautiful
no one can deny

But quick! cover with the shade of mind
because beholders of beauty are everywhere
yet some give the evil eye

so I shade with the hedge of night
And gaze with my third of sight

so my body can be hidden
and my soul in soaring flight

Because something in the air in the city doenst feel right
But I see it in every one of your eyes, your own starry night

if you are still weary on the path to unite
this spells scroll recite

in one lord and lady
in darkness and in light
i cast this as tinder for your soul to ignite
Listen and recite on tempo with the space between preferably

i know there are some errors i will correct em later. or not
Nov 2019 · 584
4 Post Cards
Kenshō Nov 2019
Twenty thousand steps
winding to the left.
'Cause right was wrong
and wrong was right.
At the end of the road
there was nothing left
so I bent a right.
I love you so much,
but share a night,
Something I know so well,
Better than I know you.
But, I worry you've not known
'cause I've gone and well-
I'm worried the message
I've written won't tell.
I'm tired of 'the' shell-
So, I break boundaries and yell.
A life you didn't make
but a life you are willing to take?

no rules-no mistakes

no words
Just Motions
no mind
no world
Just Devotion
Odd(old) Notions
Magick Potions
no tide
no wave
Just Ocean
no soul
Just Emotions
no face
no image
God is Remoting

Thrice fold bent,
    one arrow gleaming-
from which we are sent
    all is one
          or at least seeming.
God must be asleep,
          yes, dreaming.
Side road tent,
    plastic tarp teeming-
Come one come all!
    Torii gate beaming~
Some rise some fall,
    Krishna consciousness streaming-
Ten Thousand beings enthralled,
    now just for the meaning...

I'm going under cover
where all vibration is a hum.
And where I tend to hover,
I lose track of where Im from;
Or what direction I'm going,
But, I am indeed in contact~
With something in the sky, glowing.
Accept that as a fact.
They are speaking to me,
teaching me to attract.
It only takes a whisper
for my tongues to get flowing;
And, I start to look crisper~
Upon the world as an artifact
Of art and unknowing.
All 4 parts in succession
Nov 2019 · 128
Kenshō Nov 2019
I'm going under cover
where all vibration is a hum.
And where I tend to hover,
I lose track of where I'm from;
Or what direction I'm going,
But, I am indeed in contact~
With something in the sky, glowing.
Accept that as a fact.
They are speaking to me,
teaching me to attract.
It only takes a whisper
for my tongues to get flowing;
And, I start to look crisper~
Upon the world as an artifact
Of art and unknowing.
Part 4 of 4 of #4Post-Cards
Nov 2019 · 319
Jot 3
Kenshō Nov 2019
Thrice fold bent,
    one arrow gleaming-
from which we are sent
    all is one
          or at least seeming.
God must be asleep,
          yes, dreaming.
Side road tent,
    plastic tarp teeming-
Come one come all!
    Torii gate beaming~
Some rise some fall,
    Krishna consciousness streaming-
Ten Thousand beings enthralled,
    now just for the meaning...
Part 3 of 4 of #4Post-Cards
Nov 2019 · 166
No rules-No mistakes
Kenshō Nov 2019
no words
Just Motions
no mind
no world
Just Devotion
Odd(Old) Notions
Magick Potions
no tide
no wave
Just Ocean
no soul
Just Emotions
no face
no image
God is Remoting
Part 2 of 4 of #4Post-Cards
Nov 2019 · 230
Late Night Note
Kenshō Nov 2019
Twenty thousand steps
winding to the left.
'Cause right was wrong
and wrong was right.
At the end of the road
there was nothing left
so I bent a right.
I love you so much,
but share a night,
Something I know so well,
Better than I know you.
But, I worry you've not known
'cause I've gone and well-
I'm worried the message
I've written won't tell.
I'm tired of 'the' shell-
So, I break boundaries and yell.
A life you didn't make
but a life you are willing to take?
Part 1 of 4 of #4Post-Cards
Nov 2019 · 963
Healing Memories
Kenshō Nov 2019
im sinking down
To a place where i hang out
when no ones around
where the birds fly, maybe soar
a memoir of yore
when i used to lay on the floor
and imagine an upside down world.
Where people jump in and out of doors
and balance on beams nd round the bend they twirl
Overdone masculinity rules this world but in mine it twas a girl
No sides were taken, no war, no fight. and she was black
History moves forward and you cannot take anything back
when i look back to back i tend to think we have two faces
the breath is being lost and we've all gone missing in our paces
I want to evolve my system but there is no racing
I want to speak and there is only facing
No missing, just placing
until our spirits are interlacing
towards one envisioned nation
happy 11/11 humans
Nov 2019 · 616
Dream Coordinance
Kenshō Nov 2019
because everyone thinks its in stone
and aint no body carving
im moving and leaving tracks
and i must be a martian
I'm tuffed with a bag of bluff
and im on my last rice pack
i had followed a beating sound
and now i cannot find my way back
I hope you send a call for me to miss her
But when that bend turns im alone at a vista
and i can see so clearly
infact i can see so much more
and im growing yearly
It's just you all tend
to get stuck ina trend
An echo of an imprint that years ago you sent
And never heard back from that now so
And by the way i can read your brow like braille
all the beautiful ways youve been sent and from where you hale
All the ignorant discrimination is getting stale
And one of us is on the brink and the other looking up from the sink
Wondering when will be the time
And time only moves in one direction, right?
Day shines after the chill of night
And earths cycles seem to be wound so tight
Yet i seem a loose end
I've already wondered when will be the end?
But i heard a whisper to grow a garden and to start to tend
and now its in bloom
and all the bees are in full zoom
and i can see the cycle of life clearly
we invest everything just to lose dearly
so that another may have
like the relationship between a son and dad
The sound of the chimes
as the wind passes by
And all the bird is teaching us lessons
but what if the wind blows and no one is around
does the tear ever touch the ground?
and if my heart stops does it matter why it pounds?
and if i was lost would it matter that im found?
Hi my name goes here
Wishing you were awake and here
but life goes on
After all shoes are tied with stories
and where ever you left them, is where they led you
I think everything has a sound when no ones around
and that everything goes husshh here they come when we come stomping around
Like all the flowers giggling that the seed has foundd groundd
No judging your petal little guy
We love you and know you are shy
My story is ending this is your sky
But only within my coordinance can you fly
Like a limb retarding it's direction
As if you have any detection
you read machines and are practically becoming one
you should go outside more and practice being one
Oh here you come uup that hill
I've been here for years.
Feels like lifetimes when you are light years away
Nature blooms all sorts of ways.
don't judge the petal
all alchemy comes from the ketil
and lets admit thats pretty ******* metal
yes ive been through some ****
when i preach i might spit
but brush me off and let me shine
super natural in the son, align.
Nov 2019 · 310
Kenshō Nov 2019
Beyond trailing triggers
a faint sad sound delivers
bringing my mind back to town
and memory up river.

Satchel and cane,
I am so alone;
yet, I was given a bane
to climb pines attain.

Opposite of the Lord's campaign
the Cold Pine cranes.
I saw the path to town;
Yet, I felt something arcane.

Squeezing my bag's belt,
guided left and right,
  I followed the paths I felt
while the sound of distance melts.

The city of trees
greeted me with a breeze.
The solitude flew over me
bringing me to my knees.

I cast a secret promise,
among'st the forest, flawless,
that when I die
my body will become one with the lonely forest.
Nov 2019 · 146
Ages Fear Rainbow Ideas
Kenshō Nov 2019
time   mind   man  
will   moment   day  
love   life   wind  
night   form   sky  
soul   beautiful   light  
left   heart   empty  
clouds   lost   feel  
cast   mountain   tree  
human   trees   sun  
single   divine   sit  
gods   death   find  
water   today   void  
dreams   language   eyes  
songs   king   silence  
free   heaven   pass  
souls   ground   silent  
hold   wonder   air  
god   crystal   eye  
land   hear   speak  
breathe   ancient   skies  
held   people   mountains  
truth   spirit   deep  
pain   thing   flowers  
reach   eternal   earth  
worlds   ways   directions  
bend   moon   hidden  
nature   center   passing  
golden   hills   thought  
magic   forever   true  
war   bring   city  
emptiness   matter   essence  
illusion   clearly   hill  
song   idle   caught  
sure   children   passed  
cold   full   infinite  
story   long   space  
dream   knew   forest  
felt   lies   beneath  
filled   smoke   high  
mother   feet   bound  
round   distant   meet  
chant   warm   heavy  
stories   great   told  
state   things   morning  
thee   winds   cloud  
inside   stand   sound  
remember   path   meaning  
ten   shore   lonely  
kind   unknown   bounds  
darkness   star   blind  
fire   knowledge   angels  
body   born   spoken  
seed   forgotten   rain  
days   leave   walk  
prayer   hovering   peace  
unity   grasp   ocean  
spoke   admit   brink  
surely   small   understand  
lord   reality   return  
stumble   grey   stars  
release   smile   fly  
start   holds   circle  
thoughts   natural   bounding  
separate   call   paths  
face   point   dead  
head   watch   dark  
sounds   friend   spirits  
wisdom   longer   perceived  
sat   constant   needed  
wanted   play   help  
rest   fully   clothes  
reflection   sing   black  
stone   set   open  
ages   fear   rainbow   ideas
here are the words now i just gotta figure out the order they go in

Most popular key words used through-out my poetry of the last 5 years and organized into lines of 3 words each. With the last having 4, adopting the title, because it worked.

Thanks for taking the time to experience some of the unbound imagery from my poetic pain.
Kenshō Oct 2019
Crossroad of the Mirror's Bend-
Twilight Chasms to the Hedge Tend.

A riddle of vines, answering to where trees extend;
And whispering trails of resonant Hornblende.

Sense a sign where the (M.) Glories ascend,
'Till the trail merges with the meadows end.

Beyond where lands are laid,
Cold Mountain is where I strayed.

I forgot all concept and form
And by the void was ordained.

I lost my name
When I came to the Gateless Gate..

I learned that all humans are the same
beneath the feign.

And the only reason government exists
Is that there's something to gain.

Pursuit and Pain,
Name and Fame,

here that doesn't matter;
here that's just matter.

The city I'm from is the city I shatter.
The seeds I bear are the seeds I scatter.

There's no need for a cheute
When you aren't climbing the ladder.

Most people are formal not formers;
So, in that case I'll have the latter.

You are living in a state of matter;
To me, its a matter of state.

Break the Frameless Gate
And wipe clean Locke's Slate.

Wait, that's tabula rasa, this ain't a debate!
See, you don't even know what the schools were built on you fools!

A world of jewels formed in the perfection of the bend~
A world of molecules spinning, hovering, in the end~

Whatever you believe
It's simply an intellectual tease..

Of what really claims to be,
Like the sound of the bird or a rustle of a tree.

So before you leave
I just wanted to see-

That if I told you this
You might walk the woods with me.

Because, lately I have been oft lonely
And they say I have been soft, only..

I feel a callus around my heart..
God seems to be performing some sort of complex art..

I have seen something in the end;
Yet, I cannot see where to start.

I see all of motion, like time, suspend.
I seem to see you all clearly again, then.

God speaks to me through language, transcend
And I know it was fully my part.

To move through space like my heart
And to the truth I will ever defend~

So, when I'm calling and the meaning ascends,
I pray for the lock to be broken again.

So my slate can be clean from what has been
and to the garden tend-

Because, the reflection in my eye
has made me cry.

When I look from now to then;
But, just know now that was all pretend.

Now I break a spell to start again, listen.
My tear is for you, and, from it, all glistens.

Yet we lose sight of what all the lord mights.
~Toss a yin and yang~

Like, day is just the absence of night;
Or, vision is darkness' gift to sight.

See, what is real?
And what really matters?

When I cast my mind like a reel,
Meaning seems to scatter.

An unconscious wind takes my breath away
And I come conscious to what is on my platter

I can clearly see a pathway
And all of life becomes a screenplay.

The sky is my sensei
And no human do I obey.

Because, if this was the Beatles' Way
then I would be the f^#%k!ng Blue Jay~

And I'm coming to see you
In the garden when I pass through.

Tip your hat to a Psychedelic Cat
For when all this is through,
It will have been a picture you drew.

So, I'm tired of the fake and hate;
Just give Love and Compassion.

To all your brothers and sisters
And that doesn't have to rhyme.
मैं तुमसे बहुत प्यार करता हु

listen and recite
May 2019 · 883
Mephitic Garden
Kenshō May 2019
I had told no one
Where that speaking plant was;
For, it bent where no eyes could look
And where the woods became a mirage.

It led to where Daphne took,
And where the butterfly seed would ride.
Sent from a moonlit breeze
near the noxious smell of the tide.

It grew in marsh where all rested still, separate from time;
Where, the digits of the woods can grab you
and the Green Lord wears a Henbane Crown.
So watch where you step when you are among my kind.
Apr 2019 · 428
Soul Flight
Kenshō Apr 2019
One toe tipped
Brink on the lip
Round that bounding tree
Wade and ascend until you see
Two rocks with crooked tops
Mend the bend and heed the avian's call
When you bound down
You will hear the river's sound
You are almost there
Follow the path etched in ground

Upon your breech
You will feel a wind in the tree's creak
Look for the pink flowers that peek
And listen for the spring that leaks
The journey takes weeks

So stop at the fruit bearing tree
When you are weak
Rest and prepare for the test
For soon you will meet Devil's Peak
MInd the ways you wInd

Once you spy the rocks that streak
Keep your eye out for the trees made of teak
Soon there is no sign
And the trail leaves no lines
You must move by the moon
And with the sun tell time
Here you find yourself all alone
The only of your kind

You must bare the brier that binds
And cure it with the tongue
Of the canine that bites
For the crane that flies
Holds the questions of night

When you stumble upon the prairie
And the sun is just right
Offer the indigo leaf
In the fire of the light
Say the three sacred words
And pronounce then with might

For this is the recipe
For your soul to take flight
I've followed this path before
Feb 2016 · 1.0k
Moon Dragon
Kenshō Feb 2016
Moon Dragon,
Paragon of the Night,
It winks and glistens to me
As it floats and flitters in flight.

Tubular tumbles and barrel rolls, it fills the night sky;
Chanting ancient scrolls of the lost astral souls
And blinding those with awe as it dives on by,
Working the space like water.

Around and beyond it curls and twirls,
Around each star, distant and afar.
Wrapping round for a celestial sweep
Searching for the veins of stars that run so deep.

So aloft it may tumble and mate with the night sky;
But, ever so rare one may catch a sign with a human eye
Of the Paragon of the night, Moon Dragon, as it dissolves
Into invisible flight.
Nov 2015 · 668
Modern Man's Heart
Kenshō Nov 2015
Might I fly high
Beyond your envisioned sky?
Beyond conceptual ties
That bind blind guys.
I'll take back what the modern man lacks:
A soul and a heart.
A nice place to start,
For a spirit to depart,
Venture deep into art.
Canvas spills upon your body,
Define your form among'st fog;
A confusion, a situation losin',
This lane, that lane, the lost man's cruisin'.
A vision of division - a tangled mind angle.
You could see what I bring to the table.
A way back to what we lack..
Might you ask what it is when I say that?
How about a dinner and snack
Where you don't want something
And there's no news story to crack..
Just the heart I know, that person I need,
A star, a distant glow.
What we need is a hardy hearth;
Gather round the sound enveloped in the crowd.
Lose your mind and align, dance blissful all night~
To the rhythm of the time.
Or how about abundance
A huge human party, one that-
Every one's invited to, whether your purple, black, or blue.
Battered and bruised by history's screws..
A machine we built and a boat we'll tilt;
A seed that will bloom..
And a flower that will wilt.
Oct 2015 · 1.8k
Hawk Hill's Vision
Kenshō Oct 2015
High on Hawk Hill, where ancestors of past had danced and chanted tunes of yore. Sat a modern man, dressed in illusion and bold in his character. He was of a consuming nation, and regretted that, but what
could be left behind here at these healing mountains not even the local bellman would speak.

So the modern man and a group of individuals all from distinct cultural groups waded down and through the rivers. Dis-clothed, they would look each other in the eyes. The clouds would hang like lily pads of atmospheric magnitude over head the stage of man, waiting, smiling, wondering. Bathing and cleansing, the beings would draw steam to the heavens from their radiating bodies. Rinsing with the herbal perfumes and seasoned smells, they would dress in flowers and beauty. Long dryad hair wore the women of druidism. Feathers and clothes draped from tribal piercings and exuberant head wear.

They stood wooden spires over peering exceptional mountain ranges which held the coves and nests of spirits. Something deep was within the Raven's Caw or the magic that the deer's leg print led to.

Piercing the corrugated peaked ridges laid within winding and glistening river banks which brought leagues of fresh fish to the bay peoples. Poking from root-stock, the medium mammals would bore warm dens with fresh nuts and berries to feed. The red gloaming sun would reign overhead when bellies were full and out would the children play. Songs were crooned throughout the lands and together the creatures of the bush would wander to join. And when the sun would squint its last ray and the darkness kissed the land with hovering summer warmth. Something ancient would hold the stillness.

Across those gigantic ranges was the spirit of nostalgic history. A thudding would be announced like the marching of a great ocean of ones forgotten. Bounds of diverse souls and spirits colored of rainbows from differences would pour and not even the most contemporary and constricted could argue the depth of beauty of these myriad mixed marching souls.

Curls of vapor rose like dancing spirits from the hearth of camp. T'was a nightly ritual that invoked the spirits of ages. For one man locked in trance to envision the union of souls, no matter immense diversity. Songs would project from those hollow vocal cords of ghosts harmonized and jiving. Limbs of smoke would wrap around the enchanted man, lifting him to realm of the immaterial. Those disembodied chants and drumming of old seemed to converge as the
man was dislodged from a heavy body. What was left was a golden hum of unison, floating, floating.

Hovering light like a cloud of non-density, buoyant in a space which seemed to have no points of reference. Simple and overwhelming was a warm and ecstatic hum of bliss that enveloped what should have been his body like thin silk robes woven of divinity. Laced in caressing arms he would drift slowly and softly back to a solid and still world of night. Exemplified darkness would circle a single dim lit fire, almost gone out.

Those drawing off hums would change tone and become the snoring of lovely plump women and young children cuddled. All of energy which once was exercised, was left but just a simmering coal of fire and pipe.
The smoke curled once more from the feather dressed man's nose, seeming a dragon in the night.

Tired would the night drift along into those colored dreams. Smoothly, the hills would rise and awaken into a purple, crisp morning bounding with birds. Squirrels would perch and nibble. Winds would brush glittering  glades. Hushed but ever known would the spirits rest in their eternal vaults..
A ritual dream
Sep 2015 · 2.1k
Method of Approach
Kenshō Sep 2015
The man who tries to prove a point
Is unsure of how sharp it is.
A man who wars with blunt arms,
Is confident in his own strength.

The man who bears armor brave,
Falls heavy into his own grave.
The man who comes naked
Is sure he will return unscathed.

But, not every warrior is the same;
And no war can be fought
In the shadow of divine aim.
who do you blame?
Kenshō Sep 2015
Hanging Clouds of Mind,

Carry me to Heavenly Heights.

Speak to me thy Songs,

Ancient faces of You.

How 'i' smile when 'i' Know

~Granted a world beyond~

Could I ever reach You

Through my Lullaby?
Re-post of an older one
Sep 2015 · 1.8k
Small Mouth Noises
Kenshō Sep 2015
Let it be known~
        Beyond the mere musings of tool bearing monkeys
               Lies an ineffable essence which deflects archaic labeling.
This is the direct experience of non-discriminatory equalization
        Of conceived notions.
               All which may be considered good and true
                       Vaporizes in the blinding eye of this clarity.

Language is the battleground of ignorance and illiteracy
        Of what begs not be named~
Kenshō Sep 2015
One may think:

"The world soon will sink,
                But surely the stars will glow."

"And on that day we shall unite,
                Realizing what we might."

~Longing for a brother and sister too late,
                                 Sent by war to Heaven's open gates..
Aug 2015 · 1.2k
A Bird's Distant Call
Kenshō Aug 2015
On The Sixth Moon's Night
I came to contemplate the cosmos.

I awoke on a mountainous range:
Projected were ten thousand isles, scattered in remain.

All dancing differently,
But constructing one eternal game.

To what extent might my eye expand?
To what end will death cast its sand?

Upon what shore may the waves crash again
In peace and calm harmony?

No matter how many curtains the Devas will draw
Or how many distinctions Māyā will make~

Always, the un-curved perfection subdues and surrenders to them all.

Like the water-way, cultivating life and harvesting it on the other side.

Formless, it surpasses all stiff form and creates a path of least resistance

To the goal of the heart.


You cannot carve a stone buddha out of human flesh.

A stone buddha cannot experience samadhi nor still a pond.

Mind is a mirror
that must be seen clearer!

But behind the glass and that transient social class,
What is that divine perception?

"The Ultimate Peerer"
confirm my presence o' friend
Aug 2015 · 9.0k
Cloud Watching
Kenshō Aug 2015
Among'st a non-judging expanse,
Creative clouds dance.

Through fields one might prance,
Find a tree and sit
Or take a different stance.

See it fully or just give a glance~

The clouds, they form in multiplicities,
Reflecting simplicity;
Expanding creative form explicitly.

What'll it be?
How'll it grow?

Beautiful sky of freedom's form,
Modify your figure and break the norm.
Show me what never dies and is forever born~!

And reveal to us in time what is on the inside,
Usually hidden when worn.

I saw this in the clouds today, when I was bored..
Aug 2015 · 2.1k
The Breath
Kenshō Aug 2015
Give me a moment I've lost my breath.
Hold it in, it's all I've got left.
Renew the true
And exhale the stale.

Once it slips away, I g(r)asp!
Running after it, it goes too fast!
Look, almost nothing left,
Better take a breather,
Hope it will last..

Ask yourself what's the difference between either and neither?
Better not to choose,
Waste your time, it's the breath you'll lose.

But, a 'mountain high' can be found;
Upward, one may look at a mountain around,
But it is here under your feet, the highest earthly ground.


Hold me up prayer of the nigh,

Immanent and strong~
I hear thy song.

Wrap me in
What there is to see.

Dream out ten thousand flowers,

A dream of you and me.

What's left to say
But that "I love you."

Aug 2015 · 1.3k
The Customary Man
Kenshō Aug 2015
Watch them
Searching amongst a trifling heap!
Bear your watch ~
And gear your gaze,
Realize this dangerous maze.
Through the brush,
Along the hills,
Stands a little shack..

An outcast with a knack~

No one could understand this very odd man.
Yet even to reach him on foot or on yak
It would mean you must
Lead away and carve your very own tracks.

Where to go, following the road no one goes?
What to see or to learn, exploring what no one knows?
Speak! unique star of the universe,
Tell your stories of the beautiful adventure,
That only you chose..

You could dance or stand still,
Sit on solid ground or climb a sand hill!

Talk in verse
Or reverse your curse and present your prose
Into a rhythm only you really knowss
        Look, let me stop..

I admit, I'm just an ordinary man.
~Thanks for everyone's kind comments~
Aug 2015 · 349
The World I Leave
Kenshō Aug 2015
garbage flies.
Aug 2015 · 838
The Leave Notice
Kenshō Aug 2015
Amidst a thorny bush
~The city in tarnish~
I stumble beyond bounds
~Here and there~
Who are you?

The eye that perceives this I
has crumbled in time.
Sitting with nothing to lose
and nothing to gain,
The maker meets the made.

Bounding illumination~
Unification and wisdom!
What words could do it justice?
Aug 2015 · 750
Love Song
Kenshō Aug 2015
Like a love song
And ode to divine being - here and now
A bird's song
Aug 2015 · 589
Kenshō Aug 2015
Once I sat with nothing to do.

A man came and asked,

"What have you forgotten?"

And I wondered if he had gone mad...
Jul 2015 · 887
Wind Song
Kenshō Jul 2015
Dreams of mountain streams
And washing trees in the wind.
Let me leave this world
And start anew again..

Off I set with not much to tote.
Getting lost among the trees,
The mind has little to quote.
But here and there it shall roam,
Looking deeply for a small forest home.

One morning I cracked my door
And let the wind come in.
It sang songs of freedom
And hope for mankind.
But all alone a small man cottage,
Chirping songs of a free bird
But no one to hear the rhyme..
Jul 2015 · 891
Long Path
Kenshō Jul 2015
A gravel road leads to stone,
Soon passing the last town.
Mossy paths merge in illusion
Leading to an open field.

Time escapes a man of travel
And haunts the man who cannot sit still.

Might a man travel on to find..

Beyond that last mountain gorge
Where the lone-bird flies.

A place of stillness, separate from the world.
Jul 2015 · 835
Kenshō Jul 2015
I care not for the currents of the world.
Many a time have I seen them pass like a drifting sound.
Save yourself the blabbering and plant yourself remote.
Demons cannot scream when no one's around.
Jul 2015 · 774
Nothing Much
Kenshō Jul 2015
Weary traveler among'st a dusty world.
Emptiness and form dancing,
As if they stand for something.

Not many comprehend a man of solitude.
Let me cast my dreams like a *** against a sleeping tree..
Jul 2015 · 718
Empty Form
Kenshō Jul 2015
So many empty souls,
caught in form: like a desirous web.
Trying to prove in life
that they're not already dead.
But, aimless they meander, to and fro.
Getting lost in form,
forgetting what it was they wanted to show.
Who are you?
Jun 2015 · 1.5k
Somber Sketch
Kenshō Jun 2015
Those November days I ought to know so well;
How they might often pass like a quick breathe,
Amidst you at once, and soon leaving nothing left.

The puddles after storms would emerge standing swamps;
And the cloudy sky would cast a constant haze.
Around, silently, life would go on, for countless days.

My journal would saturate like that of one
A bard weeping who had cried upon
           Just a mild tune to cast a moment away.
Jun 2015 · 344
Beyond Baggage
Kenshō Jun 2015
I remember what seems now like ages ago,
When teachers and distant relatives would say,
"You can do anything, just believe it and it will be so."

Then if that's the case:

I think I might like to fly over the hills with the sun on my back!
Or be able to wade downward through the ocean, with an infinite air sack.
Better yet, let me travel ten thousand light years away
To visit the worlds of distant bays!

How romantic could we make it?
Role-playing ten thousand ways,
Gods and Goddesses flaunt in play.

Meld like water and shift your display!
You are a magician of being, holding the skies at bay.
Rumble the earth and clouds, scream what you say!
The one and only, now and today.

I believe it was nice meeting but there was something I didn't say.
I must have skipped something and missed what you meant to display.
We passed so fast and were going separate ways..
Not a moment to last, did I even remember your name?

But somehow we were both aspects of the same greater force;
Traveling different paths but on the same ultimate course.
Could we free ourselves of our own baggage and recognize
Our brothers and sisters all as divine messengers of source?
Kenshō Jun 2015
738 days in and it feels like prison;
To cast my will away would be to sign up for life.
Chains strewn throughout,
Held down, but nothing to grasp.
Grasping is the temptation of the Devil;
Twiddling idle minds, like thumbs.
May 2015 · 1.8k
Protection Prayer
Kenshō May 2015
The ebony shade had cast a dark distance;
The depth of night would swallow echos whole,
Leaving no trail and no solemn mark.

But, a million delusions would rampant rage,
Ripping and tearing at an illusory cage.
One fine mark, between light and dark..

Clarity would tease its way through the shaded groves
And the branches would create a labyrinth,
Showing the light where to go.

To my heart and the center of the circle.
Where, on the hill, the sun rises purple.
And the lonely chant drifts off like smoke..
May 2015 · 329
Melting Snow
Kenshō May 2015
On winter's last day's length
When the leaves display like drooping curtains
Washing away the white rain for a season to pass

The calm softness would wrap me as it would melt the last
Waiting for the next season of life; Rainbow flowers and grass.
May 2015 · 330
Note from the Satchel
Kenshō May 2015
How could I begin to convey my rage
Reaching pain's infinity in a single day..

Stable and stern, I watch with a downcast, I admit.
They are marching forever; follow the one in front..

Who is to say what is on the mind
Of a blind rover?

Or what winds are cast upon the back
Of a grand avian?

Let me pass without a second glance.
May 2015 · 404
A Passing Moment
Kenshō May 2015
T'was on the last day's length
When the Doom Guard made his final pass.

Across the span, his spirit would loom,
Trailing behind fog and forward inspiring doom.

Lead to the Blackened Land they surely were,
Showed astray and cast into a dying blur.

And today not a thing still stands,
Only black crystals glisten across the shaded barren sands.
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