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Aprolam 2d
I don’t know why you think that you were the only one that got hurt.
Do you think that I wanted to break your heart?
Don’t forget that I loved you more then anything.
I did what I did because you deserve much better than me.
You deserve the world.
And I don't deserve you.
Aprolam 5d
I don’t really know what to think anymore. I feel lost and confused and like I am never going to be happy again. I just have this feeling that everything I do or even try to do backfires and blows up in my face. Every time that I have the smallest chance to even talk to someone but the thought of you keeps me from getting anywhere close to saying “Hi”.  The fact that I miss you still hurts. I know what happened between us and I can’t put you through that again much less myself.  I need to move on. I have love for a lot of people and things but the one thing that I can’t love is myself. But to be honest I really don’t care about not loving myself. I would prefer to make someone happy and help them fix all their problems and take all their pain, so they don’t have any. And that’s the one thing I hate about myself. Making other people happy and making sure the ones I love are doing okay and are happy. And if that means sacrificing my happiness then I guess I’m okay with it. I wish I could take your pain so you wouldn’t have to feel it anymore I would in a heartbeat.
Aprolam Feb 14
About a year ago
I was happy.
A year ago
I could smile.
A year ago
I was in love.
A year ago
I learned something.
A year later
I still miss you like crazy.
A year later
I still love you.
I'm sorry.
Aprolam Feb 11
About a year ago
I was happy.
About a year ago
I could smile.
About a year ago
I was in love.
About a year ago
I learned something
About a year ago
I lost it all.
About a year ago
I started to lose hope.
About a year ago
I Lost You.
I just want you back
Aprolam Feb 4
I never wanted to hurt you and that's all I did. And every day I regret it. To the point where I don't feel much of anything. I know that there is nothing I can do to fix what happened. There have been so many tears. Tears of laughter. Tears of happiness. Tears of sadness.  Tears of pain. And there’s nothing I can do other then hope that one day I won’t be feeling broken. My heart, it hurts. I feel like I’m never going to be the same again.
is someone can talk to me that would be great.
Aprolam Jan 31
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there
I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you.
I’m sorry that I hurt you.
I’m sorry that You thought I didn’t love you.
I’m sorry that I wasn’t enough.
I’m sorry that I broke your heart.
I’m sorry that I kept my mouth shut.
I’m sorry that I didn’t say anything.
I’m sorry that I put you through ****.
I’m sorry that I gave you a second chance.
I’m sorry that I trusted you.
I’m sorry that I loved you.
I Need Someone To Love Again
Aprolam Jan 30
I've done it,

I figured out why I'm not able to be happy.

Its because I'm scared.

I'm scared that I'm going to find someone that I really care about.

I'm scared that I'm going to mess up and hurt them .

I'm scare that I wont be accepted.

I'm scared that I wont be loved.

I'm scared that I am going to get hurt again.

I'm scared that I'm going to hurt someone.
Please help me. I'm scared...of everything.
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