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Aprajita Jul 2018
I did nothing
I said nothing

They were laughing
You were watching

The less I loved myself
The more I faced the taunts towards myself

My dejection,
Became your entertainment

My cries,
Made you to smile

I hate myself for liking you
I loathe myself more for telling you

My cards were slapped on my face
The fragile flowers I gave you, made you feel disgraced

Breaking the heart of a peasant is no big deal for you, even I know that

What did those flowers every did to you, I never understood that

I returned home, feeling detached from my own emotions

Didn't actually felt bad for my heart or the things you said and did

But felt bad for destroying those beauty

Everyone and everything in your life teaches you something..

This was my lesson to learn
From you

I don't know why I never loved myself,

Maybe because my eyes are too dark or my hair too short

Maybe my cheeks are too puffy
Maybe my skin is too dark

Maybe because I'm too loud and weird, for everyone around

Maybe I'm too boyish Or too frank,

Maybe it's my thinking that let it be later it'll be all right

Maybe it's my patience that makes me think that you'll change one day

But those flowers,
What was wrong with them?

They were simply beautiful,
Yes, I agree, some petals on the flowers were not equal to each other

Every petal was different from the other,
Some flowers were in perfect shape and some where beautiful in colour

Look closely,
Every petal is formed within the flowers with each other,

Each flowers are born from the very ground beneath us,

Their veins connected to each other

Some were different from eachother but all were the same

Maybe it's same with humans also,
Everyone is literally the same thing,

But a little difference made us completely different from eachother,

Why should I not love myself?

I can scream louder than anyone,

My slangs, stand out from everyone around

Anyone who knows me, realises I have arrived due to my nest like hair

Everyone I know is honest with me and honestly I like it that way

So why don't I love myself?

The more I found the positive things about myself, the more I started to love myself

You and your friends were trying to make fun of me,
For saying my heart's desire

I made fun of myself in front of you, and said, everyone does stupid things once in a while

Your friend said, you're a tomboy, you're way to boyish
You should wear skirt and keep your hair long

I said, I do know that and I like it that way
Skirts and long hair is not my thing, probably it'll suit you

You said that I've changed
I said, Really, how so?

The bell rung, I went to class,
Now when I actually think about it,
I never got an answer from you!

But frankly I don't care,
We all are flowers born from the ground beneath us,

We may look different, but we've got the same veins connecting us to each other

Violet Calla Lilly
I walked by in the dark
Dizzying scent
We are but simply flowers
- Jack Gordan
Aprajita Jul 2018
Maybe I'll beat my mother today,

The game she plays with me;

Is getting better for her everyday,

I never liked it in the start,

because I never understood it, in the first place,

But now I've started to play and started to understand life,

One step at a time, bit by bit, a little every day

One board, Two players and 64 squares,

She is the snow white but I keep the dark pieces to myself,

Queen is the most powerful out there,

But the king is important to the game and mostly to the queen

It's a game of life; you do anything to protect your empire

And anyone who stands against your empire is your prime enemy

In a usual game your opponent decides according to their own strategy and also use their opponents perception

But when you know your opponent thoroughly,

The game becomes pretty easy to play and to learn

I know a few things about my current opponent, as well as about my darling mother

I know that my darling mother would lose one day,

Don't mean to sound rude, I know this for sure because she sacrifices everything even her Queen to protect her King

In a relationship, a woman is a Queen, a man is a King and together they make a powerful empire

And as tales as old as time say; once upon a time,

One empire ruled, and after a period of time, it falters and a new empire takes over

They always forget the prime saying that all empires fall eventually.
It's the way of things.

Like a leaf,

Every leaf was once productive,

But after a time it was rotting in ground

Every kingdom was under the reign of someone

After a time someone else took over,

Eventually, this is what happens, in every game

Birds were returning to their home

The branches on the trees were swaying with the gentle breeze

While humming a forgotten, old tune,

My darling mother was assembling the piece on their respective places,

And scolded me that I give an open hand and play recklessly,

She is right, I know she is,

I want to say something but I won't because she had told me a rule that never interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake

I know she is my mother, she worries about me

But she doesn't knows and I don't want her to know that I'm just testing my team; and their limits

My pieces have been there on their seats for centuries,

I have just arrived

My pieces have known their potential, their power from a lifetime,

I don't, yet

I'm new, for now but not for long

No one has ever won games just by resigning

I'll end mine, when my opponent is finished, completely

Then I'll begin again with a new game, with a new opponent

We learn so little from victory but so much from defeat

It's human nature to learn from own and others mistakes,

It does not matters to me who is going to eat whom

I'm willing to offer my King

After all after a few moves even a pawn can take the place of anything, you want it to, even a king

I don't know about maybe,

But I'll beat my darling mother one day

And from then, everyday

Today is a new day,

But my opponent is still the same, the board is still the same, the pieces are standing in their place,

Mother went first, “Pawn to E4”

I replied with, “Pawn to E5”

And the game began.
A repeating day since I've known. A game.
Aprajita Jul 2018
What is our future?

Are we going to hold eachother in our familiar warmth till our end

Or are we going to let go of eachother in our strange cold beginnings
Aprajita Jul 2018
My aching pain is hiding behind my relieving smiles
Like the bright sun hides behind the rainy clouds
Heavily it's raining; not from the clouds up in the sky,
But from my dark brown eyes
Aprajita Jul 2018
It's raining heavily
Not from the clouds
But from my eyes
Aprajita Jul 2018
Your roots is your foundation
Don't droop
Stand onto your roots
Believe in your your self, get rid of boundaries... Try to stand onto yourself and your knowledge, as I am also trying to.
Aprajita Jul 2018
Don't be afraid of her carefree yet loud and scary laughs
Warn yourself and fear her
Gentle yet polite smiles
Sometimes it's good thing to be the one everyone is scared of, instead of being one scared of everyone

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