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Dianna Nov 2019
God made you an angel to carry me through the days ,
To comfort me when I'm lonely,
And show me  a better way.
10 years have past, I still listen for the sound,
of my daddy's voice, even though you're not around.
I think of all the moments that I shared with you,
The good times and the bad times,
And all that we've been through.
The pain is just as fresh, as if you died yesterday. that you will finally come for me,
Is all that I can pray.
For my daddy Lawrence Carter.
Dianna Nov 2019
My world is shattered, and I just can't conceive,
Why the Lord called Kaysee in his arms, and I am left to grieve.
His young life was cut short, no answers I can find.
I sit and pray everyday, dear Lord please change your mind.
Please give me back here in my nephew, please help them live again.
He has so much potential, and has yet to become a man.
There's lots he has to learn in life, there's lots he doesn't know.
If you could just bring him back to me, I'll give you my very soul.
Written for my nephew KAYSEE JORDAN DUPLESSIE who lost his life a week and a half before his 19th birthday. Aunt Cu loves you.
Dianna Nov 2019
Sadness overwhelms me, the pain so deep within.
To know I lost my dearest friend, is something I can't comprehend.
I was so messed up in life,
I wasted many days.
But you were always there,
My savior in every way.
I took life for granted, never expecting you to leave.
But the Lord called you in his arms, and I am left to grieve.
For the loss of a good man, a friend in every way.
That you have finally found your peace,
I'll pray for that everyday
I'm loving memory of one of the greatest men I have ever known.
Dianna Nov 2019
searched my whole life for the
perfect man,
No one seemed to measure up and I didn't understand,
why part of me was empty, why part of me felt cold.
Would it be this way forever, wouId I feel the same when I'm old.
After searching my whole life, the perfect man I couldn't see.
I couldn't take it anymore, and said Lord help me please.
He said look deep inside you the answer was always there.
I couldn't tell you how to feel it's your cross to bear.
I did  as a lord had asked, and looked deep inside.
A calmness on overwhelmed me, and my heart was filled with pride.
The answer was always there,
the truth I always had.
I didn't have to look at all,
The perfect man is my dad.
I'm loving memory of my dad Lawrence Carter.
Dianna Nov 2019
I might be small but I am cute.
I tried to grow legs since I was a youth.
People make fun of me time and again, cuz the step stools my best friend.
I carry it with me everywhere I go.
I just don't understand why my legs won't grow.
For my best friend Noris Knight
Dianna Nov 2019
Your lips touch mine, your arms hold me tight.
Your love making keep me keeps me warm, on a cold Winter's Night.

I love the feeling of you lying next to me
I want you so bad that I can hardly breathe.
You gently caress my body oh so nice and slow, taking me to places that only you know,
As you enter inside me, my body goes weak.
I am in ecstasy and I'm finally complete.
Dianna Nov 2019
When I Wake I think of you. When I close my eyes, You're in my dreams too. You're in all of my thoughts,
And all of my dreams.
Every hour, every minute, And every second in between.
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