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Aaron Barden Dec 2019
If I go back to the beginning;
Where it all began.
Could I change the way it ended?

What if I held you tighter?
What if I let you breath a little more?
Did I ask the right questions?
Did I ask too much?

I saw salvation in your eyes;
And perhaps that was too much.
I let my weight down off my shoulders;
Did I accidentally put that on you?

Would that I could go back to the start
That beautiful beginning where I had
All of your heart?
Aaron Barden Dec 2019
I keep the long night; it’s lonely now.
I know you won’t return; but the watch I keep.
I stare past my reflection in the window. I know;
Your not there and you won’t be but still;
The watch I keep.

I gave you a piece of me; you took it with you.
I’ll never get it back; but still the watch I keep.
I hope you’re well and you find what you seek.
I’ll be here. The watch I’ll keep
Aaron Barden Dec 2019
Sometimes the only way;
To get through the pain;
Is to give the price; you must pay.
So pour on the agony; let it rain.

Turn it into a crucible; forge yourself;
Don’t let anything touch you ever.
Become iron; become steel itself;
And you will be hurt never
Aaron Barden Nov 2019
When everyday is harder; Fight!!
When you grow tired of this world; Fight!!
When everything goes wrong and nothing
seems right; Fight!!

Make your mark on this world;
We deserve you and everything about you;
You are important even if sometimes you
feel turned.
One day we will build you up and make you anew.

Do not deprive us of you because you would only make the world a darker place.

So fight!!
Aaron Barden Nov 2019
Roses are many shades.
When has violet been blue?
I could go on for days;
About how much I love you
Aaron Barden Nov 2019
Here is my heart; take it it’s yours.
It’s bruised and scarred from others.
But if you could please make it whole;
I’ll give it to no other; it’s forever yours.
Aaron Barden Nov 2019
I love you; I am here;
I always will be I always want to be;
So take my hand because I love you.
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