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Oh the smile indifference lifts upon my face

It’s neither this nor that
I don’t need nor want any sort of embrace
Disconnecting, always take first place
No suffering
No desire for anything better
No contempt for more or less

Oh the smile indifference lifts upon my face
Apoetisonly Apr 2
Watch me walk away
The anger in my veins make my arms too heavy to even raise a hand
You’re no longer my captain

I throw rope to everyone I meet
And what’s returned
Nothing but frayed strings
Keep playing me
Been used to that rust taste in my mouth
Now it’s turned bitter
I’m still swallowing seeds

With no hands I count the times you’ve had my back
With my eyes I watch as I continue to bleed
With my ears i embrace the silence
My friends seem to leave
Apoetisonly Mar 28
Promises today are useless
Everyone’s words are meaningless  

These are no different  

My voice forlorn
A chemical imbalance inborn

Color me insignificant
Apoetisonly Mar 21
They throw sticks
They throw stones
I’m hopes I’ll learn a lesson
From breakin a bone

I enjoy pain
I’m every shape and form
So I firmly stand my grand
Begging for some more

A beautiful symphony
Written and performed
To the school for the deaf
The rich of the poor

Don’t you know
Our graves are dug
The second we’re born
It takes talent
To hear but to never be heard
Apoetisonly Mar 19
Soulmates exist
You know it’s true
Heads up dummy
Imma comin for you
Apoetisonly Mar 10
I’m in good place

These vibes I’ve been feelin

I’m in a good place

Tonight I’m gonna be dreamin

I’m in a good place

The magic I can feel it

I’m in a good place
Apoetisonly Mar 6
What is Love?
A simple question we all consider
A complicated answer we all desire

When I am first on your list
Your happiness is all I wish

When I have fallen to last place
Your happiness is all I wish
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