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Aphrodite Jan 2018
your eyes, you find em weird and small, but I'd die to see em daily

your voice, sounds like a grown fine man, gets me so embarrassed and frightened at the same time, I can't wait to hear your voice again

your lips, I never dared to stare at, kissed em in my wildest dreams

your features,  I adore em, I adore em,  and I adore em

your flaws, I embrace them so tightly

I want you, and most of you
I miss you so bad!

my love
for you
is infinite
Aphrodite Nov 2017
Even when I know that nothing would happen,
Life allowed me to meet you so many times.

All that I knew is that it was love at first sight.

I liked so much that I solely have given you all my care,
But those kinds of emotions which are for you I never did share.

Over time, a thought of mine spoke to me and said that you cared for another,
To be a part of that never dared to be a bother.

It wasn’t because I didn’t want to,
But because I sincerely wish happiness for you,
Knowing what you have been through.

All in all, I know at this moment that I have never been wrong,
For all the past time, your adoration is all what I've longed.

For you, I've been dropping too many tears,
At the time when I still get too many dreams.

Even before I could tell, you should have given me a surprise,
Admitting to me to let tears drop from my eyes.

you should have told me how much you love me, how much you cared,
How you supposed to feel so upset that you never had the chance to let it be shared.

you said that you felt that you had told me too late,
For this, you had to say you must hate.

But since it is for you, I love and never could hate,
Knowing whether you love me or not is never too late.

you told me of the things you always wanted to do,
All of it and more I have wanted too.

Apparently, that would never happen,
It is a piece of my wildest dreams that you could never ever imagine.
all what I have been waiting for...
Aphrodite Aug 2017
A: love doesn't combine two similar people together;  different ones solely.

B: like two who have a difference in age, shape, or race.

A: or one adores attention,  and the other contains coldness.

B: or he may change himself for someone,  while other doesn't move a finger.

Because one of them has his past,  and the other loves for the first time.
Aphrodite Mar 2017
Just by having a look at your face makes me feel better,
It is like a magic spell,
Which can heal wounds up,
Can not help it but smile.
That how effective you can be,
When it comes to me

— The End —