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Ant Oct 2018
Some people look at you and think you done been through some ****
Because they the ones who had it super easy
The ones who had to live that life
You green
So you really don’t know all of the game
You live yo life not knowing who really there for you
Ain’t something you chose to sweat
Your pride big
so in reality you don’t like to ask anyone for ****
You want a girl but not knowing if you really wanna trust her and ****
So you sit back and relax
And just don’t sweat the ****
You try to find a smart hustle
Because your body is tired of it
But you push it just to make it
Life is what you make it, hustle for your money and hope you make it
That’s what you think when yo dose of reality has hit
So what you going to do
Stand up or lay down?
You chose!!
Ant Sep 2018
I have a light in the background,While being surrounded by darkness
I take a look in the mirror
I see a shadow of me
Asking myself what was it those people seen in me to make them believe in me.
Where’s that potential??
I try my best to hold on to my dreams just to keep me sane
sometimes I do want to say **** it.
But remember what you trained your mind set to be.
A warrior
Yeah you fell relying on nothing but your instinct.
A lone wolf
This is the real world
You got to pick yourself up and try again.
But this time make sure it doesn’t happen again
Never allow yourself to fall to where you are relying  on nothing but instinct. Because all that is insecurities.
Ant Sep 2018
As a young child I wanted a right hand.
one to ride with my vibe.
a person I don’t mind to see me cry.
i want a love so strong that it is a sin to the world eyes.
i laugh you laugh...shhhhh!!! I can be corny at times.
when one cries we are there to uplift, because love won’t let the inner die.
you Guernica
i Pablo Picasso
you humbling shinning by my side
tru love is what i’m looking for :)

feel this............i bathe you in a fruit bath
to wash away  the world stressful sin.
i dry you off then rub you down with warm oil hmph !!
let the magic begin :)
then we make love like the world is going to end.
just to wake up to see the sunrise again
that was a young child
who became a man
still wanting that right hand
Tru Love Is What I’m looking For :)

as my old skool soul wraps around my heart.
the piano sound dances with the wind
because it has found the thing it’s been looking for.
if i said it once i will say it again
tru love is what i’m looking for :)
Try reading this to Ludovico Einudi- Nuvole bianche it’s what inspired this
Ant Sep 2018
The way we started off isn’t a way I’m proud of.
I did you wrong I know this
You got me back
Now that I understand
But you took it further then that
Why is what I’m saying?

I know about you going on snap to tell my dog that... bet you didn’t  know that
Don’t ever say I’m fake to my ****** cuz I always had they back
I gave you a shoulder to cry on do you remember that
You would punch me and I wasn’t going for that... so **** yeah I hit you back
Them nights you slept next to me :( I felt alone and you was right there near me.
I talked my **** I told you that and you know you did the same too.
I could have told people your embarrassing ways, but me and you both know I wouldn’t want to hurt you pride like that.
I was in a bad place but I stood by you looking embarrassed still try to see the light in you.

At one point I really wanted to **** you I’m glad I didn’t do that.
It used to hurt me on the inside hearing people you call your homeboys and best friends talk **** about you.
But I can say I was that one dumb person who would’ve still stood by your side
My older brother telling me to stop messing with you and I ignored that.
**** it
I’m done with this poem it’s giving me flashbacks
So I’m going to go get a smoothie from Smoothie King and reminisce on being a child being a class clown
Ant Sep 2018
There are times that I wanna cry
But the tears won’t form in my eyes
So I smoke cuz I wanna vibe
Time goes by while I’m sitting on cloud 9
The pain in my heart doesn’t show in my eyes

But I’m a new me
I like writing poetry instead of smoking all the time
That’s my new vibe :)
Ant Sep 2018
What is it?
this feeling..........
Between you and me I am becoming free
                                ME :)
Ant Sep 2018
Roses are red violets are blue is what I first wrote.
But the hurricane tore it all to shreds.
It stared with the rain that brought upon my pain.
It hurted my heart to hear the cry
How can I ever be trusted when I lied and lied
Lost in my mind...
The heart just wanted to love again.
Hoping to find what was lost just to fall again.
A priceless jewel was K.
I became coated in insecurities.
Running from the rain is what started the hurricane.
I remember the shooting star when I first encounter the rain.
It was different that night, but that was when AK began.
Reparation is what I sought.
Only hoping to heal.
Don’t ever disrespect the Queen of K!
Forgive but don’t forget.
It was called Hurricane AK.
That’s what I said

— The End —