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Anya Jun 19
It didn’t happen in the morning
Wasn’t a start of a jolly day
It happened in the middle of
the night and left me in tears,
confusion and pain
Showed me the hard way
that I need to open my eyes
See things for real, the way
they are

I woke up

Dizzy with a headache
And then a funny thing happened
I didn’t feel broken
I felt ready for another chapter,
of my story
And let me tell you something
my darling
You can’t break me
I am actually grateful that you
woke me
You only made me stronger
on my journey
Thank you for a close call
But tomorrow I will go on
whether you like it or not.
Anya Jun 15
The air is hot in here
Filled with the smell of sin
The clock tick-tocks
in the dark
Measuring time
Registering every second of pain
Old carpet, stained with blood
Hiding ***** secrets,
those which doesn't want to be found
Broken bed,
nailed by the weight of all the screams
it heard

Windows closed… long time ago

Evil monster in the closet
The one which never sleeps
He comes out at night to eat
Devour innocence
Tear it apart to pieces
Too pure to escape
Too sweet to get away
On the table the Bible
On the wall the Holy Cross
Above the door invitation;
„Come, in the name of Love”.
Anya Jun 13
He lost himself somewhere
Took the wrong turn in
the labyrinth of life
And now a part of him
is left behind

He doesn’t know where to look
Not sure if he even should
Is it important
The lost piece of him
must be broken

Maybe he could grow it back
But should he even try
Shall he simply accept the fact
of not being full anymore
Is it so wrong to be spoiled

Who cares
It’s just one piece
He doesn’t even know what it is
He can still be happy without it

It feels different though
He’s changed now
Strangely numb
He doesn’t feel much anymore
Not like before

Only when it gets dark
he feels like he wants to cry
Mourn the piece that’s gone
Cause deep inside he knows
he’ll never be the same again

A new man
Anya Jun 8
If you will leave

Time will stop in shock
The World will collapse in despair
Stars sad will switch off
And the Sun
will simply burn away
Life will die
Lay, in the dark grave,
and close its eyes forever
Nothing will become
And even it will cry real tears,
cause it will never see
your face

If you will stay

Time will flow, steady and calm
The World will beam with joy
Stars will shine dancing in the sky
And the Sun will glow forever
Life will be born, brand new,
full of hope
It will smile at the thought
that we share it
Emptiness will fill up on
happiness and love
All of this, just for you,
you’re staying!
Anya Jun 3
A piece of paper
Creased, yellow, old
Nothing special 
but so much more
On it, words holding 
a key to a secret
An answer to unsolved mystery 
A missing puzzle of a story
poured onto the paper
Each sentence, paragraph 
so important 
Memories, planted long time ago
Growing roots strong and raw 
Locked in a special room 
with doors tightly closed 
Desperately wanting to be heard
Sacred, forbidden 
A confession in the envelope 
Sealed and hidden
Never sent, but written
for a reason
Now in the drawer
Locked behind in
the cupboard of memories
Kept away in the prison
of the dark
Just a letter, a paper
But so much more...
Anya Jun 2
He gave her a rose
Then slowly ripped the petals
She sharpens the thorns...
Anya Jun 1
My darling smile
Where did you hide
It’s been so long since
I’ve seen you last time

Your place is here
You belong with me
I’m calling for you
Can you hear me

I need your sparkle
back in my heart
I’ve lost you somewhere
in the dark

I want you to know,
that I’m searching for you
Above and beyond
my grey, sad world

The maze I am in,
is hard to get through
But don’t you worry
I’ll find you

Last time I saw you
on the wings of the butterfly,
in the breeze of the wind,
waves of an ocean

Wherever you are
It won’t be long
I’ll keep my faith
You’ll come back home...
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