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  Jun 2016 Anviti Suri
Cities aren't cities,
The people are the cities,
she'd say, and I didn't understand
what she meant until I realised

That Hauz Khas was our first stroll ever,
Khan Market- our best cup of coffee,
Humayun Tomb- our first stolen kiss,
Dilli Haat- our first quarrel,
The Lodhi Gardens- our biggest quarrel!
The Jama Masjid was where we'd always make up.

Now I know which market sells her favourite
bags, which gully keeps the anklets
she loves most, which discrete stall in the
by-lanes of Old Delhi is her best chaat-wallah ever,
Every nook, I know by the fragrance of her memory,
I try forget, I try erase,
But oh, I remember,
For she is my Delhi

Delhi is her, only her,
The city of first love, first dreams,
a million rights, a devastating wrong,
The city that now stings with the thorns
That make my feet bleed when I try to enter,
Even with my back turned,
The city hurls
Stones at my fragile heart and screams at me
to never return.
*I'll never return.
  Apr 2016 Anviti Suri
She had a breakdown in Washington
The plane had a malfunction in New york
I was pulling my hair out in New Mexico
The states we get ourselves into.
Anviti Suri Apr 2016
She has stars in her veins they said.
Yet the mirror is a war she fights daily.
A war she loses at dusk.
A war that stirs up comets within her.
Anviti Suri Mar 2016
She found solace in the ripples of water.
Distortion was her escape,
While mirrors were a matter for another day.
  Mar 2015 Anviti Suri
Don't approach a dog unknown to you
Holding out your hand, making eye contact
You may frighten him
Let him come to you

Don't write a poem uninspired
It won't work out
In good time
Let it come to you

Don't go out there seeking love
Like a child with a butterfly net
Live your life
Let it come to you
Anviti Suri Mar 2015
She had a scalding heart,
Suffering fuelling it forever.
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