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Tiptoe, down the rabbit hole we go
Eyes shut
Mouths closed
Can't tell them what we know

Times a-ticking
It's a-coming
The great killing, the great sweeping
A mystery to those sleeping

Exciting to those lurking
Sad to those fighting
Angels screaming, demons laughing  
It's all happening, then there's the Rothschilds
Who are thriving

Can you see in the dark, friend?
I hope you're well dressed
Cheers to you
If you understand.
Interpretation is a wonderful thing like dreams. you think and think, and think more. it's good, just don't let anyone else think for you. it's a double-edged sword though.. just look at all the people who think there are more than 2 genders. what are we at now, like 60? yikes... ;)

I hope you have a wonderful day or at least try to and don't do anything stupid unless you know how to get away with it. cheers.
Jun 2020 · 404
Grey, a Castaway
Quiet day in a shade of grey
Today, the same as yesterday
Just like any other day
All the same
For a castaway.
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Jun 2020 · 229
White Rabbit
Oh dear, what has happened to me?
I swear I was there but now I'm a tree
I really wish I was like a bird, flying high freely
But now I'm just here, all stuckly
Why oh why did this happened to me?

I've been pondering for such awhile
Now I've turned into a crocodile!
Oh dear, oh jeez, I'm not hostile - don't run away
I swear I'm worthwhile, please, come back this way
I just need someone to hang my head
Maybe watch the sunset
Perhaps to forget

It seems I forgot what I was saying
I also forgot my destination
Where was I going?
What were they controlling?
Oh dear, It looks like I forgot everything!

I see a beautiful monarch butterfly
Hello Mr.butterfly, what am I? what is my name?
Please, do not lie - at least give me a nickname
I cannot understand you
But what you speak is true
Thank you

Oh boy, what to do next?
Perhaps I'll attempt to forget
Or chase a white rabbit
Some might call it satanic
But I think it sounds fantastic
Secrets, my favorite.
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Jun 2020 · 192
The Gathering of Sinners
Do what thou wilt
A rule we're taught
A rule that carries us
Please, ignore the nosebleed
Just proceed and do not worry
We're among the elite, dead inside
And we'll do anything, anything at all
To feel complete
After all, who cares who we hurt
If it fills our needs

Prayers sent out
Never answered
Where's your savior?
He got sodomized, victimized
Then hung himself
What a surprise

Yahweh hanging from a tree? hurray!
Let's have a grand party and sacrifice the sheep
We'll dance, laugh, sing, and watch as they bleed
The dark is a curse we all have, a curse we all need
So let us rejoice, embrace the sensation
And awaken the beast tonight
That'll surely make our father happy.
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Jun 2020 · 258
Our Bond
We sit beneath the stars
Asking to mend our scars
We keep each other's secrets
Hoping we'll get a new experience
But here we are, drifting and singing
Only to feel empty
I'm sure we'll make it through the night
We have each other
So it'll be alright

You are everything I want, everything I need
A bond that we'll keep down here in the flames
Here, where our souls are set ablaze
But it'll be okay
I'll be with you
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Jun 2020 · 98
Poetry, Oh Poetry
Take me away, lead me astray
I obey
I bend the knee
Can't see, please
Get away from those that be

Poetry and Solitary
Help me, I'm stuck in purgatory
Save me, I'm lost in glory
It was just a hobby
Now I'm feeling lonely, empty
I can't escape my destiny

It's just a neverending downpour filled with stress
Then there's me who's fallen in the abyss
Poetry, why'd you do this to me?
I wanted more but you gave me less
Lost my soul and lost my friends
I thought you were bliss but that wasn't reality
You were just another step towards death
Another step in losing my humanity
Why'd this have to be?
Why me?
If you have any questions then feel free emailing me:
I wish I could rewind time, wish I was outta my mind
Give me some sunshine, give me a reason to be alive
I'm tired of this life, tired of rhyming
Just want to escape but it's too late, I fell
Now my soul is on the decline

What has become of me?
Not a moment ago I was free
But then they came along and took it all
Now i'm a husk, completely empty
Just **** me already
I don't care, gonna die anyway

Just leave my friends, I love them to death
And I'd do anything to protect them
Please, no, not my friends
Not again

I wish I could rewind time, wish I was outta my mind
My friends are dead
Now there's no reason to be alive
Please, wake me up when i'm in paradise
Maybe then i'll feel alive, smiling while bathing
In that wonderful sunshine.
If you have any questions then feel free emailing me at
Jun 2020 · 168
Didn't fall, I leapt
I still run, I still hide
But there's no getting away from the light
The light that burns ever so deep
I just wanted to be free
But got caught by pride, now I'm terrified

I was told I needed a sacrifice
A sacrifice to stay civilized, how could that be?
A moment ago I was on the grind
Now I'm blind, blinded by those that be
They just sit there, smiling happily
I was stupid and deprived
Now I'm just another person whos been victimized
I don't apologize, It's what I wanted
I'm now a god, totally idolized

Good things come to those who are wicked
So don't pray for me and don't demonize me
Remember, I didn't just fall
I leapt
So worship me
Maybe then you'll be my favorite
And become Illuminated.
Jun 2020 · 119
Staying Strong
I'm falling and will continue to fall forevermore
So please, hold my hand and take me to wonderland
My soul may be gone but I'll hold on, I'll stay strong
anything for you, whom I adore.
Jun 2020 · 134
Sins, Wings, and Demons
Wash away my sins, stitch up my wings
Hunt all my demons
I'm tired of their presence

I know I'm a good person
My soul just got poisoned
Dark embraced, mistakes made
The blood on the wall has been written
It's what happens when you're chosen

Going through the motions, running in circles
my home
A coffin
Heaven, a delusion
So many temptations, so many consequences
And so little care given

I'm sorry, I got lost and he found me
Lost my soul, lost my humanity
I'm so, so, sorry.
Jun 2020 · 156
The End
Wide awake, I don't dream
Feels like I'm dying here
I just wanna scream

To the end, I march on
Singing along with the illuminated ones
They drain blood and we move on
Forget about the crying, we're keeping secrets
Just another day surviving in Babylon

We've done it now, we're so utterly ******
Can't stop love
Can't stop those corrupt
Just take a bow, play ignorant
We're already ******
So do what you can, make amends
And get ready for your punishment

The end is nigh
and we're all going to die
Don't even try stopping it
Or you'll surely regret it.
Jun 2020 · 153
The Masquerade Ball
What's behind the door?
You wanna know, are you sure?
A masquerade ball with freaks down the hall
Rooms filled to the brim with sinners, a party
Of animalistic nature
Come now, let us illuminate your mind
You'll become a god, that I'm sure

I know you are confused
but I'll have you know this is your destiny, and please
Pay no mind to what you see
There will be more parties after this
It's alright, it's okay, it'll start feeling like bliss eventually
Now sit quietly and listen to the children hiss
Isn't it bliss?

So come on, dance with us to the tune of a rising Babylon
Do what you want and bathe in the dark
Follow that spark, you won't be stopped
Not by those awed
Nor by the Christian god

A masquerade ball for those who chose one door
The door to make them fall forevermore
No secrets told, an oath they swore
Trading blood for worship
Anything, anything at all
For a little Love.
Jun 2020 · 190
Heart Strong
Keep your head held high and your heart strong
You'll make it to where your belong
You know, a world where you are happy
And not stuck in a world as a negative nancy

Sounds kinda cringe but it's true
You'll make it out like all others
So don't act all blue
Become a master of the universe
Defeat all challengers, you'll get there
It's something you deserve.
Jun 2020 · 166
The New Star
On the way to rainbow road
Where does it end, no one knows
A land filled with tragedy and misery
Such is the life of hollowed drones

Joining those wicked
Devils night commenced
Sinners laughing
Praying suppressed
Repent, repent, this is hell
Repent, repent, I'm possessed
Repent, repent, I'm in heaven and this is bliss
Feel the serpents kiss

The moon fades, soul sold away
just another star who's been led astray
Guided by demons
Everything will be okay.
Jun 2020 · 140
Oh Goody Batman
Don't know what to do in this life
I guess I'll grab a knife, slice it up
And find something in the next life
Sounds like a plan Batman
Maybe when I wake up in the next life
I'll be in the body of superman
Oh goody,  you sure are the man Batman!

I'll fly in the skies like a bird
Destroy those who are cruel
Be remembered forever and ever
Wouldn't that be beautiful

Hey captain boss man, how long is my lifespan?
I don't want to wait
Don't wanna watch my life dissipate
Can you **** me now Mr. captain bossman
Oh geez Batman captain man, thanks!
After you **** me
please give my best friend my underpants
Him having them is his destiny
Thanks, now I'll die happily.
Jun 2020 · 119
Got blood on my hands
Sweat blood through the tears
Light and dark clash
This pain is what we share

Dear heavenly father above
I'm sorry for all the things I've done
Though I won't be forgiven
I hope I'll see your kingdom

It's beginning of the end for me
The night to end all nights
Repent, repent
Mind divided
It'll be alright.
Jun 2020 · 137
Rainbow, Trauma, Sinner
Woke up at the end of the rainbow
A place filled with those hollow
Surrounded by a million faces
Echoing are bloodied voices
Something is in the distance, it's light
But it won't make a difference

Hands reach out from all sides
They grab a hold of me
The light in the distance fades, gone is the little boy inside
Fractured memories, lost humanity
In my cage where no divinity resides

Broken mirror, now
A sinner.
May 2020 · 529
Two Filthy Souls
Hey there sweet bee, you are truly a sight to see
Hair tied in a knot
Knife covered in blood
What I would give for you to stab me
That would surely make me happy

I care not for your weirdness, your wickedness
I was surrounded in hatred
But you came along and made me feel connected
So I thank you wholeheartedly
(whatever's left that is)
For your very existence

Let's go to the end of the world and build ourselves an empire
Go on a grand adventure, I don't care, whatever
Anything is better than here so let us go quick, faster
Somewhere filled with laughter

If things were still normal we'd still be in the trees
Weirdness brings greatness
So we embrace it

Your soul is darker than mine
Yet you make it lighter
Light and dark intertwined
Forever and ever.
May 2020 · 129
Satan's Child
It's potent, the blood, that sits in my stomach
Darkness enveloped, body numb
This is how it is
When your the coming up
I wish things were different
But it is what it is
When you're just a product

A lot of parties, too many mollies, feeling like a zombie
I've got to get out of this place
But I've danced to their melody, seen the un-seen
and sold my soul
I will never find peace, It will haunt me
Wherever I go

I was passionate, desperate, but paid dearly for it
And all I have to show for it are blood-soaked tears
Nevermind my body
Which is covered in scars

Heart torn out
Soul gone
Look at me now mother, look at me now  father
Did your little boy do you proud?
May 2020 · 176
Bringer of Light
Your presence is unholy, you pull me in slowly
I bend the knee
You are legendary
I giveth, you taketh
The only way to escape my body

I dug this grave, it's the only place
That makes me feel safe
I giveth, you taketh
Show me bliss, tear my wings
Teach me a lesson
I don't care what the demons bring

Feeling strong, finally found a place
Where I belong
I gave, you took
Soul set ablaze, Darkness understood
You were with me
All along

Thank you Lucifer for all the laughter
A true savior, a wonderful teacher
See you again
When things get darker
My insomnia is back
Mind is outta whack
This isn't really poetry
But I think you know that
Thoughts of something heavenly
Looking back on past memories

*******, I need to do something with my life
I write poetry
and have written a few stories
Tried programming as well as screenwriting
which I enjoyed immensely, but it costs too much money!
So here I am, back again with a poem
Another form of a story
I like it a lot
and have been writing them for about six months
And I'll write them again and again
Until my heart stops beating
Does this have meaning?
I don't know, it's rhyming
So it must mean something

Anyways, I don't know what to say
I thought I had it today
But in darkness comes the devil
His presence ever so powerful
Telling me I am special
But I struggle, yet he smiles
Saying that I have potential
Which I can't even fathom, not in this world of mine
That I'd like to abandon
Nah, I'm only kidding
It ain't too bad
No idea where it's heading
But I'm glad
Because I hate spoilers
Just as much as my handlers

That's a joke, I ain't controlled
I would go on and on
But I ain't going down that rabbit hole
My time is on a tight schedule, I don't got all-day
Another joke, ain't that funny?

You are wasting time though honestly
Reading this poem filled with much variety
Quite interesting though, wouldn't you say honey?
Yikes, a major yikes
That was pretty cringe, but hey
You're alive! maybe lost a few brain cells
But you already lost 6 billion from reading this poem
Ain't that swell?
You should see no difference though
You're already dumb
And quite frankly, appear to be a major eyesore
You look like something from Mordor
Now that's a joke

I'm sure you look great
A person that all should appreciate
Perhaps someone with heavenly energy
Something I wish to duplicate
But I can't, because I can't escape
Not from these snakes
I have a role I must play, which is fake
So many roles, so many faces
All  of which I can't break

I don't even know the real me, what I want to be
I thought I enjoyed writing
Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy writing poetry
But I don't really have that same feeling
When it comes to writing stories
What I want in life is to be free and happy
No worries, that type of thing
Writing poetry makes me happy
But it isn't stable, it doesn't bring money
What other thing is there besides poetry?
Maybe I'm being naive
Maybe I need to sacrifice some freedom
To have a stable income
But.. that isn't me, oh, I see!
At least I think
Help me, please

Yeah, this was one wild poem
If you can even call it that
It might be random
but that's okay
Insomnia made it whack
But also made me open about my current problem
You know, me not knowing what to be
Will poetry ever save me?
I suppose we will find out
When I wake up
From a deep sleep.
May 2020 · 106
Society and the Shadow
Those in the shadows
Are doomed to hollow
Existing with nothing inside
And no tomorrow in sight
Freedom and Money are fallacies
Society too shall follow
Society, blinded by those that be
Mind and spirit closed
Look in the mirror society
You are nothing but a joke

Billions of tragedies always following
Never questioning
Stay in your little safe bubble
While I explore the unforgivable - the terrible
So I can be alongside those knowledgeable
The ones who lurk within...
The shadows.
Off to wonderland, a nightmare of a dream
If only you could see

Nothing but a  stain
To those that be
No end in sight, for my misery
so here I lay
To numb the pain
I believed
But I was only deceived

Wonderland, the place
Where you don't make amends
A place where your beliefs
Are canned
The place
Where you'll surly know pain
First hand

It wasn't worth it
But I was desperate
Now I'm ******, forever
In wonderland.
May 2020 · 142
Lonely Road
I don't know what to do
Got a ticket for two, but have no friends
Guess they all fade away in the end

Stuck on this lonely world of mine
It was built by design, nothing divine
But I think it's time for a redesign
Don't know when that day will come
Don't think it will ever
So I walk like a phantom
Fantasizing for something better.
May 2020 · 234
If things were normal
We'd still be in the trees
That truth is remarkable
If only society would see
Though they are ignorant, sometimes filled with judgment
I'm sure there will come a spark
For them to open their hearts
Darkness replaced by unconditional love
Happiness for all that be, a higher consciousness for all to see
What a wonderful existence
That would be

Normality, the downfall
Of humanity.
May 2020 · 192
You are a star, so please
Pay no mind to your scars
You are special - amazing even
A treat for all to see
An amazing creation whom they all want to be
So stand tall, don't frown  
And proudly wear the crown
It's your birthright
Now let your soul ignite!
May 2020 · 92
Silence Darkened
I Shut my eyes, clench my fists
And try not to cry
The numbing along with silence speaks true
Without you, whatever shall I do?
Should I go on like the dead
Or put on a smile when all I feel is dread
Silence, as always - you never reply
Laying on a blood-soaked bed
Why do I even try
I've said goodbye a thousand times
Yet I keep coming back only to put on a mask
Faithless, obsessed, and a complete mess
I've scared death if you couldn't guess
Replacing prayers with blood-soaked tears
A test
For my success.
May 2020 · 210
One of a kind
Breathe in slow, let the mind start flowing
You are one of a kind
A one in a gazillion as it's known
So cheer up, do not cry
Listen to life's lullaby
And keep your head held high
Your future may just blow your mind
So please, continue on - seize the day
Become the master of your own mind

And don't just survive in hell
May 2020 · 167
A Nobody's Poem
The blood drips from the cup
It has come to this
My soul has fallen to the abyss

I've tried to run and hide
But there was no escape
Now I've made a grave mistake
I can't be saved,  just his disgrace
I'm sorry

I tried running, I really did
But they caught me
I was granted a second chance
They called it my destiny
Now look at me, writing poetry
Filled with anxiety
Holding on a sliver of humanity
A nobody, when all I wanted to be...
Was somebody.
May 2020 · 158
Out There
What do you do
If your spirits feeling blue?
Grab a jacket, go outside
And don't forget your shoes!
Take a walk, enjoy the sun
And enjoy the breeze
It'll feel like heaven, unlike this hell
Which we're living.
May 2020 · 141
The Sacrifice
One hand over the blade, another over the face
Breath in deeply and take a swing
Ignore the screaming, feel nothing
For he is smiling
For what you are sacrificing

So take a drink, have a sip
Pay no mind to what drips
Your mind has gotten dark
Your soul brands his mark
Hold your tongue and tell no secrets
For ignorance is bliss
Here in the apocalypse.
May 2020 · 122
Fallen Angels
Candles on the floor, Angels ignored
Blood on the wall
Enlightenment forevermore

Fallen angels beg for mercy
Screams echo throughout
Yesterday a fading memory
Us children locked out

Its as I feared
God bailed out.
May 2020 · 142
The Rat and The Cat
There was this little rat who was fat
Nobody liked him, but I took him in
Gave him a little hat  
And named him Ironclad
"Ironclad the fat rat"

My cat Wiccan didn't like him much
At first, he thought he was lunch
But soon they became friends
True friends till the end
They ate together, bathed together
And killed together
Did pretty much whatever
My two little treasures.
May 2020 · 109
Healing World
In these dark times, I cry
Though the dream has come at a close
I keep my head held high
Because I will not surrender, not to my foes

I have the courage to fight for what I love
The knowledge to see through the darkness
In these times I will heal those empty
No matter how black their soul is
I will raise their consciousness, Bring out their happiness
Because this world is twisted, utterly infected
But I hereby give out my own energy
So the world might be mended...
So the world might be mended...
May 2020 · 80
Bloody Tears
As I walk down the spiraling staircase
Blood of tears run down my cheeks
I open the door to that room, that place
Where my soul will be set ablaze
A wonderful place
Filled with so many freaks
An awful place
Filled with so many screams
I'm wide awake in this dream
I wish to go back to sleep
But here I lay and here I'll bleed
Because I..
I believed.
May 2020 · 175
Feeling numb to what's coming
A fading reality, a coming duality
Society just victims
Of a corrupted system
I want to help them
Though I'm wicked
And most certainly not welcomed
I must do something, anything
Against those puppet masters
Who control the system

Perhaps I'll start my own secret society
A flip of the pyramid
A rebellion from within
Ah, I don't know
Just thinking.
May 2020 · 88
The Coming World
Angels asking for help
And begin to cry
Society too braindead
So they give no reply
Demons running rampant
Where is God? He is absent
Who can save us? He who gives no judgment
The replacement

Earth shrouded in darkness
Promises never kept
No solace
In a world so clueless

The world as we know it is burning
But it's not a terrible ending
Because in its ashes
Will come a new beginning
A new world filled with laughter, interesting characters
And bloodsuckers
A world we all deserve

To all sinners.
May 2020 · 101
The Upcoming Star
Mind enclosed
Body controlled
Soul exposed
Behold, I am that which is owned

Pleasure in pain
Pain in pleasure
I giveth to the altar
So please
Set my soul aflame
Anything for a little fame.
May 2020 · 105
The Movement
Are you prepared for the coming war?
Better repent
Cuz they want more
More atrocities, more tragedies
A singular movement
For a one-world government
Don't ask why
Spiritual progress is truly complex
Down is up, up is down
Such are the ways when the sun goes down
Where the moon moves high
Way above the clouds.
May 2020 · 104
Wolves & Greed
Wolves beware, there is a sheep among us
That I swear

He is frolicking about, knows no boundaries
Which isn't allowed
Not in this world
In which we own

He has seen the unseen, spoken the unspoken
For that, he should become one of us
An aristocrat
Destruction brings creation
So we'll break him, build him up
Then place him in a new direction

Morality is for the weak
Who cares who we hurt
If it fulfills our needs

Money brings happiness
But it is also poisonous
Greed, such an awful mistress
Always controlling, never understanding
All we want
Is to be free.
May 2020 · 55
Meanings & Perceiving
Don't talk about going to heaven
There is nobody there
Perhaps that's just an opinion
By those elsewhere
Open your eyes and listen with your ears
Meanings and symbolism are everywhere
You may never know
What you'll see and hear
But it might too little too late for you my dear
Because one day you'll disappear
All alone
With nothing remarkable
On your gravestone

To some, it's a blessing
For others, it's a curse
Is everything.
One, two, three
A one-eyed man
Hangs from a tree
Four, Five, Six
He was silenced  
By his biggest critics
Seven, Eight, Nine
His suicide note
Isn't genuine

It will happen again.
The higher I go
The more things become bizarre
I don't have a lot to show
But I know I'll make it far
Even with all these scars

Everything is swell
here in hell
We are united
And we make the best of it
Not corrupted, just illuminated
A true free spirit is he
Who is not morally restricted
We do not judge
Only love

Feel no guilt
Become an outlaw
Do what thou wilt
Shall be the whole of the law
So mote it be
Society too shall see.
May 2020 · 154
One ambition, one direction
A new dawn
While in front of me stands Babylon
There it stands
Ripe with perfection.
The place of sin, filled with corruption
The true place
For salvation.
May 2020 · 62
Missed opportunities
Endless tragedies
Why is my life filled with such misery
I don't know who I am
Don't know what to be
I write poetry
But it isn't bringing me to victory

I'm meat-rotting at home
And can't wait to die alone
No more stress
No more worries
Just me
and the unknown
What a perfect existence
That would be.
May 2020 · 170
The life that was once was has faded
Now the life before us is twisted
Nothing can stop it
Not those good-hearted
Nor to those who are soundly minded
It's set in stone
No thanks to those
Who are truly wicked.
May 2020 · 125
My mind has been scarred
Soul laying in the dark
Nevermind my heart
Which is nothing
But a tragic piece of art

I've lost all sense of direction
But I'm still here and aware
Even while looking in my reflection
He's got a grin
But I can tell
He's wearing thin

The world at large is falling apart
And I've done my part
So I guess it's time to get dressed
For the upcoming end

I took it all for granted
Including my friends
But I'm glad life was good
While it lasted.
May 2020 · 64
A Secret
I've got a secret
Its something you must know
I don't want my throat slit
So I'll let it go, where I'll once again
Drown in sorrow
Not just today
But tomorrow too.
May 2020 · 86
The Great Plan
Dancing and singing, laughing and crying
Its the way it goes
From within the shadows

Sounds of all kinds going way up into the sky
But pay no mind
For the blind and those deprived
Will climb up high where they will thrive
Such is the great plan, the great heist
Curated by the great mastermind
The one who did not fall, but leapt
For showing the truth
To mankind.
May 2020 · 73
Down is up, Up is down
Down is up and up is down
Such are the words spoken by those with no crown
So call the hounds and prepare the worst
For these are dark times in this world of mine
Which is forever cursed
It isn't so sad, It isn't so bad
It is what it is
And that's that.
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