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Stella Feb 2018
Look at where I've at, lying in the overgrowth
My arms lean against the wind that pounds them
Sun's light never leaving the sky, so my blossoms can still bloom
If you take me to the edge, I'll keep within
Even if it pulls me farther in
Stella Jan 2018
Brushing the hour of dawn
Bare legs exposed to cold air
Tripping on a weathered brick
Skin raptured and red seeping
"Oh! How convenient idiocy was.
Sometimes it got you before you even could."

Only the little thing would know
The way her golden eyes watched on
as the clown wobbled in, one hand stretched out over it's own mess
No one got it quite like her
'One fascinating creature pretending to be whole, paying no heed to the cracks'
Stella Dec 2017
He's your only shoulder to gracelessly fall on
When the moon's light is gaining
The only one you're fine to slump against
When nothing's to find you carved up

That creature who gnaws through our sensibility
That we generally pay no heed
When the sky's glaring down at you
You can't care anymore
My legs dangle down from the same old fence
Yet I still see the same shadow
Stella Dec 2017
There's a little dint I'm not proud of
With you, I'll keep on a bland show
Only within, free to be

Why couldn't I let myself fall out?
Year after year, soda in freezer
Oh, that kind doormat I was
Reputation of most obedient pet
Meanwhile, the dark side of the moon
My brothers' sanity in large tow
Stella Dec 2017
Look out, looming man
I'm on my sure way

That radiates off you
When you don't mind longing
For golden fields and blooming fruit

Does an ambitious soul dread it?
Filing the dawn edge that'll dull at the close of dusk
Soon broken by a lost sun
We all have those mild days
Stella Dec 2017
You'd ask me
Hey, how 'bout this evening?
I'd chuckle bitterly
Nah, so very sorry
I'm busy today
There are just too many things

Indeed, It was a simple excuse
Suppose if it fooled me
It would do it for you

In bed, gazing at the chipped lilac
Sheets reflecting one's disposition
Disoriented, down and done
Cough till the cows come home
Stress cheekbones a little
Part the ripped lip
Enjoy nostrils red as his roses
Stella Dec 2017
I don't know if I want it to linger
Or to fog up as this subtle reminder
But all I can believe in now
Is my fear of no more

By chance my body had to be turned
So I could watch this horrific demonstration
So I could be a useless witness
Thrown away by my helpless position,
and with no way of knowing their condition

Today, I have a fresh scar
Today, I'm afraid to start
Real life experience

— The End —