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Oct 2017 · 344
Looking for my melody
I am a man,
In search of a woman.
Musically talented and open of heart.
Someone whom i can sing with.
All i bring is a voice sometimes toneless, but always true.
A person who brings the music nestled in their soul.
Who with the children running and screaming ,
And the flowers lilting in the yard .
Brings rhythm to the home...
Thats whats makes a home is the music that love brings .
We could sing to each other in all tones.
Of love and loss,
When the tears stream, as the smiles radiate .
From a glance only momentary malaise ,
.yet even in that darkness or voices fill the void.
The one we where born with ,
The one that in life we feared there was no escape.
Never knowIng wholeness till we found our song.
We dance.... we dance,d.
The tune we made in us
with our voice as one,
Sang light into the dark places.
Through the years
AS drops of rain and as life comes with pain
i gave you gently to the earth
With tears i sang to your earth
And left the sweet treasure that warmed you in life

            Filled with silence.
No more waking to the sound of risen voice.
Sound , sweet melody.
Days of silence...
Turned as the green of leaves to years.
No song only tears from the dreams.
Of green fields, your sweet hand grasping me,
And your lips as roses.
Sweeter melodies then ever sung.
Waking only with tear stained cheeks,
And a Feeling a diminisheing distance.
Days have passed now my cane is only a memory,
Wheels and withering legs have been reality.
No song.
Only nattering of young people that don't believe they'll die.
Sitting quietly in my cell,
Apartment to those not incarcerated.
Almost a year since those formerly screaming children showed.
Let alone i feel my darkness coming.
And for some reason all i hear is our song, your voice.
As the lights go down our song swirls into everything,
Or nothing depending your view.
I do hope that we dance in death...
As we did in Life.
I don't know what it is,
but I feel like a stranger here.
Like I was part of everything,
but now I'm only this.
That's what my body keeps trying to convince me of.
I don't fear the passing of my coil,
I've felt that death is simply a coming home.
Ever since I was a little boy.
I felt I was unconsciously part of everything.... before this,
Before I ate or drank of physical matter,
I was all the matter.
Then it shattered, and the sliver that is me...forgot. Now those memories only come with sleep,
they come and leave tears on my cheek.
I believe that's why we sleep,
to remind us we are not alone...
to remind us we are all one.
Jul 2017 · 337
Deeper asperation
The patterns where random
At least at first appearance
On close inspection
seems there is something deeper
Through the tremble of blades
And the fettered veins
The street I'll cross
Throw up dueces
And dip
Jul 2017 · 365
Bite your tongue
He talked to me,
In a slow and steady sarcasm.
It's one of my native tongues,
And I speak quite fluently.
My tongue is still sharp enough
To cut myself on.
Leaving the conversation
Cold In a pool of blood
On the ground.
May 2017 · 567
I was born on a railroad tie,
And in my wake ,
My mother had died.
Drifted out, like a body on the tide.
Cried her last tears,
As she gave me life.
Wish I had known her,
Yet she still lives inside.
In my grin and my dazzling smile,
I'm only an echo,
Of an unborn child.
May 2017 · 335
Once said
There's an old saying;
Beware the man who fakes a limp.

But to all those who would fake a limp;
Beware the limp does not become part of you.
Apr 2017 · 501
From which all movement comes.
A sense of connectedness,
Deep in practice.
Not sleep...
But a sibling none the less.
Both a leaving,
A sense of going home.
To where we were before.
Where we ruturn.
Once our light passes the final veil.
Feb 2017 · 245
Empty night;
    mutters of rain.
                                though the stars...
                         still bright.
        as morning warmly embraces
            The lonely mountain side.
Feb 2017 · 361
Funerial tap
Of all the thing's I wish

I wish that when the fogs rise
And I go out
that I hear
*the gentle tapping
of rain
Feb 2017 · 218
I was born
On the land where i live
Quiet never heard
8 years past and letters had yet to speak
Always was i at least slightly fragmented
But who is to say
Can the fragmented speak of broken things?
Jan 2017 · 204
when i go out.
into that sweet surrender..
let me bring my light,
onto that dark road.
Jan 2017 · 262
Sweet was the taste when the end came...
but bitter was the ending.
In a life filled with laughter and Joy,
in the end only the wind cackled back.
Jan 2017 · 281
There was beauty in the morning with the light trickling through the windows.
Despite the faded paint and amidst the splintered wood,
the weary soul of an old forgotten home.
Lonely on the lee side; in the mountains shadow.
As my eyes touched its grains,
There was a lonely splendor to it.
Though it loved what it had been,
It could find contentment
in slowly
to the earth
Jan 2017 · 435
Red scane
The night weighs on me...
Its hands intwined in deepest parts of mine.
Choking crushing madness.
Seemingly screaming,
Dreaming of monstrous delights.
Jan 2017 · 276
From the corner... dark.
All yellowed teeth,
 leering eye.
A thing designed..
to steal your mind,
And break it all to shards.
Then take what once was you,
and feast upon your pieces.
Dec 2016 · 231
Don't fret over the dross my boy,
Its been there an age.
Cluttered boxes filled with spare time,
yet none of it brought anymore time than was wasted.
all the things that keep the dark at bay,
And the mind quite and safe
Nov 2016 · 289
My fathers love
Twas me fadder
he sat nigh me
Hummin a low tune
To mah wee mind
its sounded ov scorn
As well as fog cross de Moore
Twere de first time I cam to it
Dat grim Epiphany
that thar was nothing but hate for me
In the heart of me fadder
Nov 2016 · 294
If time is a face on the water
and we are a ripple in the ocean
We kiss the earth
We swim in strange waters
We wash up on blood stained sheets
and with a wail we walk again
Sep 2016 · 461
Death in tears
The willow is weeping,
Its Sonorous melody,
plays the gallows tune.
where all are still and silent.
At the end of the rope
the place we find
When all the dancing is done
Sep 2016 · 220
Quite regard
Sadly the man said
In a casual tone
"The mind is a funny thing.
It can produce wonders beyond my conception. Yet as with all things the scale slides both ways. If given a knife and a hand to hold, the mind will surely consume the soul."
Sep 2016 · 249
Human condition
Six things that rose from the earth
All where beautiful and of great worth

Frantic men searched the ground
Yet seven nor one could ever be found

so the men they still weep
and scramble to keep
the hole inside
at bay and abide

*For given a knife
and a hand to hold
a lonely mind
will eat its soul
Sep 2016 · 211
I pushed myself
I pulled myself
I fell right through the hole
Laying there I realized
in the doing
I lost my soul
Sep 2016 · 244
The dawn crept silent,
as the evening packed its things.

Steadily blooming gold,
errant clouds where struck ablaze.

Smiling fiercely,
the sun greets the day.
Sep 2016 · 478
His body lay cold

After all the smiles
And beautiful lies

The earth waited
and slowly lying out
The depth and breadth
Of infinity in an eyelash

Yet he lays cold*

All that anger confusion and pain
In the space of a breath

And what I knew of him
There's nothing left
Aug 2016 · 316
There is a man on the corner
the brown if his trench coat spattered with drops of rain
But its not raining
coming closer he was gone
but the details have yet to fade with him
Aug 2016 · 326
ignoble coil
Give me a stone
I will make it my own
Now chisel the face and lines

We breathe the universe
And gifting our breath
We gave birth to its mind

Let it ponder And wonder
Until one day it finds
A sharp inhale
As consciousness declines

*leaving only stone
and uneven lines
Jul 2016 · 165

I don't want to die
yet 17 years in darkness
leaves me wanting


I don't want to be alone
But its been years
And not a single call


I'm so tired of pain
Though she's the only one
My constant companion
my God is she cold
Jun 2016 · 538
Nothing but the gentle tap of rain
and the choir of crickets in sticks,
  the city of dust and bone
turned to rust and ruin
blood from dust
and bone to body
birds fire
Jun 2016 · 432
In the shadow of the box
Give me a surface from which to start
Then give it some angles
To plug in the parts

Fill it with sorrow And mundane things
To mix with the beautiful
So they wont know what to believe

Now bring in the life , as though they where clowns
And most of them will not see the world that surrounds
Beyond these wall lies the infinite cloud
The world beyond the world
The turtle on which we perch

"And its turtles all the way down"

So no tears
the shadows of the box
Is what keep us here

But a shadow is only shade
On a summer day

And one day
*it will drift away
Jun 2016 · 368
California king
Hail to the king

as he crept from the ivy

Rolled to the door

He lives under the floor
Jun 2016 · 322
In the touch


Leaving my hands
Drenched is scent
Hints of clay
Fresh body
And sadness

Reminding ever
That even the beautiful

Are broken

And what has been lost

*May be found
Jun 2016 · 526
esper enhiem

Gently lilting dust


from the rock of an old chair

Aged and lined with wear
the smell is dry

it smells of memory

Of dreams

And death

reminded in that

May 2016 · 230
I touched her hand
and it was like

the division of mind

The Gentle play of sunlight on water
evening light
as the day fades

a lingering smell of orange peels
and moist Earth

As well as death
But not for you
Apr 2016 · 646
And beneath the mask...
There was naught but a hole,
Dark and endless
Hanging embers flickering
Then death had his way
Apr 2016 · 331
I don't go crazy
I live there
Like the leather shoe
And tales from wives
It is this mad horse
That I ride
Feb 2016 · 423
Through the glass,
And into the fire.

Not a word spoken.

Saying more with a glance,
Then a lifetime of words.
Jan 2016 · 262
coming rain
There will come rain

And days of darkened pain

God there will be pain

When those summer days

Are just a memory

And that sweet butterfly kiss
Is only a remembrance

just know

the rain comes

To just
and the unjust

Jan 2016 · 450
A pull
Then tug
Jan 2016 · 345
in sweet dreams
after the light had gone

turned to bitter soil

Came to the garden we grew

in dreams I still feel you're eyes

dying memories of what could have

*Ill see you when I sleep
Jan 2016 · 260
ill see you tomorrow
You be good

I love you

Can you hear the rain?

ill See you again

when you leave
When you hear the rain
Dec 2015 · 582
looking glass
He turned to me
With his creeping grin


Once gone through the looking glass
we never come back again

So you may be strange
*but we are all mad here
Inspired by aiw
Dec 2015 · 303
last call
Goodbye to all my good friends and pals,
goodbye to all my ladies and gal's,
We sang the tunes that have gone silent by now,
With all the laughter and the pints that we downed,
Left not but a ****** an echoing sound,
through the bones of this graveyard our bodies laid down.
Dec 2015 · 319
cold wishes
Beauty lain on grass
as cold crept in

Counting stars
as the wishes last

Warmth left through you're fingertips
as beauty lain on grass
Dec 2015 · 561
broken things
A gentle hum
And moisture in the air
a quiet song
one for the broken things
which I believe
*we all can be
Dec 2015 · 192
We came from darkness
becoming light
faces tears and water
Water most of all
Our passing
Becoming light
Dec 2015 · 441
~                       Flickering
                                                Candle Flames

                                             As wind rushed by
                                            And cut like blades

                                              A shuttering kiss
                                             As deaths embrace

                                                      Fell silent
Dec 2015 · 802

Light shifting through leaves
Rich loam and strong root
Connected earth and limb


I am that, i am
There is stillness  
Peace in silence
Dec 2015 · 229
The waiting
I have gotten tired of waiting
Seems as though Ive been livin in here
This is the way its been
Tell me if it could've been different

Sometimes i am filled with a hating
Hate me for leaving me here
But I'm tired of this wasting
Im tired of being in here

*Seems like more than a lifetime
Yet nobody lives forever
Dec 2015 · 528
Alone on the face of the water
I found another like me


We came together
Deciding to build

we built our structures
And began to bloom

We made music
And we danced

Yet the tune has died away
And we all decide

Its time to go

So we cleaned what we created
Elegantly dismantling ourselves

And the petals fall

Holding the memories
Of what i have been

I drift gently
Then it starts all over again
Partially inspired by a line in a bill bryson book about the nature of atoms
Dec 2015 · 354
In Life
Beautifully imperfect
Perfection only comes
*In death
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