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Another Song Jan 2017
It was only for a moment, a few seconds nothing more. A blink in the eye of time. It was only for a moment, that my hand held yours. Only for a moment did I imagine maybe this is what it would be like if you loved me back. But it was only a moment , and when you withdrew your hand, that moment was gone
Another Song Feb 2017
Some are born to love
Some to be loved
And some are lucky enough to be born for both
Another Song Jul 2017
Cold gusts and city streets
All around me, history
City lights and late nights
But the best part is the rain
That drenches your body
stains the walls, and floods your feet
Umbrellas out and raincoats on
Forget them
Let yourself get washed away
Drown in the Boston rain
Another Song Feb 2017
You're just the right kind of dream to wake up to
Another Song Jun 2017
Fingers frantically fidgeting
And eyes darting
Heart racing, lungs hyperventilating
Why is it so hard to say hello?

Head hanging, hands limp
And eyes downcast
Talking through tears
Why can't I say goodbye?
Another Song Jan 2017
Winter nights used to better than Summer days
City lights were things that should have faded away
Fireworks would never pop on rainy days
And hearts wouldn't fall for you like leaves, only to be swept away
Another Song Dec 2016
Easy 8 Step Bake

1. Add a sufficient amount of cute, so much that you'll never stop looking
2. Add 3/4 tbsp of a killer smile, to stop your heart
3. Mix with 2 eyes, that you could look into forever
4. Laugh as you add the humor, so you'll always smile when they're around
5. Let it settle for 10 min, so that your heart gets used to not beating without them
6. Insert into oven at 666 Fahrenheit, it'll make you do anything for them
7. Take it out after what feels like a lifetime of waiting for them has passed
8. Watch them love someone else
Another Song Dec 2016
I keep every single one of your smiles
Every smirk, every laugh, every crinkle of your eyes
I keep every single one of your words
Every whisper, joke and thing I have not heard
I remember every single touch
Every pat, hug that's not enough
But most of all I remember you
Even when you forget me
Another Song Feb 2017
I'm scraping together the leftovers of your laughter
Gathering the scraps of your smiles
I'm savoring the after taste of your name
I'm still hugging you in December
Another Song Mar 2017
Maybe the words I write will somehow float off the page, they'll drift and drift through the sky until they reach your eyes and you'll see I was right here the whole time

Maybe the notes I play will echo endlessly throughout the night, they'll ring across the clouds and the stars and they'll enter your mind

Maybe the words I whisper to myself when I'm alone will find their way to your lips and maybe, just maybe, you'll say
*you're mine
Another Song Feb 2017
Let's go play a game
I'll be it and and follow you everywhere
But I'll never win this game of tag
Let's go sing a song
One only I know the lyrics to
And I'll sing it to you from the corner in the back
Let's go watch the stars
And make thousands of wishes
Ones we know won't come true
Let's look into each other's eye's
And pretend you mean it when you say
I love you
Another Song Mar 2017
I've come to love the darkness as I fall asleep
Because in the darkest of nights, anyone could be lying next to you
Another Song Mar 2017
It was always a joke to you
But it was the world to me
Another Song Jun 2017
The street lamps have fizzled out
Sidewalks are bare
The buildings are tired
Waiting for someone who isn't there

Clouds have settled
Rain falls to the ground
An abandoned metropolis
Watch the leaves drift down

Cracks race along the walls
And the bricks fall away
They break just like a heart
No one to pick up the remains
Another Song Feb 2017
You tell yourself every day "tomorrow, he'll love me"
But tomorrow's a relative term
Another Song Dec 2016
Do you remember what it feels like to fall?
With eyes wide and arms flailing
Do you remember the fear?
Heart racing and blood pounding
Do you remember the fear?
Consuming your every thought
Do you remember feeling helpless?
Hugging yourself and clinging
Do you remember the hope?
Praying as you were falling that you would survive
Because I do
I remember what it's like to fall in love
Another Song Jul 2017
Let the ink write down your sorrows
Let the music drown out your screams
Let the voices in your head take control
Let everything that matters recede
Sometimes we all need to scream
Another Song Mar 2017
Hundreds of miles away
I look up to the moon and I see you
You're lying in your bed, sleeping
Dreaming your night away
I spend the night staring at the moon
Whispering 3 little words
In hopes the moon will whisper them to you

— The End —