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  Oct 2015 Anonymous
Dominique Espiritu
I hate that you look at the galaxies
and are overwhelmed with a feeling of
dull insignificance,
because if anything,
you are not just a speck of dust scattered in the cosmos.
you are the very substance
that this universe is thrilled to be written about.
you are its incandescent gas,
you are nuclear fission,
you are a galaxy's lifeline,
it's reason to celebrate living in the darkness,
baby, your every breath is intergalactic motivation,
that if you were to stop smiling
I'm almost certain that a star dies as well.
and in the magnitude of spectacular phenomena this universe will never cease to offer,
somewhere out there,
I promise someone notices.
some late night mind ****, so raw, so rough.
  Oct 2015 Anonymous
Gidi Quotes
Dear my urborn
I don't know if you would
be my daughter or my son
right now am in a point of
no return,trying to pay
attention without refund

I cant promise to win,
life is short I should
be writing my will

am writing my
wrongs,they are
trying to peep
I will make sure
mama is queen

you will be a blue
blood you will never
work in vein
you will be a blue
blood you will never
work in vain

it's true talk your dad
is insane because I
choose to be different
from those that are
the same

yours sincerely Gidi .Q
it's a poem from my chapbook Mama's boy
Anonymous Oct 2015
in the deep
there is a deeper blue
a deeper blue
with a darker grip
a grip that's so loose
that needs to be tight
to tighten
the last piece
of ice cold,
dark blue
water that fills.
fills the soul
of the mute
mute because needed.
no amount of courage
or criticism
or gifts
could fill the void of tears
that is required to come
in and out.
but what is inside out?
when you see what's inside
and what has been lost,
could you accept the dying kid in me?
who wanted to be like you but ended up
being original.
the fake that was thought funny.
turned out to be reality that brought wonder
to the eyes of the happy.
do you get it?
of course not.
because you'll need to hear it from me.
  Oct 2015 Anonymous
Marge Redelicia
you told me that you were
just playing it safe,
careful to keep your perfectly powdered face from grime
and getting dirt under your manicured nails.
you try to maintain that posture with poise and grace,
while others break their backs and crawl
on the ground on their knees and bellies.

you told me 
that you are playing nice.
you said that you are loving, caring, kind, and generous
and all those pretty qualities.
that's true,
one glance at your eyes 
is enough to know fully that 
you are also
fearful and terrified.
you are a coward:
a prisoner of pride
playing god as you place your trust on yourself.
taunted by questions of  rejection, ability, and sufficiency,
you cowered in your high tower
instead of joining the frontlines in the fight.
frozen by fear
your heart has gone too numb and cold, for
the doubt and anxiety has put out your fire.

you said that you have won it all.
but actually, 
you know nothing.
about triumph and victory 
for though the world has plunged into calamity,
you were never one with the army.
your bright eyes has seen death
but only from the sidelines.
you defile the purpose of your armor
by keeping it perfectly polished
when it is meant to be stained by mud and blood.

you told me that you were just playing it smart.
you said that it's only rational, logical, 
the normal human response
to take every measure to avoid pain and harm.
you behold the chaos
and cry 
"they are fools!"
you are 
they made themselves
into proud and shameless fools
for they know well that 
the fools are the ones chosen to shame the wise.

playing it nice, safe, an smart
for this is not a game,
this is 

strip off the crown and ball gown and
pick up your sword and armor.
from your high tower,
to the mountains and fields
to the homes and cities
to the trenches and frontlines.
for it's either you lose your self or lose the fight

get ready to pour out sweat, tears, 
and even blood.
though you have yet to see
claim victory:
the war has already been won
before it has even begun.

*it is
Anonymous Oct 2015
could you see what was beyond when you were only showed infront?
could you sense what was behind when you looked afar?
would you see what was near when you look too far?
will you see what's near when you've looked too far?

should you look for what's far when it's near?
should the lost be found when it's only lost?
could the found be found again and again?
or could the not be a should?

do you see the again when it was only an awe?
will you show the change when there was nothing to change?
will you show the hidden but already shown?
will it be easy for the already when it was only..

will you answer when it does?
and if it does will it?
will it if you won't?
or should it then it all will?

do you see the difference of it all
when the difference is indifference
and it's not a question nor an answer but a statement
the yes to your no
the no to your maybe
the maybe to all
Anonymous Oct 2015
i was but i am
i thought but i spoke
i listened but deafening
i chose but i was optioned
i showed but then blocked
i did but it hasn't
i must but can't
should i if you wouldn't?
why then if i must not
could i if i should not?
answers that questioned
questions with on answers
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