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Lily Oct 2019
Holding her is like holding broken glass:
Unlucky and ******* painful.
Yet the mesmerising rainbows dancing in her reflection draws me in.
Complex. She’s complex.
The butterfly wings of her lungs, the raging war of her subconscious.
She’s bizarre.
She is struggling.

Her pain justifies her actions, she says.
The collapsed mask of my face is crumbling, I am desperately trying to piece me back together.
But her shattered skin is slicing into me as I try and hold her too.
I cannot let her shards cascade into irretrievable ruin by smashing into the ground.
I cannot destroy her deeper.
Yet inky red blood trickles down my arm as I try and regain balance.
I cannot hold us both my love.
I chose a different perspective on this one by writing about mental health through the eyes of a partner who is also struggling. I’m hoping this highlights how difficult it can be to find the balance between caring for yourself and your lover.
Lily Aug 2019
Anger is surging,
I am watching all my bridges burning.
Rhyme- I cling to the safeness the rigid structure evokes, the soothing sway of stability.
I am seeing flames,
your bigoted, misogynistic ways ebb away at my faith in humanity.
Cowardly, I bite my tongue, tasting iron, desperate not to be branded with the dreaded ‘F’ word.
Why am I ashamed? It is not a ***** word.
So do not roll your eyes when we preach equality,
we are not equal stop objectifying my body!
I’d love to receive feedback on this! This poem discusses how difficult it is to break away from the norm and fight for what you think is right due to society making feminism seem like a bad thing. Although, I’d love to get your interpretation of it!

— The End —