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  6d Anon
The light is a pen the sun uses to write a poem on the page that is Earth. Whether the middle of the day or ink is dripping from the reflecting moon at night, you are the words written for everyone to see.
Anon May 16
My chi be telling me there will be better days
I sit down wondering if I will see another day
Do I even deserve another day?
Imagine getting ***** and clamoring for your rapists approval
Why don’t I just blow my head off like Hemingway?
Then see the old man at the end of the tunnel
I wonder what he would say
Probably tell me how I wasted all my talents
Maybe remind me of how I was a disgrace to my parents
Probably get Dante to lead me to inferno
Or would I finally find peace
My chi comes back and screams as I swallow the pill
Written after a very bad day
  May 15 Anon
BR Dragos
best part about having no friends
is having no enemies either
best part of having no significant other
is being able to feel whole by yourself
best part of solitude is
best part of loneliness is...
I wouldn't know that. I never
felt lonely.
Anon May 15
Run down the stairs of despair
A fast descent
Nothing has ever been clearer
My will and hope bent
Death the final chapter
Anon May 15
Once an addict always an addict
Addicted to the pain
Tearing my skin
Watch me deflect emotions
Ignore my feelings
Neglect those I love
Burn my soul on the stove
Where is that pin
Watch me stab it in
Screaming, crying, laughing
Smiling and dying

— The End —