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Anon Jul 2020
I don't think I deserve happiness , just pain and anguish .
Anon Sep 2019
I can't wait to get home
To get back to you
You the source of my joy

I can't wait to get home
To fully embrace you
You with your skin so smooth

I can't wait to get home
To kiss you
You with your lips so lush

I can't wait to get home
To make love to you
With your chest so full
  Jul 2019 Anon
Stephanie D
You only want me flawed
To do what you cannot -
Accept your own mess
Love yourself to the best

It's a selfish desire
Dire wolves to be fed
I am earth, not your soul
Never plastic, I'm flesh

Unbound by blinding lights
Strong emotions, distress
Insecurities, true
But no fear I confess

My weak flesh is now new
Muscles, stronger, I said
"Bullet-proof, self-preserved
To feel nothing, I guess"
May 27th, 2019
Anon May 2019
What a year what a year
Another day another tear
Nothing seems to be clear
All I know is fear
Fear of what others think of me
Fear of what I will be
Fear of what others see
My heart free of  glee
This is really just a prototype , can't really decide on how i move on from here. might add somethings to it later or delete it completely.
Anon May 2019
My chi be telling me there will be better days
I sit down wondering if I will see another day
Do I even deserve another day?
Imagine getting ***** and clamoring for your rapists approval
Why don’t I just blow my head off like Hemingway?
Then see the old man at the end of the tunnel
I wonder what he would say
Probably tell me how I wasted all my talents
Maybe remind me of how I was a disgrace to my parents
Probably get Dante to lead me to inferno
Or would I finally find peace
My chi comes back and screams as I swallow the pill
Written after a very bad day
  May 2019 Anon
Bogdan Dragos
best part about having no friends
is having no enemies either
best part of having no significant other
is being able to feel whole by yourself
best part of solitude is
best part of loneliness is...
I wouldn't know that. I never
felt lonely.
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