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Dec 2019 · 155
AnonPixie Dec 2019
She’s a dark enigma
But only to herself 
She shines such a bright light 
So kind, forgiving, beautiful
Little does a soul know 
She hides so well 
An evercarbon fir
She bares nothing 
Skin, bone, teeth 
So human but so alien 
The abyss calls her 
Asphyxiates her slowly 
Wraps around her mind 
Taking her away 
She follows the rabbit 
Everything is forgotten 
A lucid life dream 
Everything so tangible 
But left behind 
Infiltration of the mind 
An inward corpse
Walk all over her 
Take advantage
Dec 2019 · 191
Snow White
AnonPixie Dec 2019
Control is futility
My thoughts only on you
Snow White and the 7 degrees

The lust, the pull, the want
I can't say no 
I inhale you 
No consequences tonight 
You make me feel so free

The power, my mind, my vibration 
So much stronger, enhanced
A hedonistic embrace
I want to be consumed by you 
Just the one night 

The torture 
I want more 
I need more
Whenever I can get it
It's never enough
I'm infatuated by you
My selfish secret 
You will be the end of me

— The End —