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Anila Reed Aug 2020
I look for you Everyday
You are the best for fun and play
I love you so
So I won’t let you go
I grab your hand
And ask what we have planned
You are always there for me
Especially when I am sad
You always kiss me goodnight
And cuddle me tight
I love you daddy
You make me so happy.
Anila Reed Aug 2020
Dear husband
How handsome you are
I am grateful you are never too far
You make my days so memorable
A day without you is unbearable
You make my world go round
And still make my heart pound
I can’t imagine life without you
I hold on to your words of “I Do”
Today tomorrow and forever
I couldn’t wish for any better
With you by my side
I’ll be grateful till I die
I’ll still look for you in forever after
You are my soulmate and my partner
Here for you eternity
These words I mean whole heartedly
I am certain of who you are
And that is also in my heart
Dear husband
I love you
Anila Reed Jun 2020
I wish you weren’t my biological mother
So I wouldn’t be so embarrassed of the person you are.
I’m ashamed of how you left and how you raised me.
I’m ashamed and still learning to heal from the wounds you created.
I am ashamed I tried for so long to have pleased you while truly feeling insecure every day.
I am ashamed I fell for your countless lies and doubt you built in to me.
I am ashamed of the extreme religious beliefs you taught me from a young age that has now indented on my personality with flaws that follow.
I am ashamed that I grew up knowing nothing of the world out there and had to learn to walk on my own.
I am ashamed of the abuse you raised me with and continue to fill people with blinding lies
I am ashamed
But I am not ashamed of the fact that I have pulled myself out of your misery
I am not ashamed I have survived
I am not ashamed that I have come out of this a better person
I am not ashamed of the life lessons I have learnt
I am not ashamed that you are my past.
I am not ashamed to look forward for the future
I am not ashamed of my present
Not exactly a poem.. just meaningful words..
Anila Reed Oct 2019
Don’t be so blind
Your out of mind
Stop acting so high
When your telling a lie
Tell them the truth
And your problems will go ****
This one was just for fun
Anila Reed Oct 2019
I still love you
And truly do
I’ll forever cherish you
If only you knew
Many ups and downs
But we always pulled through
Happiest together
Made like it was forever
You are my best memory
But loving you is a felony
Looking a year back
We were like glue
But this is no longer true
What can I do?
The love of my life has slipped away
You feel you can no longer stay
Out of my ability to change your mind
There’s no one like you I’ll ever find
When days were grey
You were my shining ray
I feel like I’m to blame
For you wanting to end this game
But you aren’t the same
I can hardly breath
As you say you want to leave
Can’t you see?
Your all I need?
Tears filling my vision
Is this the right decision?
I have to go, so I say goodnight
I walk away holding myself tight
This is the last time
You’ll commit this crime
I won’t let you in
To this broken tin
Anila Reed Oct 2019
Only villains and heroes
Co exist in this brain
No in between
Or narrow lanes
Black or white
Morning or night

What is normality?
And what is our reality?
Coping by learning
But it’s like I’m burning
I have to try
Or at least I’ll compromise
Accept yourself
Be kind to your soul
And fill that hole
Where you lost yourself
In working progress
Anila Reed Oct 2019
Sweet dreams my love
You were sent from above
Now rest your head
In this cold empty bed
Dream a dream
Like A movie scene
It feels unreal
This was not the deal
I wish you a blissful sleep
And in mind I’ll forever keep
I’m not trying to frown
But To rise and fall back down
how can I be happy
When all I feel is so ******
I can’t bare this part
But You’ll be here in my heart
Sweet dreams my love
I’ll see you above.
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