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Sep 23 · 342
Love Thyself
The world was made to break you
But you don't have to agree
Do not side with those against your truth
It is not you against me

It is us against the world
The two of us to defy the odds
For many years, I was alone
I alone, to pay the cost

Prove to me that love is real
I hold scars only you can sooth
My greatest pain comes from inside
Now I know what to ask from you

Sing me compliments and affirmations
To replace the screams of hatred
Hold me tight yet oh so gently
The gesture has been long belated

Stand with me with our heads held high
For you and I will rewrite the world
Finally standing on the same page
Restarting the memoir of this girl
Sep 17 · 131
First Love
When I hear every new heartbreak
I trust love a little less
In attempts to save myself
From all the emotional stress

But love without passion
Is not love at its best
Though I am scared to love at all
Only to be broken like the rest

From what my eyes have seen
True love has to be intense
Full of tears and excruciating pain
Crying over something so complex

After every unrequited heartbreak
My mind still fails to address
Why after every heartache
My heart bleeds in protest

Because after every love
There is more that I suppress
In order to protect myself
Based on an unfortunate guess
Sep 12 · 99
What a tiny nuisance is she
She, who is confined inside my cage
Her mischievous whispers echo
While she clutches my heart again

She plays upon my lungs
Pressing all of the black keys
Passionately like a pianist
Making it difficult to breathe

She giggles oh so playfully
As I wince from my chest pain
She mocks me with excitement
As though we are playing a game

How imaginative and innovative
Constantly spewing out new stories
Creating story plots out of broken pieces
She is the writer of my worries
Sep 12 · 127
Mirror Image
Most people would want to travel
To the ends of other worlds
But for me, I am merely fascinated
Of the universe inside this girl

The girl in the looking glass
She, who shares the same face
Such a multifaceted being
A rarity one cannot replace

For so long I have observed her
Yet, she surpasses my expertise
Facts about her turn into fables
She is an ever-changing entity

Observations become opinions
And conclusions are commentary
Assumptions are only illusions
For those who try to define me
Aug 27 · 342
Love, Me
Is it okay to be for me to be selfish?
I have finally obtained all of my pieces
Before, I would just give them away
To whoever, even if it wasn't needed

So forgive me when you ask
Why I don't let my heart be vacant
Let me attain some inner peace
And solitude while I'm still present

For so long, I was someone else's
Before I chose to become my own
You may see it as possessive
To want to keep my heart alone

A mate to my soul is true happiness, they say
You would say they would be my better half
I want to be complete by myself for now
Self love is what I want to attract

Maybe someday I will find them
When I am fully grown and complete
But I wouldn't mind if I found my true love
In the deepest part of me
Aug 22 · 362
Glass Princess
They call you the girl made out of glass
A princess, so fragile and naive
Who cannot hold an ounce of darkness
Always the one who is deceived

You are breakable, but not weak
You are stronger than they believe
Shards of glass cut through so easily
Piercing each of their misdeeds

Every part of you is just as deadly
With every shard, you are complete
How do you hold such an honest heart
No need for illusions to achieve

Your rise to a better reign
You will become a fiercer queen
To start a revolution
In ways the world needs

A girl born from the embers
And raised within hell's heat
Derived from the ashes
Of every ancestor deceased

As you are made of glass
When you break, you do not bleed
Shaped by mental wielders
One, who was forged to lead
Aug 17 · 650
Shallow Whispers
People will keep talking
But I don't have to listen
Others will continue to expect
And define my existence

They will try to take away
What's left of my childlike innocence
And even then, the things I do
Are still none of their business

How can I feel okay?
When they become restless
From me not conforming to their way
They only see it as reckless

Their shallow mouths spew words
Bringing upon damage that is endless
With the naive intentions to help
Yet, why do I feel more helpless?

Childhood criticisms cling to me
Leaving me defenceless
Whenever the guards of my walls
Become tired and careless

I thought it'd be easier to live
If I was just passive and selfless
Until I was driven to the point
Where I couldn't tell what was precious

I have now accepted that it is okay
That I do not share the same ethics
The differences found in me
Should not make me so apologetic
Aug 6 · 408
In Security
Unknowingly, I taught myself
To behave on how others treated me
Constantly, being the good child
Just made life easier to breathe

I thought that if I behaved
It would make it easier to love me
Inevitably, I had neglected
Many of my wants, hopes and needs

I still think needs are only desires
And desires are luxuries
So I am left with a tired soul
That is in dire need of me

I tend to give more compassion
And acceptance towards everyone else
Though, when I take a look inwards
I cannot give it to myself

I look at my loved ones' flaws
And think there is more to love
Yet, when I confront my own faults
I conclude that I am not enough

I put myself to such a high standard
While giving myself no steps to use
I try my best to attain and fall
Then berating every mistake I do

For so long, I've been my worst enemy
Trying to tune out my own voice
All the conflicted yelling and screaming
I just desperately tried to avoid

Except, disregarding my inner voice
Overlooks her out as well
I am left confused and lost
Wondering what created this hell

My inner voice who sings
A voice so smooth, it soothes
The cracks and scars I've accumulated
From years of self-abuse

The gentle, quiet voice inside me
She, who understands and adores
Who only wishes what is best for me
Is a girl worth trying for

I will try to believe more often
That I am more than enough
The care that I keep searching for
Can be made from my own love
Aug 4 · 659
Sad thoughts consume my mind again
A single raindrop turns into a storm
Silent thunders roar inside of me
A quiet chaos before it pours

Lightning strikes me with flashbacks
Then exits as fast as my light of hope
Leaving me a pile of burning ashes
Striking faster than I'm able to cope

And yet, the rhythmic pattern of the rain
Somehow, puts my mind at ease
Among the chaos of my clouded mind
The rain seems to sync with my heartbeat

Calmness settles once the storm passes
Its remains soothe my tired soul
Array of colours and puddles of reflections
Marks a healing from the night's cold
Jul 29 · 194
Still Here
How many times did you decide
You have given up on this life
So many times you tried to hide
The growing darkness behind your eyes

It seems the burden only gets heavier
But your limbs still manage to to move
No matter how slow, from here, it gets better
With each step, is another for you to prove

Every time you fall, the wounds get deeper
Yet, each time you still get up
Remember you are your own keeper
Every part of you was and is still enough

The closer you get, the longer you exist
The more you are willing to lose
Even when the thoughts continue to persist
In the end, they're still waiting for you
Jul 26 · 246
Defence Less
Calluses form on my fingers
My bones replaced with steel
Thick vines and thorns cover my hands
To handle my demons and other evils

My hands grew an armor of their own
Losing my gentle touch in the process
Asking me to hold something so fragile
Is a longing i have persistently repressed

My strength would override my intention
I would mistakenly crush it within my grasp
Tears watering a dead flower
Would not redeem my past

Love, so kind and gentle
Has to suffer, to penetrate my walls
In order to defeat my defence mechanisms
My insecurities and all of my faults

You ask why don't I break my own barriers
It is for love's protection from me
So I cower and hide, avoiding love itself
Behind the assumption that it was meant to be
Jul 24 · 343
Let Her
Read their letters, every time you relapse
That is what they were written for
Read them with each occurring setback
To be thankful that you were born

Hug them, with your last bit of sanity intact
Emotion puddles all over the floor
Blurring words I desperately wanted to hear back
From people I so lovingly adored

Each attempt is like a new beginning for me
Commemorating the death of my past self
As I close the book to write a new page
Another memoir for life's bookshelf
Jul 24 · 114
My Calling
Suicidal thoughts and suicidal callings
A part of me urges to pick up the phone
It keeps ringing, with sound stinging inside my head
Becomes ear-piercing when I'm alone

Frequent missed calls that I intentionally miss
Why do I keep putting even more distance
I'm so tired, exhausted from all the resistance
It seems fatigue is the only thing that's constant

I dial and then leave the phone hanging
I lack courage to go through with the call
I dial, frantically pressing all the numbers
The longer the number, the more I stall

The phone rings from the other side
But I hear my own voice instead
She says, it's going to be alright
With a click, the call ends
Jul 22 · 130
When I look into the small eyes of him
A piece of me sees you
An innocence that radiates
Back then I wish I knew

A mother's cry
And your first steps
I did not know why
Such a secret was kept

Or was I just blind
With eyes full of ignorance
With my childhood mind
That remained indifferent

Such a small fragile hand
Held such a familiar feeling
Paired with curious eyes
That were constantly seeking

How to perceive the world
Through an unfamiliar lens
Easily confused, not knowing
What was wrong again

Every time I look at him
It feels like a second try
To guide you from the beginning
With your small hand in mine
Jul 11 · 287
Overwhelmed by my thoughts again
They swarm with the intent to drown me
Enticing me to the rabbit hole
Attempting to appear just as inviting

I fall in yet again, barely grasping the edge
As I stare down into a familiar abyss
Hanging on with every vulnerability exposed
Before my inner voice begins to submit

Watching the rabbit run with time in his hands
Reminds me how fast life goes on
The alluring impulse to escape into wonderland
Summons the notion that I am not yet done

The desire to return home to the underland
Where colours and possibilities reign
Inspires me to bring wonder into the surface world
So my life would not be in vain
Jul 6 · 320
A day full of reminiscence again
Sifting through the thoughts of you
Diving deep into my memories
That I still have yet to lose

Frustrated with myself again
Because I have the will to choose
Whether or not I free myself
And forge something anew

I bind myself in fingerless strings
I give past moments control over me
Dictating my time, stealing fragments of life
All from daydreaming of what used to be

It's okay to visit times from before
But my stay has been long overdue
Instead of just visiting, I move in and more
Wandering farther from the actual truth

Time and time again, I still think of you
The you, who keeps leading me astray
The character I've created and was left behind
To star in the memories I put on replay
Jun 1 · 266
Future Vows
Let me feel your pain
So I can love you better
Let me wipe your tears
We'll get through it together
Let me be there for you
I will be your shelter
Let me see your flaws
The more I will treasure
Let me understand you
You are worth the effort
Let me be the pen to your paper
The love in your letter

Because You are the sun in my sky
No matter the weather
The moon in my night
With you I am greater
With all the planets aligned
You are at the center
You, who outshines
All the brightest stars I've encountered
Even in the afterlife
I will continue to remember
The phases of you and I
That I will cherish forever
May 29 · 213
I walk on the same path
I turn at the same corner
Everyday feels the same
But the leaves still fall, then return
Just like how they came
I walk along the sidewalk
An empty gap remains
Half full of presence
And half full of reminisce
As I walk down a sidewalk meant for two
May 29 · 141
The Sense Of You
I wonder if you will ever feel
The pain I felt to unlove you
Slowly pulling you away from my thoughts
Taking out the images of you from my memories

Erasing your voice from my ears
Your name off my tongue
Do you know how hard it was
To pull you out from my senses
Only for you to return in my sleep

I feel a heaviness in my heart
A clutching feeling in my stomach
It is almost over now
Just don't invade my senses again
When it was so hard to make them forget
May 24 · 2.1k
I read the newspaper stained in black
I watch the television covered in blood
I listen to the corrupted comebacks
Coming from the people I used to love

The world holds so much negativity
As I try to escape my own
I cower from the harsh world outside
Counting my reasons to be alone

I was raised to fear the world
Just follow what others say
Continue being the passive wallflower
As I count my reasons to stay

Out there is a world where I fall and fail
While my inner world consumes me
Overstimulated and stressed in all kinds
Desperately searching for peace
May 6 · 498
Bullet Wounds
To leave a toxic friend behind
Is like taking a bullet out from its wound
You'd think it would be better to keep it inside
Less pain you would have to endure through

Though, the longer it stays, you cannot help but mind
No amount of negligence will sooth
A toxin that spreads, the longer it binds
A parting that was long overdue

As if taking out the bullet crosses some line
Swaying from a future that respects you
A toxic friend is a still a friend who once stood by your side
It is okay to grieve for the friend you outgrew
May 6 · 313
Parental Pieces
A part of me still wishes to die
Maybe that part of me should
That part so attached to my demons alike
To rid myself of them; if only I could

Spiteful thoughts fester in the darkest corners
They tell me I am simply no-good
Isolate yourself, you'll be happier that way
You have lived long enough misunderstood

How loud is her voice, condescending and cruel
Yet, she raised me since childhood
Like a toxic love you cannot seem to part with
I still live for the day I would
Lost in assumptions and conclusions
Living amongst influences and illusions
How easy it is to lose my sense of self

While drowning in other's expectations
That often discourages original creations
I consider just being like everyone else

But to go down a path already made
Starves me of the adventure that I crave
And an undaunted outlook I have not yet felt

I am a palette among paintings
Still in the process of creating
A new colour to call myself
Apr 28 · 815
His Ocean's Eyes
I was entranced by him
Until his riptide brought me in
Into an ocean of infatuation
Where I was left stranded

His waves came and left
To me, like mixed signs
Struggling with my emotions
Robbed me of clarity and sight

I was then pulled under
Falling further from the light
As my heart weighed heavier
From this growing feeling inside

His eyes resemble the ocean's trenches
I was captivated by curiosity
Of what lies beneath the shallows of him
The depths of his soul intrigues me
Apr 19 · 666
A Wanderer's Heart
He felt like home
The other half of my soul
My heart has always been homeless

I held a nomad's heart
Unable to take part
In settling for a love that was fruitless

Yet with him, time stood still
Leaving my fate unfulfilled
With him, I found no need to wander

Because of him, I stayed
He consumed more of my days
In him, I found safety and comfort

Then one day I realized
I became spoiled with vice
For I was a vagabond who stayed

What use are my wings
If I am not exploring
My heart was simply led astray

As though I was caught under glass
Because I had trespassed
In a home that was not meant for me

He felt like home
When I did not have my own
I was not looking for one initially

I explored love's territory
Leaving my own love's story
As I resume my journey again

There are times I still wonder
On those days of endless ponder
If I had made the right choice in the end
Apr 7 · 397
Life took away her wings
A vital and precious piece of her
She laid there, defenceless and vulnerable
She had encountered life at its worst

What is a butterfly without her wings
No appearance to hide behind
She had to live with what was left of her
Life sadly had not been kind

She questioned who she was
With her new inability to fly
Her newfound lack of freedom
Awaited a fate she could not fight

Without her wings, she began to crawl
Reverting back to a childlike state
For an end gives rise to a new beginning
Her positivity was something innate

Her downfalls made her climb higher
Pain didn't bother her anymore
Her fear to fall had diminished
She was stronger than before

Her fighting spirit emerged out of her
Giving form to new wings
Her tears nurtured and shaped them
She began her new chance at living
Mar 24 · 322
Unlike The Sun
Another year has past
Time still runs too fast
Many times I failed to catch up

But I found those who wait for me
For it is they who has saved me
I am grateful for all who I came to love

For I still struggle to let them in
Because my inner child from within
Is still frighten from all she was deprived of

I am not the brightest star
Nor do I have the kindest heart
But I thank those who made me feel like I was enough
Mar 19 · 773
Paper Girl
Why do you inflict harm upon yourself
When outsiders do it for you
As though there is power in pain
Self-harm gives the power to choose

When the pain starts to when it ends
How much pain is given willingly
Open wounds turn into battle scars
Of the demons who wish to control me

At the end of pain is numbness
Nothing more left to miss
Empty and a hollowed out shell
An embodiment of an emotionless abyss

The warmth of my blood reminds me
Of the warmth I still hold inside
Heart beating, hard breathing
All the essence that I am alive
Mar 18 · 535
Test The Waters
He lives in days
I live in decades
His world in constant change
My world struggles to be sane

The master of his ship
Unbothered by the sea
I am the waves, the current
All the chaos underneath

How incompatible are we
Only now I've come to see
He was made for adventure
But he was not made for me

He can tolerate the harshness
He can understand my depth
But tolerance is still not love
Or else he wouldn't have left

Our paces are mismatched
They cannot intertwine
How do I catch up to him
If his pace outruns mine

His seconds are my moments
So little that he forgets
Locked beneath my trenches
Like a buried treasure chest
Mar 17 · 478
Sincerely Yours
Love encased in words
Traveling from one mind to the next
Your pen draws out feelings
As an offering to the recipient

How does one capture warmth
And release it on to paper
Where a piece of a heart's soul
Folded so neatly by its maker

I open my heart like a letter
That used to be sealed in secrecy
I feel love in words, written and said
I love each letter significantly

Each line I read gradually builds
With every word, like a puzzle piece
Creating a simulation of those I love
Giving me comfort in times of need
Mar 12 · 360
When a flower wilts
The flower isn't at fault
It is due to the lack of care

You give more love
Improve the surroundings
Why is it still dying there?

What more can you do
The flower is still not at fault
And neither are you to be fair

Its roots were rotten
Hidden death underneath
Life was too much to bear
Mar 12 · 1.0k
Mortal Maps
Sometimes it doesn't feel like me
What I'm living in is foreign
What I want versus what I need
In a way it feels distorted

I was use to deprivation
In a way it was my pride
I didn't need or wanted as much
Even now I still don't mind

Overwhelmed with newfound freedom
I am free. Still, I am lost
I'm no longer trapped or controlled
But that was all I was ever taught

I was raised by maps and manuals
Now you give me a pen to write my own
Opening various paths around me
Paralyzed in anxiety to take even one alone

If recovery meant burning all of my maps
And rewriting all of my manuals
Letting go of strict rules and superior words
To be mortal than something mechanical
Mar 7 · 1.3k
Lost Boys
I want to keep my inner child alive
The more mature I become, the faster he dies
I want to keep his wonder in my eyes
As my curiosity blurs along with time

Who he is, is getting harder to define
Losing his small hand's grip from mine
Maturation is going to make me blind
The vibrancy of my colours subsides

His childish traits are falling back inside
The outside world and him do not coincide
Hardening my heart that use to be kind
Leaving with his pieces that use to be mine

He retreats to the corners of my mind
Burying himself in memories of time
Because that is where his happiness lies
In my childhood when the world was wide

I place myself behind too many lines
Building a box using all the right signs
Growing up into expectations assigned
Resorting to a life so simplified
Mar 1 · 417
Your Walls And Mine
I see your inner walls built incredibly high
Your walls seem to match the height of mine
Impenetrable walls fastened together with lies
To give off the impression that you are just fine

Founded on grounds scattered with broken binds
Unlike historical buildings that deteriorate over time
Your walls strengthen, reacting to what was unkind
A never ending job you cannot simply resign

Looking after your heart in the walls you refined
Examining the scars that constantly reminds
Why your walls were built and cautiously designed  
You retreat behind your walls where safety is implied

Hidden in darkness, your feelings start to unwind
Consumed by the darkness you become blind
Sheltered by your walls you cannot see you are confined
Unable to see me, we are on the same side

Tears manage to escape, holding back is denied
Let me hold you, I am here, here for you to confide
Let us use the bricks that emerged from our cries
Tearing down our walls that use to misguide

Build stairs from our ruins so we can rise
Leading to a future that remains untried
Feb 22 · 527
Weighted Emptiness
This weighted emptiness I feel
Like a part of me is dying
I'm dragging this dead piece in life
Sometimes I get tired of trying
I wait for the upcoming tide
Of the sea that won't stop crying
Salty tears and wailing waves
Somehow appears inviting
Comforted by the familiar chaos
I let the current bring me in
I float and fall as the waves hit me
The pressure surrounds my skin
This weighted emptiness I see
Resembles a dark clear sky
The waves like the wind take me
Home to where I can fly
Feb 22 · 580
Silent Sickness
How lonely it is that no one understands
Because it only makes sense to you
You try to convey the feelings you hide
Only fragmented images peek through
There is not enough context to define
What makes your demons so true
How many times you had to lie
There was no perfect time for the truth
How easy it is to simply deny
With a smile you tend to overuse
As if you cannot cross a line
Losing all willingness to pursue
I use to think I was better than fine
Only to realize it was clearly untrue
I'm scared to share this burden of mine
In case you might catch it too
Feb 22 · 290
Left Behind
Misery loves company
We love what is familiar
I find myself often going back
Falling down each time even further
Dark hours seem to consume my life
I find daylight hours to be scarier
No illusion for reality to hide behind
No darkness to act as a filter
Unfortunately, I see through lies
Making cliche words inferior
No amount of love has yet to find
A way to break in my exterior
I gravitate to like-minded kinds
Though my light keeps getting dimmer
As though my mind is frozen in time
Keeping me in an abandoned winter
Feb 13 · 718
Change Of Character
People tend to forget her
As if she was a chameleon
Blending into conversations
Wearing a shape shifter's skin
She tend to mirror other people
Just to learn how to fit in
But like a mirror, unknowingly
She reflected what was within
A mind teaser, a people reader
She was who she was with
A mixture of absorbed characters
Like a cauldron of characteristics
Feb 10 · 926
Ending Credits
Your last words to me
Left like ending credits
Unable to grasp my attention
Long, detailed in darkness
Executed in thanks
You gave a long explanation
Why you had to go
Leaving a numb sensation
Does it hurt? I don't know.
What was your intention
To leave yet linger as though
To cause and relieve the tension
Like the last replay
Of my favourite movie
One I can no longer watch
Because it was the end of our story
Feb 10 · 1.8k
Caught In Time
Captured moments in time
Nestled between my fingers
A treasured piece of that time
Past feelings tend to linger
Back to when you were mine
Caught within a frame
I hold this piece of you
The only piece unchanged
Unlike my love for you
People tend to fade
Into something unrecognizable
Familiarity ceases to remain
When I say I love you
Tis a lie that holds some truth
Reserved for the person you once were
My beloved that you outgrew
Feb 4 · 718
Girl Of My Dreams
My patience tends to run out
Like the last bit of sand
That falls oh so quickly
In a second's span
As if she is at the end
Of my life's hourglass
In order to get to her
I must conquer my past
The girl who awaits me
She, who shares the same soul
The one I am fighting for
Who stands above, on her own
The character that I long for
She, who embodies my goals
Nurtured by the love I will give her
Can't wait to see how much I've grown
Feb 3 · 1.0k
Sunset On Replay
His goodbyes were like the sunset
A warm embrace leaving the day
How calming was his presence
As the sound of his steps fade away
He reminds me of the sunset
How I wish he would have stayed
A sight of a beautiful ending
Transitions to memories to my dismay
I hold these memories close to me
So I can put them on display
As I wait for him to come again
A beautiful ending on replay
Jan 29 · 396
Remants Of Rain
As I listen to the sounds
Where outside thunderstorms reign
Sounds like muffled cries from inside
I can't help but empathize with her pain
Aching to be acknowledged
The light from lightning does not stay
In hopes in that split second
Was enough to give it away
Endless tears stain my window
As I hear mother nature's cries
When the storm ends and it is quiet again
Remnants of pain are left behind
Jan 27 · 1.4k
Put On Hold
Recently I tell myself
I'm putting this love on hold
It sounds easier than giving up
Or moving on from a love untold
It sounds indefinite yet not
I'm neither trapped or controlled
To stay or leave when parts of me
Are still divided to uphold
If in 10 years I still love you
Or forget this love I know
I hope to be content, in love
To wherever this heart may go
Jan 27 · 634
Heart As Hostage
Caged inside of my ribs
She is the inner child in me
Holds my heart as hostage
In return, for her to be free
How do I satisfy her
A wild child, is she
True freedom and happiness
Cannot be given entirely
As she rattles my heart
Against my ribs so violently
Causing my chest to ache
Reminding me indefinitely
I have neglected her for too long
I pay the price regretfully
For as long as I am alive
She is trapped within me
Jan 22 · 3.7k
A Bite Of Fate
I was chosen by chance
The moment fate took a bite
The start of my story
Was the end of his life
I felt unworthy and confused
Running farther from the fight
I wasn't scared of the dark
I was more scared of the light
That focused on my failures
Weighed by greater expectations
I was ****** into the web
Of my own frustration
I want to run and hide
Just to escape it all
Forget what fate has given me
All of my fears and all of my falls
This mask that holds a legacy
Wasn't able to mask a novice
Because this suit held a hero
And I wasn't suited for this promise
Jan 19 · 1.9k
Unbreak & Able
Sometimes the enemy is myself
In the fight for my will to live
An inner conflict that occurs
More often than I care to admit
Approaching myself with utmost care
As if I am a war torn child
Who is use to conflict yet still afraid
Like bulletproof glass that's fragile
Jan 19 · 239
I can't help feeling confused and lost
Not knowing what to chase
I didn't think that far in life
Didn't fathom what I could face
That my fate continued after high school
Graduation wasn't the end of me
I am still alive and surviving
Yet still chasing the idea of being free
I often feel conflicted
Of choosing which path to take
What I want or what is expected of me
I'm still trying to differentiate
Jan 19 · 1.9k
Pursuing Preference
If I'm always the odd one out
I must follow where everyone goes
Regardless whether I want it or not
Just to keep everyone close
I've been conditioned to learn
From others, to always want more
More friends equates to more love
Be more successful than before
But fame and fortune do not excite me
I relish in private solitude
I'm reshaping my view on difference
As a preference I'm willing to pursue
Jan 13 · 745
Excess Baggage
Recovery sort of feels like
You're carrying a heavy backpack
Through an unforgiving snowstorm
You try to fight your way through
Just to reach your destination
Each step further, no matter how slow
Is still a step forward
Though, there are times you're exhausted
So you stop and rest for awhile
You stop but the storm doesn't
You freeze and then feel numb
If you sit too long you'll die
You just have to keep going
Even if the journey constantly feels like
You are walking towards you're death
Staying in the same spot will too
The only difference is
You have the chance to choose
You have the choice to change
You're more likely to live
When you don't stay the same
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