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Sometimes beauty can be so simple
No glitter nor magic in finer details
Something authentic and raw, like crystal
You can be as you are, simply beautiful

Your definition of beauty bares no need
For fancy words or deeper meanings
I have found that my definition of beauty
More than a definition, it is but a feeling

I look at the cloud cluttered filled sky
It brings me the sweet sound of rain
Then it turns into a star speckled night
I feel a sense of beauty again

I hear the smooth rhythm of an upbeat song
With lyrical play bounded to the music
Then another piece plays only on rhythmic sound
A calm, soothing, soul touching acoustic

I find myself gravitating to beautiful things
Things that flourish within their elements
Beauty to me, is not only what shines or sings
But a story told through genuine sentiment
In every silent moment
With every passing day
Allow me to reassure you
I will be here for you, always

Whether you choose to be alone
Or love another someday
Know that I'll still love you
I will take care of you anyway

But know that love has two sides
Where we must meet halfway
Let me in to accept my love
For you, I am here to stay
I want to be unapologetic
Yet, I continue to apologize
For every difference that they see
Increases the need to compromise

From what I wear to how I sleep
Or what is deemed a healthy size
From then on, I understood
That I lived only to be described

I apologize again for my differences
Next time, I will improve my disguise
For the sake of your own comfort
I will keep putting aside mine

I look up to their condescending stares
They will never be satisfied
I escape into my solitude
I am not something for you to define

I am tired of advocating for myself
Without the support of family ties
Finding more hate in my own growth
As though I live to be ostracized

My attempts to calm my abnormalities
In order to sooth those who penalize
To make room for all of their expectations
To create another profitable merchandise

They have taught me to pursue
A personality so idealized
While they heavily persuade me
To carve a body to sexualize

Only to be rewarded with a life
Where I am only patronized
Filled with the inequalities
That are completely normalized

I retreat into my inner world
The place where I fanaticize
Of a space where I can breathe
With the encouragement to try

I am not broken, just discouraged
Of those who antagonize
Minorities and their differences
Who then live demoralized

I don't want to be given a role
With a life script to memorize
Or submit myself to a narrative
That can easily be summarized

Do not confide me to a label
Just so you can stigmatized
Those labels are not my name
I deserved to be recognized

I do not wish to be put on a pedestal
As another icon to be advertised
I only wish for your understanding
Just enough to be humanized
The weight of waiting increases
As every single year goes by
The amount of patience I carry
Is numbing me more inside

Let the storm pass, just be patient
As if I have all this time
In this world I watch it turn
As I keep waiting in my life

Just wait and see what happens
If you hold on to your belief
But I no longer have the patience
To wait until I am complete

When I see the signs and red lights
In the end will I be relieved?
From standing at the sidelines
Instead of addressing what I need

I no longer want to wait
For a better day to arrive
For all the perfect conditions
For a better chance to thrive

Or wait for someone else to give me
Their permission to be alive
To control my own life choices
And everything else I was deprived

My patience has become a trait
That has been engraved in stone
Watching opportunities leave
Only waiting for what is known

I want to let go of all this weight
That I had cultivated on my own
I chose to wait for too many years
Thinking it was a better way to go
When the heartstrings have severed
I trust romance a little less
In attempts to save myself
From more emotional stress

Though love without the flame
Cannot be love at its best
But I am scared that I'll burn out
And be broken like the rest

Emotionless and tired eyes see
That true love can be intense
Full of tears and excruciating pain
Crying over something so complex

After every fresh new heartbreak
My heart still fails to address
Why after every heartache
My mind bleeds in protest

Because after every broken love
There is more that I suppress
In order to protect myself
I just love a little less
I find it hard to sleep at night
As the emptiness settles in
How can I trust the silence?
So I let the night shift begin

Another round of the dark hours
Another night where I cannot sleep
Until another day has begun
Only then I can rest in peace

I move about to ease my mind
Like treading in deep waters
For if I lie still in my bed
It's like a prey waiting to be slaughtered

The quietness and the nighttime noises
Makes it easier to breed
Offsprings of fears and faint concerns
Raising more inner demons to feed

My thoughts frantically run in circles
To fulfill the need to escape
Like an untamed pet in denial
It tries anything just to feel safe

I breathe deeply to calm my nerves
But it turns into gasps for air
Like being thrown into a relentless sea
My lungs fight back unprepared

As the sun rays peek into my room
And the birds chirp amidst their wake
Loosening my once tensed limbs
My fighting stance begins to break

My racing thoughts that run
On the nightly adrenaline
Slows down with the relief
That it is finally morning again

I no longer drown in my thoughts
From the high nocturnal waves
Of every repressed emotion
That resides in my internal caves
There was a child born of colour
Which flowed through her veins
And blossomed on her cheeks
Like the spring flowers of May

Colour concentrated on her lips
Her hair flows with a darker shade
A slight stain on her fingertips
And tinted freckles across her face

The way her eyes twinkled
Whenever she was amazed
Carrying her curious vision
She explored God's domain

How the sky changes colour
Like seasoned autumn leaves
The heavens astounded her the most
With all the gifts she had received

For the sky that gave her rainbows
Have given her diamonds in the night
When all has turned so tired and dark
She lies under the moonlit sight

When the sun peeks out in the morning
Or when it mischievously sneaks away
Behind the cluttered clouds, it hides
Before the storm brings forth the rain

Like a game of hide and seek
Mother nature likes to play
The child knowingly played along
Because the sun would come again

She was a child so fascinated
In all of the natural pigments
As if it was nature's way of saying
That her view controlled her limits

The range of hues and gradients
That she had found within the sky
The intensity and the variety
Of Mother nature's complex design

Embraced by the scenery around her
The child who was born undefined
As she brought the world a new hue
She was a beautiful colour unrefined
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