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Anna Sep 2018
Oh Sahara,
Our souls
are getting poorer
than your sand spreading wide.

What once was called ours,
Now is called as "mine".

Like a thirsty homeless
Crawling on your sand for a waterdrop,
Our soul is crawling on this world for hope;
While its hopeless scream doesn't stop.

Oh Sahara,
This world is becoming more like you,
There's no hope like there's no water,
Just mirage of fake hopes,
Like mirage of oasis,
Full of life and always blue.

The footprints on your sand
Are fading Sahara,
But the scares on my soul
Still are bleeding blood,
Still are bleeding pain.

Oh Sahara,
The granules of your sand
Are endless but not a lot
Compared to the pieces
of my poor broken soul.
We are not supposed to just sit here and wait for the change to happen, to wait for something beautiful to occur. We have to stand up now, and become the beautiful change this world's needing.
We are humans, a beautiful creation of God, and we are meant to spread love not hate, we are meant to make each-other happy, we are meant to bring the sun into each-other's soul,
we are supposed to have a shop and trade desserts not guns.

— The End —