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purple turtle Jul 22
Can't keep up anymore
The higher we rise
The harder the fall
The more it hurts

The salt in our tears burn through our wounds
And the currents clashes with my broken soul

There are no manuals

Look up
The stars are just blinking
Won’t they help?
Won’t they shine on us?

It’s too far
It’s a great deal of distance
The bridges have far been burned long ago
It’s too late and
there’s too much space

Though, how come our world won’t just turn?
I should stop hoping for things that are never going to happen
How could I have imagine someone like you would want to be with someone like me?
I’m way out of your league
That, I should know
But why are all my words still about you?
My mind can’t rest
Maybe, not yet
Maybe someday, I will run out of words to say to you
Oo, heartbroken ako
Bakit pa kasi ikaw ang pinili ng puso ko?
Pakinggan mo ko kung sabihin ko man na hindi ko ito ginusto
Bigla nalang kumusang lumindol ang aking mundo

Hindi ko maintindihan,
ano ‘to?
Kasing tamis ng kendi ang mga salita mo kahapon
ngayon hindi lang man ako makausap
Giniginaw na ako
nami-miss ko na ang dati nating mga masisiglang araw
Mayroon ka na bang iba?

Kaya ngayon,
Ako’y magsisimula
Hindi na kita i-istorbohin o mamahalin pa
Alam kong mahirap dahil ikaw ang aking pinaka una
Pero kakayanin ko
Hindi para saiyo ang itong gagawin ko
Ngunit para saakin
Gagawa ako ng tulay
At lalayo na din
Tutal, hindi ba ito ang iyong gusto?
Dedicated to my first love

Sorry for the people who can’t understand it. I wanted it to be in Tagalog
purple turtle Apr 25
I'm thinking of a song
of the blue bird's lullabies when he sings to his babies
as the soft wind accompanies
With sparkling stream gushing,
A meadow of poppies swaying
The tree's branches raise its arms and waves
One cradles the birds
A shuffle 'round in the bushes
The leaves flutter
The little chicks drift away
With a dream above their heads
and a heart filled with love
dedicated to dad
purple turtle Apr 23
We all have durations
I like to call them moments
some have moments that linger
just a little longer
some have shorter
They too,
have thorns like roses
but one way or another
it'll just end
it doesn't matter
how or where
It ends
it matters what happens
And what happens after
Will be better
purple turtle Apr 15
it is best when it is dark
that way,
we can gaze at the twinkling stars
in these times,
we can see beauty
that once wore a blanket
obliged by the Sun
purple turtle Apr 12
Within the liquid
resides cement
soon to be molded
into an uncertain thing
no matter what it was,
It was going to do
something beautiful
no one can parallel
We are all made out of the same materials. Now, we just need to choose what to do with them. And at the beginning, you may not know what you want to do; but that's okay. Sometimes you just need to look, think, and do.
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