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1d · 27
Tender leaves of spring,
have been roasted by the dry-wind.
They rustle now and then,
dancing in the spring's dusk!

Hopeful green turned brown,
they continue to rustle,
like those tired men in the fields
whose tanned body glimmer with the soiled trickle!

The brown leaves rustle their glory,
they will once dry and shed.
The sweat being the anomaly,
that shed and then dry !

The once lush-green trunk stand *****,
onto the bed of their own body.
like that very pyre arranged,
the wood and body mixing as one!
Mar 16 · 85
N-umbed heart slaughtered **** Godly lives
E-nslaved mind sent messages to conscience
W-inning by killing was not the teaching
Z-ombies are being replaced by us
E-thereal was the human soul called- peace and beauty laid in it
A-mbitious for making the world but every pint on blood on land is irony
L-ove was meant to heal, but today the love of religion killed lives
A-rdent peace in every life lost is such a dying-bloom
N-ever was it wanted out of humans,
D-emons were made for such an onslaught!
I pray for the lives lost in the Newzealand Mosque attack. We all have to stand together to create a beautiful world of love and togetherness. These evil are born out of us. We have the duties on our shoulders to create a peaceful and society which embraces unity. We have created **** basis for divisions- Religion, borders, ***, caste, creed and **** lot more. Let's come together and carve out a peaceful world!
Feb 26 · 123
The Life After DEATH
Into the ring of life, once the mortality did fit,
now it adorns the immortal memories.
Hiccups, one after the other ended with death,
now opens up another world of life in me.
The frolics and the times I wore my sister's frock,
ran into localities that were unknown to me.
The ear-pulls by Mommy and the wrath of my Daddy,
are now the garden of love for me.
I must do note, Mother was my Goddess,
and I must do note, Daddy was my Godly king!
And now what I have is boundless memories
that pops up in me now and then!
Now, there is life after death,
and what would happen when the memories would start to fade?
Would they all cease to exist?
Just what death do to us!

Promises made throughout our life-
do they still breathe even if I don't?
How shall I ever know the meaning of life?
When after the death , I am no more!
For we know dark because we witness the dawn,
but I must do note, there is still life after death !
Feb 23 · 468
Your Daughter
You are my Pacific soul,
situated, enlightened, deep within.
You are my light,
that showed me way to grow in the ****.
You are the nature for me,
inevitable, inherent, indeterminate and infinite.
Dad! How should I lay you out before the world?
When you are me and I am you?

I am your son, you always cried in my pain.
I am your son, you always held my hand to walk.
I am your son, you enthroned me in a kingdom.
Dad! people may call me your king,
But I am blessed to be your queen!

Cuz, I am your son to protect you ,
and I am a daughter to be protected by you.
I am your son to sleep beside you,
But I am your daughter to keep my hand on your heart.
I am your son to listen to your worries,
But I am your daughter to wipe off your tears.
I am your son to thank you for giving me birth,
But I am your daughter cuz you are a **** for me.
I love you dad. No word, no description can ever match my love for you. Thankyou for bringing me in this world. I am your son , yet I love to be your daughter.
Jan 12 · 781
The Melancholic Melody
Passive melancholic groans,
Impenetrable,the ear-drums.
Even a murmur should find its space,
Onto the haphazard's back, we ride.

The pure white bed of snow,
Is tainted with blood all around.
The "green" and "civil" , symbols of peace,
are now prefix of wars.

Tumultous voices hovering around,
never finds a so-called shelter.
When will this peace be shelled out?
Even the Big bang carved a bl-issful sky.

The feasts and processions for the happy tales,
but why is there even a feast after funeral?
The smiles give us the reason for the former,
Is the latter a left down wish of the dead?
Earth needs us to be a human .
Nov 2018 · 410
Deciphering the signals of my heart,
the way it ****** down with experiences,
None of the feelings could reverse the chemistry,
until she came under my shade!

Plethora of thoughts rushed within,
the blood vessels did make me feel,
the eruptions of hormones
and finally the tear gland worked on right !

Couldn't it be like I could help her?
But I didn't.
Just as a new plant couldn't bear a flower,
I was immobilised into my existence.
Wished I could heal her pain,
but maybe the experiences won again.

Her tears never did come out too,
My tears waited for her's arrival.
Oh! How much should I thank you sister?
For making me alive- even a little was enough!
I was too hit down by experiences until my sister came today and said me that -" Brother, something is paining, I wish it gets better. Its there since days ", and I was like - What happened? and she retreated away by saying-"No, its okay, with glimpse of tears. Maybe she didnt want to drop down her tears and maybe I didnt want to cry. Maybe I wished to hug and she wanted to hug me too..
Sep 2018 · 302
Bizarre Love
Love is a vision,
complete entanglement.
Love is a powerful mirage,
where you see beauty even in pain.
Love is a habitat,
being accustomed is an art.
Love is a binding magic,
that doesn't let your soul fly away.
Love is the shore,
that shelters the memories.
Love is "countless forms",
that looks for oneself in the other.
Love is friendship,
that doesn't end in hardships.
Love is establishment,
of trust and dare to adventure.
Love is perennial,
that doesn't cry when it hurts.
Love is healing,
that nurtures a mortal being.
Love is so bizarre,
even ragged dolls make us cry.
Love is hope and wonder,
that gives a soul uniqueness.
Love is a genre of happiness,
that lets us be secure with our own flaws.
Love is the Antares,
that resides in the heart of Scorpion.
Sep 2018 · 392
Me and Space!
Some pages, lingering like those stars in space,
wouldn't even get stained with ink;
as only few of them manages to constellate.

Blank mind tainted with empty heart;
just like that black, lonely space,
even asteroids and comets do break and burn
But there is always the black-out.

Shouting and thumping and breaking inside,
But who notices the stars getting crumbled?
Because there always is the SUN.

No words would be the right choice,
No feelings can match the brutality,
There was once the BIG BANG in space
Just like the fallout in the dreary desert of heart!

Outnumbered emotions carried by hormones,
drowning me into that tempestuous space,
Peace to the heart would be the peace for body..

Beat..Bea...Be....B...  No more!
Empty mind doesn't recite. They just like to play with the beats.
Aug 2018 · 293
The last moment
With my hand into hers,
curling in to fit in the gaps.
Fear in the heart; a loud thump,
still the portrait of calmness.
In the weather of adieu,
the rain poured longer than ever.

Woven into feelings drizzle and downpour,
tugged in the garland of hugs,
eyes deeper than Pacific,
the sky deep red.
plunged with terror,
she shielded me with valiance.

The sky blacked out,
hers and mine were one on one.
Her heart gave a shiver,
following it was my hopeful smile.
Kisses aroused the thunderous bolt,
Before the golden rise, it was last moment of dusk.
I love you Mom. Thats how I felt when you just cried and I just hugged you and we both were under the umbrella of love drowned into the ocean of love. This heart is all yours, mamma !
Apr 2018 · 254
Autistic Cum Artistic
How snappishly they say-
Autistics are challenged people,
And how deferring I become-
” I am independent”,quoting on the leaves of maple.

How vividly they just quote a single story,
“autistic lacks almost all skills”,
And how silently I just walk in shadow,
whispering in their ears, the god’s glory!

How their eyes shine when they state-
“Oh, don’t worry , he is emotionless,”
And how shall I tell them,
I do wail and cry while chalking the slate.

How uncountable times they speak the same thing,
all because they think I can’t focus,
And how valantly I stand on their face,
Without an irritable hint, cutting the poison of sting.

How easily they decide for me,
that I can’t stand out in the crowd,
And, Oh! How eagerly I wish to tell them,
that they never withstand to feel my moment of glee.

Autism is not being pessimistic
I am a symbol of optimism,
Autistic are artistic,
And I am creature -so- galactic.

There is this SPECTRUM in me-
You say, I suffer from “Autism Spectrum Disorder”,
But have you even felt the beauty of rainbow?
That spectrum is not a disorder and so am I !
This is dedicated for all people suffering with ASD( Autism Spectrum Disorder ) and the stereotypes they face because we decide a single story for them. And can't we see each one of us that beauty laid deep inside gifted by God. Loads of respect and salute to bravery for standing strong. Much love.
Feb 2018 · 566
There is beauty in Death !
I never knew how was it to die,
before I watched the dead leaves falling by,
I never knew how was it to be lifeless,
before I saw them crumbling to dust.
I never knew how was it to be abandoned,
before I threw my teddy out of my bed.
I never knew how was it to be like a statue or a pedestal,
before I saw the smile engraved forever on it.
I never knew how was it to be placed in soil,
Until I saw how humus gave birth to lives.
I never knew whether the energies do get conserved,
until I hear the reverberation of lively deads,
I never knew how its like leaving everything behind,
Until I see the pollen in the mouth of birds.
I never knew the beauty that is in death,
Until I wished the same for myself!
Scribbled at 1:38 am. Sorry if I composed it ****.
Jan 2018 · 823
What if it doesn't work?
Analysing, believing and corroborating,
pessimistic approach with valant touch,
Nauseating scene and reverberating haunts,
Casting the narcissistic shadow!

It was not the pit in which we all fell,
It was the desire which trapped us all,
Multiple thoughts without scanning,
turned crookedly into vicious love!

It was the sea whose waves fastened our beats,
It was the coo of the cuckoo, holding us to ground,
It was the vial of ether turning us into immortal,
Not until we realized, the eclipse was precarious!

Unwanted , barren soul got a residence,
within the broken chamber of tumultuous heart,
Promises for mending each other within 'n without,
upheld beautifully with the deepest scout!

Years went by, promises loathed the tongue,
Love was the core and the couplets the mantle,
Into the gust of tsunami, the crust crumbled,
What if it doesn't work- You and I?

Denial persisting, ether vaporising,
Cells breathing, fears uprooting,
Into this dual of togetherness and solitude,
Lips ran, the saliva intermixing, solitude burning,
The flames of togetherness burned azure golden!

At the back of my mind, still it exists-
What if it doesn't work?
Devoted, respected, committed,
On an undiscovered journey- it will work!
Jan 2018 · 345
Let me be!
My thoughts are dispersed,
        I wish to write so many syllables,

but like a child in this possession of 18 year old body,

       I am numb, shivering,

All things have faded away,

      Left is me and my words inside of me,

Suffocating, draining, wants a passage for ventilation,

     but everything seems to me a prison,

barring me from the world outside,
      broken, tired , and with a heavy heart

I wish to end . Everything soon!  But myself!
Jan 2018 · 77
Oh! God gave me you!
I see her in me,
The same magnificent teeth smile,
the round face,
The small cute , wheatish nose,
lips drawn out beautifully,
the same anger,
the queen of emotions,
the father lover,
the love for truth,

Yes, I see a dimensionless parallel world-
Me and she..
Jan 2018 · 119
No, I am not..❣
No, I am not angry,
Just because you decided to be yourself.
No, you don't need my forgiveness,
Just because you said about the thing which you fear the most!
No, you don't need to be sad,
Just because you wanted me to help you win your fears!
No, you don't need to be broken,
Just because you wanted to heal somebody!
No, you don't need to be cursing yourself,
Just because I am silent?
No, my silence doesn't mean you hurt me,
they are reflections of my reframed thoughts!
No, you are not the one possessing black heart,
Just because you are the queen among the whole pack!
No, you don't have to be silent and messy
Just because I never told you I am happy.
No, you don't need to be fearful of creeping shadows,
Just because they make haunting shapes.
But who knows, there was always a beauty in the beast!
No, everything doesn't have to be falling down,
We gave time together to solve this maze.
No, hope shall never vanish from the soul
It's been always taking us out of ****.
But yes, I was whole lot of a ****,
You created a heaven in me.
Yes, I was dead and dispersed just as those white puffs-
Shapeless and colourless-
And you turned this deciduous into evergreen!
No, just look at this journey we have been together,
Mending and complementing each other.
Yes, someday you were me and others days I was you,
But we fit in the roles of each other.
No, it's never true "a boy can never be a mother"!
You called your teenage craze "your mother"!
And what shall a mother does?
No, I know she doesn't punish for doing mistakes,
She never scolds dreadfully for small  wrongs!

But yes, she kisses on the forehead smoothly,
Filling all scars with hope,love and faith!
Yes, you need to know, this mother is your mother,
And who are you then?
My child completing me without even being my genes?
No , this is not hilarious!
It is an evolution, genetic evolution!

~And as a soul, I shall reside in you,
          Just as you forever live in me!
    I am guarding your soul forever,
         And even after every death, I have developed a telepathy,
You will be mine forever in all births to come-

Today, forever and thereafter-

Only you!  Forever YOU! ❤
Jan 2018 · 223
Will you be my sire?
Centuries ago, they met by fate
Charismatic eyes, drew him closer
Her favourite was his endless talks and perfect grin
Hands touched and lava exploded
Electricity ran all through as they stood by each other
Lost in the stare, the dreams sang deeply.

Humanly pace but valant souls
Sunk in deeper and lips drowsily locked
Warm whispers and cuddled moments
They scratched bit by bit, making the business unfair.

Centuries after, they are alive
With her messed up hairs and his torn attire
Her hands in the blanket,caressing the dreamy prince
"You are a ring to my soul",said she.
And leaping wildly over her,
Onto her lips, he traced a Yes'
The neck touch and skin melody
Drowned them deep , his tongue passionately mapping her soul
From underneath she uttered a puzzle,
"Howdy Mr.U, what's creeping at your back?"
No sooner did he break the charming touch,
She crouched back on him, leaping over his manly skin,
She chuckled and dreamily envisioned him,
Past the cure, the prince failed the puzzle.

Lost , defeated and surrendered
She teethed him onto the neck
Saliva glimmering all over body
She was chanting very softly,
He took his turn, put her underneath,
His teeth piercing her holy skin,
Years of wait and handful desires,
Burned under their skillful rage.

As was guessed, saliva tasted blood,
He of she and She his,
The bed was total a **** of untainting desire,
Over and over, they took their turn,
Wildly, and crazily, they overtook and Preyed each other,
the lips wanted more, his touch craved for her touch
They mingled as that was the doom
And so was it, hence we come to know.

Kisses, passion and desire,
The tongue painted itself red,
they drink the blood that ran in them,
With the soul, and so with the blood
They were one.

"Love",uttered he.
Silently, blinking her eyelids, she looked at him,
"We are on the verge of death," said she.
" No, no, we cannot end. ", With fear he uttered.
"We are going to"!

Out of all vivid imagination-

"Will you be my
                         ❣ "

And centuries after,

Someone said-

There lives someone by the crooked lane,
they kiss and kiss and stare,
Magnificent and glimmering, shine on their lips,
Deep red! Red as of blood,
Lovely as heaven, fresh like the dew,
Perfectness in their eyes,

They leap again and again,
Onto the roof or under it,
In moonlit night or the warmest sunshine,
They lay on grass , looking at each other,
Hearts burning blazing fires.

Luckily , I witnessed something,
"I love you, for forever to come!"
Nov 2017 · 140
Voice of The Dumb
A voice so chanting and charming,
is waiting for its utterance.
A voice so melodious and pleasant,
is waiting for its say.
A voice which is hushed,
is waiting like hydrangea to spread its aroma.
A voice which is suppressed,
is struggling to even sing a hymn.
A voice which is cut with hew,
is still pronouncing with hiatus.
A voice filled with felicity,
is hating its disappearance.
Even this voice is not elite,
nor even eloquent,
let someone ****** at my voice,
but i want to utter a letter,
then a word,
and will let it echo across the globe!!
Nov 2017 · 527
I am a poet: I struggle
With ink in my weapon, I sit to fire my emotions,
Raw and authentic, some dispersed and many condensed ,
You read my work and exclaim,
It was the poet who was the sailor in this tidal sea,
It was the poet who brought snowfall in the blazing sun,
It was the poet who met the doom in life ,
And you say , I am a poet and I am born to write !
But in the crooked silent corner of suppressed blazing flames,
When my inks get dry and pages do cry,
I exclaim, " I am a poet and I struggle"!
Nov 2017 · 406
Look ye’ the world, the place where I stand
The graveyard where there is only soil and sand
Look ye’ the creator of the world
The deaths too have their flags unfurled
Look ye’ the creator of me
I wonder if you need it to see
Look ye’ my elder brother
I never want this plus to dig in further
Look ye’ the world again
He may be drying the blood stain
He may be missing the bandages
Because he only lived his life’s four stages
And then see these white flowers
Which stand on these graves white towers
Look this soil standing so still
Like this emptiness can never fill
Because this graveyard is death’s attire
His journey to the cemetery was without the byre
His journey was never so smooth
Because he was the darkness’ truth
The graveyard is black
Inside is no white
It's only him and the bugs
He is so still
Not anything to fill
Emptiness to grill ….

Haunted whispers in lonely hours,
numerous blames to her stars,
she herself laments on her very presence,
deepening the scars!

How wide and numbered her reasons,
she is stuck in numerous dungeons.
Not yet ragged, why was she thrown?
But time gave her wings, into the kind lap she had flown!

Caressed with love, wants immersed in fear,
the wizard dropped his silent tears.
Into the enigma of 'is' and 'will',
he kept back his entire thrill.

How magnificent is she?
Eminent in my pages of heroes,
With her childish talks and endless smiles,
She made a life alive!

Once so distant, now so near,
the wizard to her is now so dear.
Together the team of dad and daughter
have planned for fears' slaughter.

The black sky is now not so dark,
numerous stars are creating the spark,
She is the very queen of the Nivecian world,
One of her districts have my flag unfurled!

Keep back the past, strive with a will,
She taught-"life is not an easy deal"!
Spank the fears, dry the tears.
Awaken the smile, live lengths of Nile!!

Nov 2017 · 275
Unpenned tale
Like the tide, he whiplashed her,
She was a mere bud then,
Into the season of spring,
the bud shrivelled as in autumn!

Thoughts collapsed into a void,
Uncountable tears filled the vessel,
drop by drop they fell on him-
His evil deeds undone!

Her fears died in sleep,
Night-so-black was her gold.
Every moment, hence, when commenced,
She was the rising sun!

Dignified with a smile,
Serenity in her actions,
She was meant to be his doll,
And he unturned all stones of guilt and faith!

Brave with an untold story,
she uttered many of them,
the voice shook and trembled,
The tears frozen, their fall delayed!

Out of dismay, she crept away from the web,
Spider, but, followed her secretly,
She, as the Nivecian butterfly,
Flapped and flapped, distant she flew!

The buried book was the hunter's hook,
With the tears, he awaits for her,
Once an autumn is now the spring,
She will once bloom to expand her world!

Out of all my heroes-
Into the novels or in my fantasies,
She is quite distinct among all-
Taught the Life itself to be alive!
It reflects the hardship my best friend has faced in her life since childhood. She was withdrawn from her parents because the real parents were not the parents one idealised and she is adopted by kind souls!
Nov 2017 · 146
How hard do I reckon to it?
The shiver never turns into cold or heat.
The flame never extinguishes,
It's either the brain or my heart which perishes.
The beauty which was once laid inside them
Have now put an end to my feeling's fame.
They either hide out in that deep cave- so dark,
Neither my cries nor my happiness could create a spark.
The worse times or the poorest of days,
The felonies and the ongoing cell decay forever stays.
They peep out loud and awake,
Falling over me like that chilly winter snowflake.

Oh, how hard do I again reckon to it?
To those memories which constantly disturbs the beat.
The worse and the bitter are not anymore separated,
The duel between the two keeps them elated.
The happy past chapters of my life,
However hard I beckon seems so difficult to strive.
Shrunk and cold, the memories are so cruel,
The sad ghosts attend the happiness' funeral.
Yes, the cut is so deep and filled with pain,
Forever will remain the corpse's bloodstain.
The memories call out to me time and again,
Good and sweet, bad and bitter- the 'try' to escape is always in vain!
Nov 2017 · 294
Nebulous thoughts hovered over,
Ambivalent was I.
Either the mob or you,
Were righteous wright of my facade.

Into my pages of desires and love,
I wrote you and them-
They were **** synthetic,
And you, a mere delusion.

I am a conglomerate-
A complex lattice.
The entangled relations and the never ending desolation
Have turned me scrawny and cloddish.

For what I am with you,
Is not at a high stake,
But the dear spot of your stab,
Has left a red lighted hole in & out of my lab.

The craps make me ill,
But you were not among them-
My agony and torment given by you,
Is more ill than ill.

I stand nonplussed among the crowd,
Reflecting my images and casting my shadows.
Shadows : a little dark and then darker,
The image pale and paler.
I am under the sun- flummoxed
My varying black shadow to your side,
And the colourless image towards me.

Now I am out of it,
Out of every bewilderment
Lucid, logical & comprehensible,
Not vague and uncomplicated.
Lengthening shadows to your side,
Image for me.
**** it! This is my game.
The rules would be mine.
Caution to the rule breakers -
I would come to wreak vengeance!
Oct 2017 · 159
Look into me!
Deep below, I look high above
Muddled thoughts and addled ways,
Softened corners and bent linears
Tempestuous heart bleeding!
Look into me, through my eye,
This body is still not broken
Your pain, if incidents upon my retina,
shall reflect the happiness to you!
Look into me back again,
Did I deceit you all the time?
If my heart is convict of this great felony,
My eyes shall justify you the truth!
Ardent heart blooming,
corners so crooked and linears achiral
pure thoughts and cloudless ways
Deep below, I look high above !

— The End —