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Anjali Pala Jun 2019
Since a long period of time
The entire sky covered with a dark cloud
It can't exhibit radiation of light
But I promote Hard Work as all time

My mind gives sympathy to me
But at the same time rain beginning
Now I have more enthusiastic about my action
Till the sun rises

when will my sunrise
I will obligation to me
I will explosion like a bomb
Anjali Pala May 2019
Today you went for an interview
Maybe you will get a job or not
But it doesn't matter to me
For me matter that only You

I will consistently be with you
In your struggling time
And in your hard work
I will ignore what others say

I will not only celebrate
Your success party
But I will part of that journey
Which will lead you to success

I trust you
I believe you
I love you unconditionally
Anjali Pala May 2019
On one elegant evening
I was enjoying myself with the atmosphere
unexpectedly one colorful butterfly pass nearby me and prevent me
It interrupted me
I relate myself with that colorful flying butterfly
I was showing myself in it
It's delicate
It's fickle
It's lithesome
It's a too hard worker
It's ambitious to touch the sky
As like me
Anjali Pala May 2019
The whole World is mine
The whole Sky is open for me
The whole Earth show path to me
The whole Universe ready to work for me


I have fear of people they criticize me
I have doubt if someone cut my feathers
I have captured myself in a dark room
I can't speak a single word to me
I have arrested my mind
I don't know what to do...
Anjali Pala May 2019
When I heard the sound of Tik Tik Tik

My mind announce me a countdown

It instructs me to work restlessly

This time is absolutely yours

You are King of the current time

Utilize every single Tik

Because  your Future depends on

How you going to utilize your every Tik

Of your Present Life...
Anjali Pala May 2019
When I wake up and my eyes try to find
Only a person

When I come back home from my work
and want to share everything with
Only a person

When I exhausted with my life that time I want
Only a person

When I am in trouble my mind recognize
Only a person

When I excited and out of control I want
Only a person

My each day begin with her and sum up with her
And that
Only a person is my MOM.
dedicate to all lovey Mothers...
Anjali Pala May 2019
When I observed my life
I feel it's journey

It's go with all ups and downs
Many time I like to  explode on top of the hill
And often time I relax near bank and proceed with water

It's go with time
Many time my performance is not much good but time is precise
And often time I put my whole efforts in wrong time don't get consequence

It's go with Karma
It's like boomerang
All my actions approach to me in my journey
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