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Joseph Thiede Jan 12
I loved you blind but could not see
your true colours revealed.
I have a voice but could not speak, I
realise now that I was but weak.
Your words sharp as knives, cutting me deep.
Your opinions are the only ones that count
and your desire to have your own way...
I'd try and resist but get cut again.
On my own I lick my wounds
but no one knows the pain i feel.
No kindness did you ever show. To me.
Only to those who did not know.
No happiness did ever grow, between us.
Un-reciprocated love I had for you thrown
back in my face.
Now I am free, I try to move on...
but the irreparable damage you have done,
still lies within me.
These words you will never hear,
though I doubt you'd shed a tear.
You don't deserve to listen.
You've moved on to someone new,
I just hope they love you the way I did.
These words, their effect, is very real.
In time I hope they heal.
Joseph Thiede Dec 2018
Deep blue eyes shut tight

I block out the pain I see and feel. Trying…

I just want to be happy, is that okay? Or am

I asking too much?

I should be happy instead its Christmas.

Worry and anxiety fill that void once more.

I was sure I broke free from my own prison but

I hear those chains once more. Rattling in my ear.

I am on my own just me. No safety net to swallow.

I fend for myself. That mask, my second skin…

Wearing thin.

— The End —