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Angus Spencer Oct 19
A time of new beginnings
A year full of rich winnings
The month is long
We sing our song
Because the diet we now are thinning

The snow is turning grey
Cry alone on that day
Can we move on
To the rest of the song
What else do you want me to say?

The month of March has come
A spring in our step as we run
Chicken and lamb
New life has began
The meadows is where we have fun

Fools, Easter, flowers
Enjoying April showers
The rain is a curse
The clouds all disperse
A rainbow then overpowers

The bluebells’ sweet fragrance
That day belongs to France
May day m’sieur
I’m not very sure
Could you repeat that perchance

This month is more of a miss
Awaiting summer’s kiss
The tennis is on
You blink and it’s gone
But your wedding will be nothing but bliss

The month of freedom, liberty
Away from schools and misery
It’s out for the summer
It couldn’t be funner
We feel a colossal victory

In August we have the sun
Parties, beaches, fun
Let’s go away
To France on holiday
And have burgers inside a bun

The days of autumn dreary
Harvest time is weary
The leaves turn brown
And then fall down
The farmers are all but teary

The chill is in the air
Young children all get scared
Their costumes are on
For the night which is long
To trick or to treat let us dare

Fireworks sent to the sky
Collecting penny for the guy
We let our beards grow
Spread thanks and we show
Our love through us baking pumpkin pie

Ding **** christmas is here
Bringing St Nicolas cheer
Get drunk all the time
I’m sick of these rhymes
And that’s the entire year
Angus Spencer Oct 15
The flaring, free, fierce flame
Used against the darkness tame
The echoes of the lady glow
Like footprints in the blizzard snow

Sulphur, brimstone it devours
Higher, higher than tall towers
Gods and gloried marvel all
Entranced at mother nature’s call

Ripped apart and lined in lead
Ready for the storm ahead
The Amber lady of scorched glow
Will melt and boil the wicked snow

Armaments and men will fall
When the lady sings her call
Forests broken, ripped asunder
Like flaring, free, fierce thunder
Angus Spencer Oct 15
Pitter patter of the rain
The Misery clouds have come again

Pitter patter from up above
The rain it pours and out with love

The aching waters burn out good
Soaking joy by making mud

The weakening sun, it’s only foe
Cracks and splits, the water’s woe
Angus Spencer Oct 15
A stalker of the night
The king around the tower
Wretched, rotten plight
All the prey will cower
Draining of the light
Riddles in the dark
Take away your sight
It has left its mark
Angus Spencer Oct 15
The happy sun is high
Clouds dance in the sky
The world is loved, the world is green
The happiest we’ve ever seen
Kids are playing, happy years
Now are gone, replaced by tears

Why aren’t you a part of the finance machine?
Printing notes of blue or green
Working hours, working hard
Taking down the childhood yard
Where kids had played, those happy years
Now are gone, replaced by tears

The rules and signs begin to strain
Strangle, throttle, forcing pain
The working cogs begin to rust
That luscious green gathers dust
Where the kids once played, forgotten years
Cruelty lives, hate and fears
Poem inspired by Blake's 'London' and 'The Echoing Green'
Angus Spencer Oct 12
The Savage dogs cry in the night
Bearing teeth to start the fight
The watching owl of wisdom flies
Glowing brightly in the skies

Here in the woods don’t lose your way
The ***** rats will make you prey
Foxes cunning, stalking dog
Now you see them, next the fog

Blood on teeth, sharpen claws
Here in the woods there are no laws
The wise old owl overlooks
Lighting ways for crows and rooks

The nighttime ballad of Folklore tales
Calms the killing with milky pails
The trees do bend, and groan and moan
Even cunning fox drops ****** bone

Circle round the wise old owl
Purring replacing angry howl
The savage dogs from in the night
Sit in shadow of wise owl’s light
Angus Spencer Oct 12
I look up at the ceiling
And what is it I see?
What I find appealing
Is a light which colour’s green

The mystery of the blinking light
Call Sherlock and Dr John
The only thing I see at night
And I wonder how it’s on?

My roommate got annoyed at it
I asked how it could affect her
She looked at me and said “You ***
It’s just a smoke detector”
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