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Every time I open my eyes
I can see so many lies
But every time I look at the sky
I can see the truth in my eyes

One day I can get over,
with this lonely nights
Someday I will see the light,
That will be going to rise    

Dreams that so far
Will going to be my part
Hopes that so high
I will be going to reach that so right
I know God will guide me in this journey.
Pilit kong pinupunan,
Pilit kong nilalabanan,
Ang kalungkutan
Sa mga panahong
Ako'y nasasaktan

Bakit nga ba tayo
Nakarating sa ganito
Hindi ko rin ginusto
Na mawala ka,
Sa piling at aking puso

Ngunit ngayon ay bibitaw na
Sa aking kahibangang
Tayo'y iisa at masaya
Dahil sa una pa lang
Aaminin ko ako lang ang umaasa
I want to be myself
The way I am before
But it is kept on the shelf
Where no one can find

Too many hello
Too many goodbyes
As the time goes by
I've learned how to fly

Finding myself
Makes me want to cry
But reaching my dreams
Makes me want to fight
You'll be okay
Trust me and stay
Say what you want to say
In this world full of fake face
I know you have a true place

I know you can do it
I know it's not easy
Because I've been through it
You're not crazy
They're just really shady

Don't hurt yourself
Because I know how it felt
Don't listen to them
They don't deserve you
'Cause you are a gem
For everyone who has depression and anxiety bring your words into power and let them show that you can do it.
I have so many regrets
These past hopeless years
I have so many secrets
That hasn't been heard

Too many prayers
These past hopeless years
Too many tears
That hasn't been heard

Pale face with fears
Face full of tears
Whisper in my ears
Telling me a lie that doesn't exist
I need to let you go
Even it hurts so bad
Because I still love you
That makes me so sad

I choose to walk away
Wish I have another day
Wish I have the courage to say
But maybe I'll see you in another way

As the day goes by
I still think of you
The way you say goodbye
And that's the truth
Waking up alone
Cause you're not here all along
Seeing all your texts
Saying that you need rest
Cause you've been a fighter for too long
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