Quinn 2d

Blades are all different
they range in

You choose what blade you use,
whether it be your sharp tongue,
or the ones you drag across your wrist,
they all inflict pain,
whether it be on yourself or others,
the truth is no matter how you use them,
what they look like,
or who they are used on,
they are all the same.

They all cause pain

  2d Quinn

Look at me.
Please look at me.
Notice me.
Look into my eyes,
Stare at my lips,
Cup my cheeks,
Stroke my hair,
Put your thumb on my chin,
Part my lips,
Trace my jaw,
Touch my nose,
Hold my neck,
Tell me I'm beautiful,
Lean in,
Kiss me,
Love me.


I told you I wanted to die...
You immediately said no...
Didn't ask why... Just a no...
Why so direct, no hesitation?
You surely don't actually like me... Like I like you...
Maybe I've been living in an illusion...
I'm getting anxious...
I'm crumbling, I don't think you've noticed,
I'm distancing myself again, pushing away...
I'm getting bad again, I don't know what is worse...
You ignoring me, or me pushing you away (everyone away)...
I'm a wreck, a lost cause, maybe you should give up on me...
I would if I where you... I'm not worth it... Trust me... Please?

  4d Quinn
Harsha ravi

She has tried her hardest not always but often
She falters on occasions not often
She wants him to see how much she has done
She wants him to stand by her side when she is not at her best
She knows he is willing to do it sometimes not often
She knows that he feels sick just looking at her
She knows that he can't stand her
So, she backs away into silence right beside him
Right where he can see
Because unlike him she would stay at his worst
She would die for him always not often

Been a long time since my dad talked to me, might be a surprise because we live under the same roof
Quinn 5d

I see your smile and your laugh.

It hurts.

Every time I look your way,
it feels like a stab to the chest.

Is it an act? a play?
To make me feel the pain I put you through?

You moved on, rose above
but I'm still here, downing in the repercussions of our actions,

of my actions.

I'm now just a distant memory to you,


Quinn Nov 10

Where blood will not pour
Out of the cuts on our wrists
From the knives we drag across them
I have a dream

We will not hang ourselves
From the ceilings
And create pools from the tears of our loved ones
I have a dream

Taking the bottle of pills
Pouring them out into our throats
Swallowing them, hoping for the pain to go with it
I have a dream

Looking down into the river
Staring at the reflections
Of faces we don't recognise anymore
I have a dream

A day where we
Fill the cup of bleach and burn our mouths
And hoping to burn the pain of our lives with it
I have a dream

But nightmares are dreams too...
Quinn Nov 10

His heart was in the highlands
and mine was down by the sea.
Although we were different in every way,
I felt as though he was the one for me.

I gave him my heart,
I poured out my soul
I trusted him completely
and now in my chest, he has left a hole.

I felt betrayed and depressed,
but I forgave him all the same,
believing the fault was mine
and that he was not to blame.

My wrists are now bleeding,
staining my shirt red,
I know not keep my heart on my sleeve,
and hidden in my chest instead.

In case you ever see this Highlander, just know I have been hurt, I don't trust you, no matter how much I want to. I can't.

— The End —