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K 1d
i cry too
and it's not like nobody knew
but they always seem to forget
i hate how i find everything as a threat
K 1d
I hate how I remember everything
and how I hold grudges

I deny it,
but I'll never forget
K 6d
I remember all of those nights when we laughed off our silly childhood memories. You were like a sister to me, and I know that I was (am) petty. That was the best time of my life. Julia, I hope you know that I've forgiven you, but I'm still trying to forgive myself.
K 6d
It always hurt to stay when you say you'd never let me go.
K Nov 2
i turned out to be so wrong,
and it has always been hard to be strong
but with you i feel so euphoric
i'm not as dysphoric

i loved you so early on
i never wanted to say it, and thought about it until dawn
i still love you everyday
i hope you won't ever push me away

falling in love with you sounds so weird to admit
since we're so young and i've never experienced it
but my heart beats so quickly
and i feel butterflies in my stomach, to the point where i'm sickly

i still remember you saying "i love you"
and me being too shy to say "i love you too"
then i remember you confessing to me
it felt like a huge relief, my mind finally felt free

i was so lonely during that time
and i finally had a friend to call mine
someone that could take my mind off everything
and then i started to cling

i wish i had more confidence to describe how i feel
but everything with you feels so real
you're the best thing that has happened to me so far
and i just find it so bizarre

i wish i knew how to love you better
and i'm too shy to write a love letter
you gave me the greatest gift of being able to love someone
and it's hard to think that it could've been anyone

i love you so much
thank you for being you <3
i know this is long and cringy but you deserve all of the love in the entire world

please never ever go nick
written for someone who is the best and i tried to fit in some portion of my love for them. i'm really proud of this poem, since it comes from my heart. it doesn't have to be proper in grammar or structure for it to mean something, and i love it. thank you for taking the time to read it if you do end up doing so!
K Oct 19
you're asleep
I'm still wide awake
thinking of future possibilities
but only wanting to live in the moment

being alone at times like these
is absolutely wonderful
I want to think to myself
without interruption
K Sep 3
I never want to stop loving you. Every moment we spend, it never feels like you pity me. I love laughing and smiling at all your stupid jokes, I take it all for granted. It feels like my heart is running nonstop when I think of you. Loving you is so easy, and I'm so glad to be alive at the same time as you.
it's really late at night and i should be sleeping, but this person is really special to me.
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