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AndiGele Feb 2019
Flowing out of my burning brain and into my aching hand. Pumping blood into my finger tips and nerves listening to my mind and it’s cries. The ink glides into the blank page as they become one, absorbing my pain. Cleansing me of my punishing thoughts. I write and write until my hand goes numb and my mind grows faint. It all made sense to me. The words jumping off the page and flying into the next thought. The name of who I love somehow appeared on the page, more than once. All the stories of my past and theories lingered as well. If one were to read it they wouldn’t understand, they wouldn’t even know where to begin because it only makes sense to the owner of the thoughts that lit fire to the page. Tuck it away somewhere no one could see, see the secrets I kept so well, see the depth of my soul trapped in the black ink.
Just something random. Hope you like it
AndiGele Feb 2018
In a place where even time doesn’t exist.
Every little thing has stopped it’s motion
Memories once ignored, now reminisced.
Waves of the past become a stilled ocean.
This realm frozen in time making me crave;
Crave reality so desperately.
When is it time to be placed in my grave?
Was it only just temporarily?Time slips away, I have become insane.
Forever stuck in a deserted dream,
Trapped and held hostage just to entertain.
I hear a shrilling, ear deafening scream,
Wake up! Realize time is melting away,
Sleepless time? Oh timeless sleep here I’ll stay.
It’s a poem I wrote about what I thought the painting “Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali was about. I really love the artist, and I love creating stories to art.
AndiGele May 2017
Oh, for we are not taught to love oneself,
But we love others much more savagely.
We do not see the goodness in our self,
loving flaws of others passionately.
Instead of loving our beaten up soul,
We trust others with our weak, battered heart.
When Caring for others makes us feel whole;      
to care for oneself will tear us apart.
People will leave but we are our only-
constant; here, even if we do not wish
Even with our constant, we are lonely.
Destruction- loving and not, we perish
Finally knowing to stay on alert.
It's funny how we always end up hurt.
a very rough draft. A sonnet about love
  May 2016 AndiGele
Walter W Hoelbling
this poem
is not about you

even though
your spirit is in every word
your voice sounds strong
in the halls of my mind
telling me things
I am now sure
I want to know

this poem is
about me

trying to understand
Once I was sad and lonely,
having nobody around to comfort me.
So I created a mask that always smiled,
just to hide my true feelings.

Once I had many friends;
with my mask, I was one of them.
Deep inside I still felt empty,
Like I was missing a part.

Nobody could hear my cries for help,
for I designed my mask to hide those lies.
Nobody could see the pain I was feeling,
for I hide my mask to keep on smiling.

Behind the smiles there were tears waiting
and behind all the comforts were the never ending fears.

While my tears where crying,
my feet kept walking.
My body was left behind,
to keep on hoping!

Day by day
I was slowly dying
I couldn’t go on,

I’m still searching
for the thing that’ll stop my crying,
for someone who’ll erase my fears
and for someone to wipe my tears.

But until then, I’ll keep on smiling
hiding behind the broken mask I’m wearing.
Hoping one day I can throw my mask away.
But until then, I’ll be here… Waiting.
AndiGele Apr 2016
Ashes to the ground.
Evil is near,
Eating our brains,
Drinking our sweat,
Sweat made by fear,
Demons possessing our bodies,
Devouring our soul.
When the light appears,
It is too late,
The evil has won,
We are burning from the light,
Screaming for the demons to help us.
The demons crawl out of the living corpses,
And disappear
But wait,
Why are we still burning?
Because we have become the evil ourselves.

                     Ashes to the ground.
Just something I wrote really fast. Comment your opinions plz
AndiGele Apr 2016
Hello, hello
Why didn't you wait?
I can't let you go.
Why did you do this to me?
I love you, and then you leave?
I need you to come back...
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