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Seems the little things are what I want to the most, but you're too busy chasing that **** bag .

Here we go again with the intent to get higher than last time.

Each day you are frantically trying to find a bowl of dope to fill that Little hole.

I miss the way you kissed me and the smile on my face that you caused by calling me beautiful and I'm so glad
That basically the only way I could even have *** with you isn't exactly like that first amazing night,
You seem to be slacking on a few little things that your taking for granted..

You must have lost interest in my amuse.
Never mind that I'm not good enough.

Never been alive for real.

Thoughts in my head
Get twisted up.

Oh her she isn't here
A forgotten waste
Of flesh.

Never get to see
The joy in life.

Never to walk this Earth again,
Ghosts from her  past
Haunt each breath

Violence is all to common
Snakes can't resist the taste.

Such a evil place
She does go in her head
Good bye for now

I love you
  This soul is gone too far.

Always a day late or a dollar short

This rope is strong enough
For this death
Near me.

Tomorrow don't forget to wave, when you wake up and see my face.
Cuz the answers are never carved in stone

And my death
Is a art work for
The saddest part

Never being enough
I gave away my heart
Sadly sickened my your decision,
Me just a platform for you to step up from your supposedly drained routine
Silly me
A fool for you to adjust
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2018
So I am a beautiful, intelligent, creative and strong woman.
Anyone that gets to be a part of my life is privileged and should be honored to be there,
so I'm going into 2019 with a simple but honest truth.
I will overcome, I will better myself and I have no fear because I will raise above all these troubles!!
I'm a warrior woman (HEAR ME ROAR)
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2018
I miss my sweet Dougie that smile of yours!
your voice
Is such a beautiful sound!
The feeling of your skin against mine,
Your calming heartbeat,
The taste of your kisses,
The warmth of you
.. Dougie
I have come unhinged
My soul is dying without the presence of my lover, my best friend my Doug
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2018
Sometimes the world wants to watch as you fall,  
but you got to get up and pull your big girl ******* up try again and again.

dont hesitate
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2018
Uneven ground, I stumble around trying to catch my footing

My head is foggy and everything seems unreal
Not sure if I am just dreaming or if it's real

My hands shake as if I'm
Nervous but my
Mind can't grasp reality

Not on anything
But this constant
Dizzy feeling
Dares me to stray
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