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Ami Aug 2019
I want to travel with you

Italy, Paris, Rome
Wherever we can go

I want to hold your hand

It wouldn’t matter if people stared
As far as I’m concerned we’re the only two to exist

I want to make you laugh

Your laughter is beautiful
I would give anything to be the culprit behind it

I want to hold you

Can’t we just lay in bed together for a day?
I would hold you until we’re old & grey

You have no idea how soft I am for you

How I want to spend my time making sure your life is filled with love

Every time the weather is bad for you, I want to make a pillow & blanket fort for you. We could lay in there together watching movies & just hide away from the storms

I wish I could tell you all of these things, but I can’t

I can’t project my feelings onto you because it just wouldn’t be fair

So I give you my heart in secret & hope that whomever gets to have your’s in turn cherishes it the way I do
Ami Jul 2019
I sit on the precipice of life
Staring into the vastness of space

My mouth is moving, but I’m only met with silence

I sit there on the edge
Only the stars to keep me company

A tear escapes and makes it’s way down my cheek

I’m fighting to get a sound out
This vacuum of empty space is deafening

My cheeks are stained, my dress drenched, the tears won’t stop

Why can’t you see?
Why won’t you hear?

I’m gasping for air, but there’s none to be found

In the end, we both know I’ll say I’m fine
Ami Jul 2019
Time for wine
To unwind
Let the world fall behind
Keep the stress of the day at bay
While I let my words lay
Dim the lights
Give up the work without a fight
End this lyrical rhyme?
I might

Ami Jul 2019
They were beautiful they were. There was none who compare.

Eyes brown, lips soft & pink as a Spring grown rose, & skin that had been kissed by the Summer sun.

They were beautiful they were. My heart longed for them the way the waves yearn for the moon.

The softness of their voice. A voice that could tame any beast.

Oh how I loved their presence all the more.

The grandeur of their life was unattainable from the modest one I led. Though my heart only desired to be beside them, I’m afraid it was something I would never procure.

They were beautiful they were. A beauty I could not obtain.
Ami Jul 2019
It’s human nature to break down
Emotions can make you feel like you could drown

It’s ok to let them loose
Free yourself from their noose
Let them flow
Heaven knows you take a heavy blow
Each time a thought explodes
Your mind does not have to be your number one foe

Let them out
Let go of all that negative doubt
This is what being human is about
Do something that eases your mind
Take the time to rewind

Go for a walk
Take time to talk
Do anything

Just don’t let them consume you, fool you, or undo you
Ami Jul 2019
She unravels herself only for the sun

The only light she loves apart from her own

He drapes her in his color, shaping her form like no other can

Gentle touches, fleeting kisses, & breathy sighs, only he can give her what she needs

Even if it is only in passing

His light is the only light she loves

Apart from her own
Ami Oct 2018
Time wilts the flower
Ages the wine

It is both a blessing & a curse

It gives us the chance to be with those we love, but takes them away from us when it ends

With time we are granted two choices:
You can spend it wisely
you can waste it

One thing I know for sure is:
Time is rarely on our side
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