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1.7k · Oct 2018
Those People
Joe Oct 2018
He's a ****,
A deadly ***.
She is evil,
A skilled deceiver.
They're a cult,
The devil's salt.
But I'm most toxic,
I spread gossip.
335 · Apr 2018
Silent Judging.
Joe Apr 2018
Why are you so needy?
Why can't you just sit still?
Why are you so greedy?
Haven't you had your fill?

I can hear you judging silently
Will you just be honest please!
Why do you act so violently?
Will your taking ever cease?

But sometimes you're quite kind.
And I guess it's wrong to be so harsh
For your not so out of mind
And you're really not a shallow marsh.

I shouldn't judge you so shrewdly  
For all your problems there is beauty.
325 · Aug 2018
I Cannot Stand Biology
Joe Aug 2018
I cannot stand Biology
It's the worst of all the "ologies."
There's so many terms to memorize
That my brain is about to Ionize!
I envy all of the cell's abilities,
(Oh how life has so many ironies!)
If I held the power of Phagocytosis,
(Even the word is so sadly atrocious!)
Then all those terms I'd consume,
And never again I'd assume
Anything to do with Biology!
This poem doesn't flow as well as I'd like, but I think it gets the message across.

Constructive criticism is always welcome!
229 · Apr 2018
Castles and Gates
Joe Apr 2018
Castles sitting with walls so grand,
sitting high, like great dunes of sand.
A special treasure shared by those within.
Oh! How I wish I could stroll right in!
To obtain this treasure so unknown!
But the gate is shut, so I sit, alone.
220 · Apr 2018
I Wish To Write A Freeverse
Joe Apr 2018
I wish to write a free verse,
But to rhymes I'm so addicted,
If I stopped I'd be in a hearse!
Oh! How I am so restricted!

To forms I am conscripted,
Without it I shall rot!
If there's none depicted,
My life shall go to ***!

You can write a free verse,
It's nothing to be appalled,
Except I have a dreadful curse,
To rhyme is what its called.

How will I remove this horrid curse?
So that I may write a free verse.
145 · Jan 15
I Wish I Never Met Thee
Joe Jan 15
I wish I never met thee
For when I saw you love ensnared
For how can I escape the Beauty you entailed?

Yet I suspect I stand alone
For my love, you give not a care
Fate has put me in a place that is quite unfair.

But upset I shouldn't be
For memory will lose your face
The laughter that we shared will echo in its place.
Experimenting with syllable patterns
95 · Oct 2020
Rain: A Haiku
Joe Oct 2020
Hunter needs to ***
But he is up in a tree
Now it is raining
I like to drink the rain

— The End —