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For too long
heavy rain carved its path through me
Washed away
every trace of my dignity
Broke me down;
eroded the softest edges of my identity

I am my own
Stand firm - I shall not bend nor break
If it takes forever,
I will piece together everything I've had break
And now I know
Now I know the Hell that is your wake

What was that?
The sound of a tsunami screaming
Pass over,
for now I see I'm worth redeeming
Eyes wide shut,
yet I know I must be dreaming

I am my own
I am not some fool to forsake
If it takes forever
I will prevail over my best mistake
And now I know
I can stand before brimstone and earthquakes

Let it go
There's nothing worth holding onto, anyway
Take a breath;
exhale the sands of yesterday
Yes, I know
that this shall all be forgotten soon... some day

I am my own
Now I'm moving on for my own sake
If it takes forever,
my world, I shall so slowly remake
And now I know
what it truly means to be awake
True love can't be found
Where it truly doesn't exist

True love can't be hidden
Where love truly exist
Maybe stars aren't meant to be reached. Maybe they are just there to guide you, to light up the darkness of the night.

They may not be beside you, but they are always with you, looking down, watching.

Maybe you are a star yourself.
A star that inspires.
So, keep your head up high, smile, and keep shining.
Why do we get happy, if in the end we are going to cry?
Why do we love someone, if that person won't even try?
They say we're too young to say our goodbyes,
but what's the point on living if we're just going to die?  
Why do we think so much about what we want to say?
when the person we say it too will hate us the very next day?
They think we're unexpected, even though we're so cliché?
because to them it matters how pretty we are, and how much we weigh...
why do we try so hard to be something we're not?
because the person you're trying for doesn't care a whole lot.
So maybe we should stop living, give the world a change.
put in a little ugly and watch the pain drift away.
So maybe we shouldn't think so much about what we want to say
and maybe stop rushing, have a little delay
we should focus more on breathing instead of living,
we should stop receiving and start a little giving.
stop trying so hard to be something we don't want to be
because all the reasons don't actually impress society.
is it this world or is it just me
is it a place of nothing but fantasies

where on a rock spinning in circles
in a space that has no end

so many things
so many places
so many faces

i look at my hand
that makes a fist
always moving
always confusing

i have a tongue
its so small
why can't i bite it
it gets me in trouble

i have a heart
i have two feet
make them move
and they will save me
elsa angelica
what a beautiful name
she has so much meaning
in all of her dreams
she dreams about passion
she dreams about love
and someone to hold
She's mysterious and deep
She she has true passion
She will make someone complete
She knows how to love
She know how to sweat
She's got true meaning
She doesn't like hurt
She doesn't like sad
She doesn't want to be had
She's a beautiful women
She's someone to be had
We are over, we are through
Funny how we promised to last
I guess we both meant
Only for a night
Finally gone is your ghost
I must say it was for the best
The memories we made
Will forever with me stay
They are sweeter than you ever were
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