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1.8k · Feb 10
I’ll probably wear yellow at our wedding
Because as Anita sang so sweetly
When I lose my way
your love Comes
Lighting up the path
to brighter days
I’ll decorate my ebony brown skin
In yellow for you
Because I believe
that joy will be our portion
Even when things become dreary
We will always see the sun
Emerging from the clouds
It’s brilliant yellow rays
Clearing the skies
And warming our skin
You. Bring. Me. Joy
And like a mirror
I will reflect
Right back to you
I will hold your hand
And warm you with my smile
And rainy days
will always be worth while
When I’m by your side
I’ll probably wear yellow at our wedding
A queen cloaked in joy
Adorned in love
Only For you
A king
My king
Sometimes I just want to be in love. In my mind it is beautiful. I hope to fall in love with the right man one day. I hope he loves me back and I’ll find myself with him face to face, in front of our families expressing our love to each other. I’ll be the one in yellow. 🌻♥️
1.5k · Dec 2021
Love is
Ja-Lynn Nicole Dec 2021
Love is ebony Brown skin
a big white grin
and Soft kisses at night
I found this in my notes. Figured I’d share.
706 · Mar 20
Too little too late
Too little too late
There was a time
that I wanted to open up to you
But you weren’t sure
If you wanted
what you said you wanted

You came for me
With all of your ideas
And plans to love me

knowing that you weren’t it for me
Why not give it a try
And Agreed
to get to know you
And follow your lead

You dropped me
But I can’t blame you
Because I knew better
So now when you call
“Just To say I love you”
I don’t answer
And when you txt
How “you miss me,
And still love me”
I say thank you

Because your love
Taught me
to always be true to me
So I don’t end up landing
*** first
Onto the cold hard concrete
Bruised ego
From not landing on my feet

Thank you
For teaching me
How important it is
for me to love me
Enough to say “no”
You’re not the one for me
But he is coming
And I love myself enough
To wait
This weekend was full of “circle back” txts. Reminders and professions of love. I haven’t forgotten how you made me feel. I haven’t forgotten how it felt to peel myself off the ground. This is the last poem that I will write to you, men from the past. I am all out of words for you. May God bless your future endeavors. *peace. Goodbye and goodbye.
630 · May 2018
2 Timothy 1:7
Ja-Lynn Nicole May 2018
I know that trusting me
is hard for you.
Especially because
I bear the characteristics
of so many other women
that broke your heart
Repetitively causing
you to fear love
And when you get
just beneath the surface
You begin to tremble
So hard
That your breath escapes you
So hard that the room turns black
And you lose all sense of
Space and time
And you’re not sure
Whether you are
Dead or alive
Because surely
This is what death feels like

To fear
Death feels like breathing

And to fear
Life feels like death

A never ending hell
That you can not escape

Holds you down in your pit
And laughs as you frantically
try to escape

But you can’t
Because the walls
Though rugged enough
To create false hope
Are not smooth enough
Those ****** walls
Full of desperation
And claw marks
too smooth
To grip
Leaving you on a
never ending roller coaster
Between hope and defeat
You want to get off
But you’re stuck
And afraid

How long have you been this way?
How long have you been fighting?
How long have you been
Without hope?

Long enough that
when hope presents itself
You get afraid
And run away?

Fear conditions us
It brainwashes us
And teaches us to believe
That we will never
be free

But God
But God and his infinite wisdom
Infinite love.
Infinite peace and power
Reaches for us
Wanting so fiercely
To save us from the strong grip
Of fear

He reaches for us
With tears rolling
Down his beautiful face
Pleading for us
Just to reach back
Just a little bit

Promising us
Power over anything
That causes us to fear
Love that conquers
ALL and NEVER Fails
And peace
That goes beyond
All understanding

Look up!
See His Light

He wants to pour out
Freedom over you

He wants to pour out
Love over you

God longs to

All you have to do
Is reach your hand out to Him
And He will rescue you

Fear is defeated
It’s chains are falling off of me

Say it out loud with me


It’s chains
Are falling
Off of me
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
629 · Nov 2021
Ja-Lynn Nicole Nov 2021
I won't say
that you're
“the one”

But I remember asking God
for black skin, red hair
and freckles

I mean
To be beautifully black
with hair adorned with fire
And exquisitely freckled skin
Ought to be a crime.

It's like God kissed you twice
And embellished you with the sun
Before sending you to earth
A king
To me
we were destined to be friends

you, my dear are a triple threat
it is hard not to get caught up
in the redness of your hair
and your big-lipped smile
when we are together

I try not to stare like a fool
But ****, Black man
must you be so fine.

You remind me
of my secret conversations with God
you are the image
of him
shaking his head at my request
but humoring me anyways
because He loves me so much
and while you’re here in my life
I am going to enjoy it

Every single moment, Red
Can I call you mine, Red?
as in
"My Red Bearded King"
Can I hold your hand
And kiss your lips
In appreciation of the Poet’s skilled hand
A ballad
Beautifully composed by the Creator
To be read by my lips
Slowly and intentionally
Opening my heart up
To every possibility of you

I won't say that you're
"the one"
But you can be
If you want
i have a friend. he is beautiful. Part of me is scared to dive farther than friendship because I don’t want to get my feelings hurt. Because of this, I am happy to be his friend and sit close to him without the complexities that come with being more than that. Now, don't get me wrong, I will be his if he will be mine. I will give myself to him if he’ll have me.
600 · May 6
Love Poem
I love you
that's all
those are the words
this is the poem

I love you
I can no longer play it safe
here today and everyday
I love you
Things that I have only said internally. They have to come out somewhere. Why not write. Besides, rainy days are so romantic. They make me think about being wrapped up in loves arms. Being gently caressed. A warm breeze flowing through the room.
600 · Sep 2021
An Ode to Truth
Ja-Lynn Nicole Sep 2021
An ode to Truth

      The truth is a faithful lover. When I search for her, she is always right where I left her. Never gloating, always accepting me back with no judgment, only love. The truth Never throws my wrongs in my face. She loves me. She comforts me. she protects me and she saves me.  It is embarrassing how often I stray from her peace, but i always return because no one has ever loved me so… truly. She always wants me. She accepts me as I am and in her love I am transformed.

      The Truth, a faithful lover indeed. She has always been there for me, never left me in need. When I stray from her and oh have I strayed. I call on her name and she comes to my aid. no question asked. She just comes for me. Shining her light in the darkest tunnels for me. In her I know I can rest peacefully. No one has ever loved me as openly as she.

     She calls me out on my ****, she’s as real as can be. At the end of the day she’s not quitting on me. I honor The Truth for her love sets me free.
I love the truth. Nothing hides. It is clear and empowering.
575 · Jan 6
Hey Black Man
he said
I don’t care who’s with me
and who ain’t
I don’t have to Persuade
Anyone to see my worth
Because with or without them
I’m already great
He possesses a confidence
That has my attention
Held captive
It reminds me of a time
When my momma yelled out to my father
Hey black man
As if the phrase it’s self
Was a crown
Her voice
Boasting in power
And Dripping with respect

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll try
to call you by your name
I’ll walk up to you
Fill my voice with sunshine
And say
Hey black man
I see your Greatness
And I honor you for it
I’ll crown you with my words
And adorn you with
A cloak of honor
And you will smile
Because you know who you are
I see you king
This is the start of something
Kind of beautiful
Because I love you, Black Man.
562 · Jan 1
The thing is
You called it

I called it

... Perspective.
I'm not ashamed to
admit that I've been sick since
the day you left me

You thought you had Me
Broken, discouraged and sad
jokes on you I’m not.

Yes you hurt me bad
But I overcame the pain
I am better now

However you still
Are truly a worthless *******
Karma is a *****
I started this in 2020. I’m so glad that I’m over it now. Ghosting is the worst thing that you can do to someone. It broke my heart and changed me, ultimately for the better; though I am a little less trusting now.
To My Kingdom Spouse:

I want your love
healthy and black
I promise to reflect it

give me your heart
and I'll keep it safe
I promise never to neglect it

I want to love you
in a way that makes doubting God

you can come to me
I promise to be responsible

with your secrets
I'm not playing games
baby, I am for real

I am yours today and forever more
with an oath to God
I'll seal the deal

under one condition
that you'll be only mine
and I'll be only yours

well stand under an open heaven
open windows
and open doors

For generations
our children will recall
the love we shared

they will know the truth
that the same type of love
can also be theirs

To my Kingdom Spouse. Here is a letter. I hope you love it. Lets build a love that last throughout generations. You and Me. Imperfect yet choosing to love one another over and over again.
450 · Apr 2020
Beautiful hands
Ja-Lynn Nicole Apr 2020
To ANYONE I've ever loved:
My heart is not a board game.
It is NOT OK to play with it.
The results may be temporary fun for you,
but it has a lasting effect on me.
So if I offer my heart to you,
on a silver platter,
adorned with jewels
and fragrant with love.
Please do not taste its honey
and indulge in its goodness
if you do not plan on letting me love you
for the rest of my life.
I'd rather watch you from a distance,
admiring your beauty
silently wondering
what it like to be loved by you.
Than to pry my fragmented heart
from your beautiful hands.
395 · Apr 2020
Isn't Love for Poets
Ja-Lynn Nicole Apr 2020
Isn't Love for poets
yes it is
but so is heartache and pain
beauty and yellow
victory and tragedy
feel it all
and use it
be raw
and fierce
and unapologetic
390 · Jun 2018
Silly me
Ja-Lynn Nicole Jun 2018
Silly me
For letting you
Make me believe
in something
That you didn’t believe

“From My heart aches”
367 · Jan 5
I get goosebumps
When I think of you

Your smile
Sends chills down my spine

Like a well written song
It reaches Deep
In my spirit

The place
Where all of the things that I love
Are on display
356 · Mar 16
Black Love Haiku
Love black as the night
I get lost every time I
Witness your splendor
5-7-5 is so challenging but I love to try.
So this is love? I’ve asked myself so many times over the course of my life. I really didn’t have any examples of what love should look like or feel like. How do you know when it’s real. How do you keep fear from creeping in and spoiling things before you get a chance to understand the feeling. So this is love.

I’ve never been in love but I imagine it’s something beautiful like yellow tulips still closed up so that only I can witness them blooming. Could this be love? I really don’t know because I’ve never had a love like this before.

Maybe love is ink spilled onto cards, poems to paper, words buried deep inside the heart or whispered so low that only God can hear it, “please god don’t let me mess this up. Teach me to be the woman you want me to be for this man but I don’t wanna get my hopes up too high.” Could this be love.

Learning to be patient because you just can’t rush forever. Abstaining in secret because attention from anyone else just won’t do.

Some how I get the feeling that love comes to teach and uplift. Perhaps she brings healing to whomever she touches, Calms all fears and  isn’t quick to run away but she is surprisingly quick to forgive.

Love will no longer hide from me. She surrounds me in her warmth and the fear that lies deep in my heart melts away. I will dance freely in her touch and the one who sees my heart will meet me there.

His smile will grab my attention and I will be truly enamored by the sound of his voice and his powerful yet tender demeanor. So this is love, I will say to myself as I am drawn deeper into his embrace, afraid but there is no turning back.

So this is love.        
So this is love
So… this… is…

Thinking about some things. Perhaps a hint of romance that has come into my life. Something is opening in me. I don’t want to be closed off anymore. Freedom to love is my portion.
352 · Mar 20
Dear Soulmate
I’m tired
of not having
you here beside me.
I think I met my soulmate. How do you know? What if you’re wrong?
336 · Apr 2020
The Sting
Ja-Lynn Nicole Apr 2020

Before I got the chance
To get used to the idea
Of you being here
You were gone
So why am I overwhelmed
With pain
From the sting
Of your absence
316 · Mar 2018
Ja-Lynn Nicole Mar 2018
At the thought of your face
My heart beats to the tune
Of songs by the Temptations
You’re my sunshine
On every cloudy day
Your smile
Releases the sweetest joy
Into the depths of my soul
I have thanked God for you
Even before I carried you
In my womb
My heart beats your name
Even when I was a child
I dreamed of your face
Your voice
Your eyes
Your laugh
Written for my daughter
Ja-Lynn Nicole May 2020
In case you're reading this
I'm writing just for you
to remind you that you're not alone
when you are feeling blue

My hands were made to hold yours
in the midst of joy ans pain
my ears were made to hear your voice
amongst the wind and rain

My feet to dance a crazy dance
My voice to laugh and sing
and pray and cry and to stay silent
Howev'r you need me be

I was created to be a place
that you're safe being free
to calm your fears and dry your tears
your heart is safe in me
282 · Jun 18
Sell out for loneliness
I learned today
That it is my job
To make sure that everyone is okay
At the expense of myself
That is
If I don’t want to be alone
275 · Jun 2021
A letter from my soul.
Ja-Lynn Nicole Jun 2021
When his words speak to my soul
and His pure intentions reach my heart.

It is hard to get caught up in the what if’s and fear of repeating the past.

I am completely inundated with the freedom that he brings to me.

Could this be real.
Well, I guess we’ll have to see.
270 · Mar 2019
Ja-Lynn Nicole Mar 2019
Lost my


That **** hurt.
I get so mad I wanna cuss. This is a tough one. I can’t stop crying.
269 · Nov 2019
Ja-Lynn Nicole Nov 2019
I’m on the outside
I’m on the outside
Looking in
Can anybody see me

I’m on the outside
I’m on the outside
Looking in
Can anybody see me

I can’t do it on my own
I can’t do it all alone
Can someone
Can somebody help me

I don’t want to die like this
I don’t want to die addicted
Worthless, helpless, hopeless
And afraid

I don’t want to die like this
I don’t want to die
In my shame

Please anyone
Can you hear me
Is anybody there
Just thinking about some hard times. Also thinking about how I have overcome every obstacle that been in my way.
259 · Mar 15
Creative Energy
A man who walks confidently
in his creative energy
can love me
No one taught me what to look for in a man. Through trial and error I learned that I want A man who is creative in his approach with me. It's not only about music and poetry. He finds different ways to love me. He makes sure that I know where his heart is at.
250 · Jun 1
The Real Thing
In a room full of men
with their flashy clothes
and exotic cars
I only see you
Your soul shines brighter than the bling
your laughter penetrates me
it makes me feel free
in a room full of counterfeits
you are the real thing
248 · Sep 2018
Worth your time.
Ja-Lynn Nicole Sep 2018
I am tired of feeling like
I’m not worth your time
Like I am hard to love
Like I am not enough

I am enough
I am not hard to love
If I am not worth your time
Maybe it’s time for me to move on
246 · May 12
You give life to me
Your love causes me to grow
my roots deepen
and I become secure
To My Kingdom Spouse
I want to know you in a way that no one else has
Perhaps that means that I have to be the kind of woman
That can gracefully accept you in all of your forms
I can be that for you
And only you
I've never heard the phrase Kingdom Spouse until recently . It sounds poetic to me. I love to write love letters to my Husband. I can't wait to be his wife. Hopefully he doesn't think that I am corny. Expect more words for "Kingdome Spouse" in the future.
241 · Mar 15
Come dance
You weren’t created
to dwell In the shadows.
You were created
to dance in the sunlight
Come dance with me.
From my notes
223 · Jun 2021
So Called Love
Ja-Lynn Nicole Jun 2021
When someone says
that they love you
then they hurt you
It makes you question
Everything that calls
it’s self

My momma said she loved me
With her knife inside my back
My boyfriend said he loved me
But my skin is just to black

My daddy said he loved me
He couldn’t look me in the eyes
I’ve learned throughout the years
That love leads to demise

What should I believe
When loving leads to pain
When gentle a touch
leads to rope bound hands
And secrets spill
Like sticky black molasses
And Everyone sees the truth
Yet no one believes
But they all say
…They love me

Like you
You say that
you love me
Gentle and sweet

You ask me questions like
“What can I do to love you today?”
And “how can I show you that I’m for real?”
And in my soul I believe you.
But I’m afraid
Because for so many years
Love has left me
With no help
Hands grabbing for something steady
Pulling myself up out of the darkness

You say that
you love me
And somehow it calms
the raging storm inside my heart

You say that
you love me
But I’m afraid
Please, don’t leave.
Awake  just  free-styling a bit. Thinking  about someone that I want to love me. I hope he is willing to love me even on the hard days. They won’t be frequent but there will be  some.  Fingers crossed.
219 · May 2020
Not A Rose
Ja-Lynn Nicole May 2020
She may not be a rose
But even in complex situations
she grows
she may not be a rose

one thing is for sure
she catches the eye
of every person
that she passes by
she is glorious
in her own right
to gaze upon her
is my delight
I promise
I'll always
treat her right
and when things get tough
I will not



she may not be a rose

she and I
we are the same
if no one else
declares my name
I will always
be captivated
by my own flame

I may not
219 · Jan 1
Sweet intentions
He kissed me like he meant it
His tongue tasted like
the sweetest of cruel intentions
I was hooked
Notes from my journal
219 · Sep 2018
Almost mine
Ja-Lynn Nicole Sep 2018
In the quietness
I remember

How you were almost mine

I long for those days again

How invigorating

The feeling of releasing my heart to you

The excitement I felt

At the risk

The Adrenalin rush

The songs

The poetry

The feel of your skin on mine

In the quietness I remember

But no tears come

Because they have all been spilled

This spring when the flowers bloom

I will remember you

And I will smile

Because we almost did it

You were almost mine
188 · May 2018
Ja-Lynn Nicole May 2018
I stood befor you
Because you told me
That I was safe

I showed you my heart

You took one look
And in the name of
“Loving me”
You ran away

Leaving me
On display
Completely humiliated
For all to see

And still
For some

I want to love again
188 · Mar 14
Spring Break

This week  

I will read

I will write

I will clean my house

I will rest

I will cook everyday

I will dance

I will sing

And finally fold that basket of clothes

I will daydream

And fall in love

Next week

I will study
188 · Mar 2018
I Think I’m In Love
Ja-Lynn Nicole Mar 2018
He calls me beloved
Like it is my first name
It rolls off his lips
Thick and sweet
Like honey
It’s flavor
carries floral notes
That rattle my senses
and shakes up my world
He captivates me
Leaving me wanting more
He calls me beloved
And all of a sudden
I’m a little girl again
Imagining his smile
As I walk slowly down the aisle
To him
my king
Smiling shyly
Because he is looking at me
like I am the best thing
that has ever crossed his path
And he is glad
that he choose to pursue me
And he is glad that I answered his call
My love
My world
I honor you with my lips
I honor you with my life
I honor you with my hips
with all that I am
I honor you

Love beloved hope marry
188 · Jun 2018
Ja-Lynn Nicole Jun 2018
you give life to me
The sound of your laughter fills
My soul with glitter
A poem to my daughter.
183 · Jun 2018
Shine Anyways
Ja-Lynn Nicole Jun 2018
Not everyone can handle
the light that you carry.
Some people prefer the dark.
Shine anyways.

“From My Heartaches”
178 · Jun 19
No matter how much
I love you
I don’t mind walking away
I won’t look back
I won’t bat an eye
Whenever you look my way
Unfortunately I know this concept too well.
167 · Jun 28
My Most Favorite
of all the boys that
I've ever loved you by far
are my most favorite
Haiku 5-7-5
165 · Apr 2018
The Descent
Ja-Lynn Nicole Apr 2018
The fall is a
sweet slow dance
at first I was afraid
but somewhere along the way
I realized
that there was nothing to fear
so I let myself fall
freely into
the comforting





161 · Mar 2018
I write to you
Ja-Lynn Nicole Mar 2018
I write to you late at night when the world is asleep
I lay my head on my pillow and I write to you.
My hand never touches Pen
and ink never spills
on the empty pages of my journal
I close my eyes and in my mind
I write to you

Sometimes I wonder
do you exist for me
do you?
Nevertheless as God himself  is faithful
I write  to you.
I write you ballads that testify of
all that I have to give
all of the time that I have waited
all of the tears that I’ve cried as
I dreamed of you.

My love seemingly never ending
because after all these years
I have waited for you to tell me that it’s ok. That I don’t have to dream any more.
And that You are here right now.
And I’ll never be alone again.
“I’ll fight with you.
I’ll ride with you and
nothing but death will separate
me from you...”

I wait, I cry and I write to you
In playful haiku of how

I’ll wait and wait and
Wait and wait and wait right here
for you to find me

But then I grow
Older and wiser
because though love never fails
It does evolve
as do I until I am comfortable
Living without you
But secretly praying that you’ll come soon
I write to you.

Though words are sometimes few
Like “ today was great!
Why weren’t you here?”
“I had a hard day, I wish you were here.
To hold me when there is joy and love me through the pain. “
I write to you

My brain won’t abstain because
Longing for you runs too deep.
“Please come find me!”
I write to you.

The words never escaping my mind
Because then I’ll have to admit
That I need you
I am not supposed to need a man.
Because I can handle it on my own
The late nights. The tears.
The joys.
The pain.
On my own
Or I’m less than a woman
And Not to mention

My darling
Maybe one day
You will be here
And I will sing to you every song that I have wanted to sing to you.
And I will tell you every joke that I have wanted to tell you.
And I’ll laugh with you
And every time
I remember today
I’ll Read you a poem
From the book that I wrote to you
A book that is hidden among the neurons
And electrons within my brain
An evolving tapestry
That tells the story of the
Never ending
Love I have for you
157 · May 2018
Never hurt again
Ja-Lynn Nicole May 2018
"I loved you with a love that you weren't ready to receive, but you let me try. When you walked way it left me broken. It left me hopeless. It left me feeling like I could never do it right. My love could never be good enough. Never be pure enough. Never be right... enough. So I gave up. I closed the door to my heart vowing never to let "Love" in again. And I like it. I like living this way; cold, callous, hard, ruthless; because by living this way, I am empowered, and By living this way I am fierce. I will never be hurt again."

-letters from
157 · May 2018
The light you left behind
Ja-Lynn Nicole May 2018
For a small moment
I felt like the star
In a beautiful story
About love
It felt good
My life so full of glitter
That I can look back
And see the evidence
Of our love
Sprinkled on the ground
From where I danced
And skipped
When we were still together
It is dark now
But I can still see
Traces of glitter
Sparkling in the light
That you left behind
words are bullets and
i have been shot by you too
many times to count
murdered so effortlessly
the bullets slip from your tongue
A tanka poem. syllable pattern 5-7-5-7-7 though challenging to write at times. Today, I am up for it.
155 · May 6
I am
I am both
An honor
and a privilege
152 · Mar 2018
Midnight sky
Ja-Lynn Nicole Mar 2018
You are to me
A midnight sky

And magnificent

Your eyes
like dazzling stars

When I look at you
I realize
Time Is on my side
152 · Dec 2021
Ja-Lynn Nicole Dec 2021

It’s good
It’s bad
It’s dark
I’m sad
I’m happy
And in love
Heavy raindrops
From above

I feel like
I can’t stop

I can’t stop laughing
Ignited fire
Sinful desire
A sinner
A saint
One winner
One ain’t

A crazy story
That I must paint
My Good image
I choose to taint
In hopes that you’ll see
The genuine me
So I can be free From the shackles
of who you think I should be.
A page from my journal. living in Disguise had me feeling trapped. I had to choose freedom over the fear of transparency.

Freedom feels so good!
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