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In case you're reading this
I'm writing just for you
to remind you that you're not alone
when you are feeling blue

My hands were made to hold yours
in the midst of joy ans pain
my ears were made to hear your voice
amongst the wind and rain

My feet to dance a crazy dance
My voice to laugh and sing
and pray and cry and to stay silent
Howev'r you need me be

I was created to be a place
that you're safe being free
to calm your fears and dry your tears
your heart is safe in me
She may not be a rose
But even in complex situations
she grows
she may not be a rose

one thing is for sure
she catches the eye
of every person
that she passes by
she is glorious
in her own right
to gaze upon her
is my delight
I promise
I'll always
treat her right
and when things get tough
I will not



she may not be a rose

she and I
we are the same
if no one else
declares my name
I will always
be captivated
by my own flame

I may not
To ANYONE I've ever loved:
My heart is not a board game.
It is NOT OK to play with it.
The results may be temporary fun for you,
but it has a lasting effect on me.
So if I offer my heart to you,
on a silver platter,
adorned with jewels
and fragrant with love.
Please do not taste its honey
and indulge in its goodness
if you do not plan on letting me love you
for the rest of my life.
I'd rather watch you from a distance,
admiring your beauty
silently wondering
what it like to be loved by you.
Than to pry my fragmented heart
from your beautiful hands.

Before I got the chance
To get used to the idea
Of you being here
You were gone
So why am I overwhelmed
With pain
From the sting
Of your absence
Isn't Love for poets
yes it is
but so is heartache and pain
beauty and yellow
victory and tragedy
feel it all
and use it
be raw
and fierce
and unapologetic
I let him love me
Like so many before
I believed every word that fell from his lips
They penetrated my soul
He made me believe in love again
He made me long to be a woman
Who wants a man
A woman who needs a man
I am unashamed to admit
I needed him
But not in the way that I expected
It was his voice
The comfort that it brought
It was his hand
The way he led me
He was not like anyone I had met before
I wasn’t afraid of him
I wasn’t intimidated by him
Because I knew he wouldn’t hurt me physically
I forgot about my heart
The way he hurt me was the worst kind of pain
Still, it vibrates through my body
Never ending
the pain ricocheting
heart to brain
brain to heart
and everything in between
I’ve been *****
Emotionally and physically abused
nothing compares to this pain
the pain that his absence
has left on my heart
The death of a love
Before it even blossomed
the death of a version of me
I will never be the same.
Ja-Lynn Nicole Nov 2019
I’m on the outside
I’m on the outside
Looking in
Can anybody see me

I’m on the outside
I’m on the outside
Looking in
Can anybody see me

I can’t do it on my own
I can’t do it all alone
Can someone
Can somebody help me

I don’t want to die like this
I don’t want to die addicted
Worthless, helpless, hopeless
And afraid

I don’t want to die like this
I don’t want to die
In my shame

Please anyone
Can you hear me
Is anybody there
Just thinking about some hard times. Also thinking about how I have overcome every obstacle that been in my way.
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