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of all the boys that
I've ever loved you by far
are my most favorite
Haiku 5-7-5
To the LOML
With or without you
I know who I am
My life is wonderful already
But it will be better
When you are in it
I can feel you near. Send a sign. Spark a flare. Light up the night… hmm I’ll stop here. I am waiting. Usually patiently but tonight, not so much. To be honest, it is exciting this game that we are playing. Just don’t let it get played out. See you soon.
Everything you can do
I probably invented it
I’m not finna give up my single card
To go through your *******

You explore your options
Imma explore mine
If I’m available
when you’re ready
I might give you my time

I told you I’m not playing games
With my own heart that is
I want a man
I can trust with my soul
he can trust me with his

If that’s not you
Well, that’s okay
I can love you and still walk away
But Me down on my knees
begging you to love me
Oh hell naw
Not today
Sometimes the only thing I can do to feel better is to write. I love thinking up a scenario and writing about it.

Looking forward to being with the one who loves my soul.
No matter how much
I love you
I don’t mind walking away
I won’t look back
I won’t bat an eye
Whenever you look my way
Unfortunately I know this concept too well.
I learned today
That it is my job
To make sure that everyone is okay
At the expense of myself
That is
If I don’t want to be alone
I missed you today
You weren’t here to feel the warmth
Of the sun on my face
With your lips
Or hold my hand
As we walked through an orchard
Trees fill with green leaves
Dancing as the wind blew through
Playing its favorite tune
I sat and witnessed it’s splendor
In an old rocking chair
It was one of two
Under a crabapple tree
I wished you were here with me
I whispered
But no one heard me but the wind
I hope she Carried
my prayers to you
And that you know
You are desired
and loved
And missed
Ahh just another note to my Kingdom Spouse.
A note to you
today would have been better
if you were here
I am starting to feel crazy
believing that you are coming
but I still can't see you
when I look to the horizon
Please come
before all of my youth is spent
and I have nothing to offer
but stories
gray hair
and wrinkled hands
I want to hold you
while my hands are young
and my arms are strong
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