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Ja-Lynn Nicole Nov 2022
At some point you decided that your life was better without me. I let you be right no fighting to prove you wrong. I want someone who can’t imagine life without me in it; no convincing necessary
Ja-Lynn Nicole Nov 2022
Tired of giving my body away and having nothing to show for it but soul ties and sorrow.
Ja-Lynn Nicole Nov 2022
Finding a boyfriend is easy
Finding a man to lay with is easy
But I thought we were friends
And to realize that we never were
Hurts me to the core
Ja-Lynn Nicole Nov 2022
I gave him poetry
and He gave me a reason to write
About both joy
And sorrow

I fell in love with him
In the ups and downs
For every mountain
Held a lovely view
of our adventure

And every valley
Opened my eyes
To how beautifully flawed He is
Just like me

I fell in love
in the mistakes and recoveries
in the laughter and imperfection
in the essence of who he is
in love... i fell

and it hurt like hell when I landed
yet, I welcomed the pain
because before him I was unsure
if I could ever feel this way
about a man

I gave him poetry
and he gave me a reason to write
about both healing and hope
about the restoration
of my own soul
about loving without expectation
about freedom to let go
about finding myself
about me
about freedom

I gave him poetry
And he gave me
a reason to love

We were the same
He my twin flame
Ja-Lynn Nicole Nov 2022
Missing you
Leaves me aching
An unexpected emptiness
In the place I stored your smile
My mind is riddled
Trying to remember your voice
Is Devastating
Like trying to remember the tune
to my favorite Song.
Ja-Lynn Nicole Sep 2022
When push comes to shove
I don’t want to
grow old without you
I don’t want
any part of my life
By your smile.
Ja-Lynn Nicole Sep 2022
I’ve done the math and
It all points back to you
Every time.
Just writing about a love
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