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"There is always hope, just hold on tight to the rope."
Time is essential
Make each day jovial

Use it in the right way
For peaceful life every day

Time only happens once
So get up if you stumble once

Do end your sorrow
And focus for tomorrow

Time is the life count
So make every moment count

Time couldn't be retrieved
Enjoy every journey you achieved

Time wants to show
A truth we need to know

Time soon will end up
A fact for us to wake up
Time will passing by
Be careful what decisions you will do.
Ano nga ba ang kulang?
Matiwasay ang buhay, ngunit bakit may patlang?
Tila damdami'y hanap ay lambing,
Pagkat puso'y ito'y dinadaing.

Aanhin ang karangalan,
Kung isip tila di maunawaan?
Aanhin ang karangyaan,
Kung ang puso ay di maintindihan?

Nadarama ko ang katotohanan
Nilalamon ako ng kalungkutan
Ang puso'y puno ng katanungan
Nasaan ang aking kamalian?

Pagmamahal lamang ang nanaisin,
Uhaw kong damdamin.
Halaga ko'y sino mag aangkin
Hanggang kailan ko ito titiisin?

Hangad ko lamang ay tunay na kagalakan
Tipong walang madaramang alinlangan
Pagpapanggap ay hindi na kailangan
Ngunit kailan ko ito mararanasan?

Isa lamang itong hangarin ko
Mahalin ako ng totoo
Mula sa mga taong mahal ko
Upang sa kalungkuta'y makabangon ako

Dalangin ng puso'y hndi man sapat
Uhaw na damdamin hindi na sana mamarapat
Hndi man pahalagahan ng lahat
Pagmamahal ko'y patuloy na tapat

Darating ang panahon
Puso'y magiging mahinahon
Sa dilim ako'y makakaahon
At Wala ng sasayanging pagkakataon
True love from my family, relatives and friends are all I need.
Wind blows,
River flows.

Breath deeply,
Live continually.

Life Isn't perfect,
So Live with the prospect.

Never turning back,
Pain will pull you back.

Make your desire center of attention,
And your past be your inspiration.

Don't forget to call on HIM.
He direct your path to HIM.

Live by FAITH,
You will have better fate.
Life isn't perfect.
I Know you've hurt many times.
Please Don't turning back to the same people who make you feel worthless.

I Know you've cried, disappointed and afraid.
Focus on the goal.
Try and try to find a way to keep going.

Don't compare your actual self to a pathetic self.
Remove "what if's" in your mind.
Don't abuse your mind by thinking other characters of you.
You are you, make a better version of you.

Accept your own fate
Accept your own reality
Accept your own failure
Accepting where you are in present make it easier to avoid sadness.

It's time to learn to let go
Be human enough to be, well enough.
Be matured enough to accept the truth.
It's finally time to focus where you are now.
Only yourself can help you to make your life more better.
Im talking to you but you don't listen
Im crying but you leave me alone
Im in pain but you don't care
Im shaken but you saw like nothing

You prove that you don't need me anymore

I need you
I really need you
I need you to listen when Im talking
I need your shoulder when I cry
I need you to comfort me when Im in pain
I need you to hug me when Im scared

But you act like you don't care

I will stop talking to you
I will stop crying
I will stop expecting that you're always here
I will fight what Im scared for

My actions prove that I no longer care.

Not in all cases need to be continued.
Im like a plant who need a water,
A water of encouragement.

Im like a plant who need a sun,
A sun of positive thoughts.

Im like a plant who need a fertilizer,
A fertilizer to have a strong heart.

Im like a plant who need a soil,
A soil for healthy mind.

Im like a plant who need a comfortable place,
A Comfortable place to know that I am safe.

Im like a plant who need a care,
A care from a Gardener.

and Im like a plant who need a Gardener,
A Gardener who make me feel special, who loving me, take care of me, and who never give up until I achieve who the real I am.
No matter how strong you are, one day your tears will fall without knowing why.
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