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Amanda Noel Jan 8
Graceful fingers
grip the brush's neck.
each stroke
across the canvas,
Rhythm operating
on instinctive reflex.
patterns layered
along the back,
gradient tones
build on the last,
colors lapse time as
thoughts track lines,
The anxious mind
practicing patience to relax.
Amanda Noel Jan 7
I sit on the side of the moon
brushed by the clouds that pass,
covering the cratered cracks,
illuminated radiance standing still, while
illusion fills the dark skies
beneath the film.
when the moon floats through the clouds
Amanda Noel Jan 6
Words turn to vapor
when lead hits the paper,
Through the fog
rests a reflective creature.
I try not to hate her.

Abstractions encircle
at rates dissimilar
until, in time, they eclipse.
Awakening the beast,
the light hides,
but eerie peace
shadows over
head clenching screams,
until I can't feel much of anything.
Weaving between a day and a dream.
Amanda Noel Dec 2019
Existence can change in an instant,
The resistant
are wildly reminiscent.
Though pensive,
focused on the senseless,
circling defensive,
using hot air
to clear
the dusty lenses,
pictures smeared,
limiting perspective.
Amanda Noel Dec 2019
Sometimes I feel
so deeply
that words figure themselves out.
I don't know what it means,
at first,
but after a while,
experiences lead me down a route,
explaining the past of my present's ground.
The past presents the future
Amanda Noel Dec 2019
The things I see on brighter days,
Fade, disperse, and dissipate.
Twisting coils to speculate.
Unsure I'm in the right state to debate history anyways.

Caught up in hopeful misery.
Bound, tethered, and strung.
when I break free, you'll see,
I don't give a ****.

A notation to remind myself,
the fall from heaven leads to hell.

It's best to stay on level ground.
Amanda Noel Dec 2019
There are days I feel so tall,
Back straight, turned away from all.
Posture curves across mid sections,
Not focused on reflections,
Steady in multidirections.
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