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  7d Amaisha
I have a pen to write poetry
no one reads
I have a canvas to paint pictures
that never see shadows
I have a voice to sing
that only speaks in fluster
My fingers pluck the guitar
the music of singularity
One day it would be ideal
To cast away my work uniform
To brush away my tears of conformity
And pluck a gossamer silver
from the heavens
...Just once.
Amaisha Feb 10
Once there was
A sharpshooter who knew
not where to aim

And once there lay
A gracious prince
wronged by his own game

His Kingdom had fallen &
his loved ones cried mutiny
Run they did so feverishly
to any hope of a cure

A cure to mend his weaknesses
A way to cover up his shame
shame he'd brought his family
those who'd stripped him of faithç

And so the thuggish soul walked up boldy
hands place tightly on his gun
he offered the prince sweet symphony
promised him salvation from his damaged grace

They rode on waves of chaos
and drank from jars of bottled love
they sought solace in one another
and greeted life's velvet gloves

The prince's past still haunting
yet its daggers long forgotten
Down rabbit holes they wondered
far from safety they now both stood

It's been spoken through sheltered folktales
that no weapon of the heart can shoot gracefully
without an aim being placed

and so the gunman soon realised
his bullets now longed
for the prince's troubled face
Inspiration from the Six of Crows duo logy (Wylan and Jesper)
Amaisha Feb 1
You were a comet,
Your eyes shone like embers
Your smile took me over, and
left this heart all but still.

I watched as you flew by,
through the glass of a window
Every night I would find you
like a light to guiding me home.

My hands couldn't reach you,
but your soul held me tight
Might I lay here in this warmth,  and
Listen close to the words you recite?

But yet you are a comet,
You cannot stay for long
the second I think I've caught you,
the moment I realise you're gone..
Ill be honest, I got inspired to write this after re-watching all the scenes between Allura and Lance (Voltron). Yes I know, I love making myself suffer xD but I can't get over that final episode. I have a serious love hate relationship with it atm! Allura and Lance deserved betterrrrr, But oh well, all in all it was a beautiful ending and it was heartwarming to see the team move on and find happiness ( Also, can I get a cheer for SHIRO here!! YOU MARRY THAT MAN BOY <3333 , You deserve ittt)
Okay okay thats all, anyway hope you enjoy it and if you know anything about Voltron , than I hope this poem did it justice... :))
Amaisha Jan 20
They say I am ill,
That my future stands, still
Too far out of reach
Yet not close enough to feel

My Future,

It's patience is no virtue
It's silence is no gift,
I will claw my way to find it
just to find it doesn't exist.

They will watch with desperate eyes
praying that through all the
destruction and hatred I pass
I will somehow survive
the disguise of my past

My past,

It's soulless smile rips through my skin
Destroying the layer of heaven I built
Constricting my heart of the love I once felt

They say not to live in the past,
or fret of the future
but to stand in the present

But how can I stand when the past
has shaken the ground I am on,
& the future clouded my blue sky with grey?
I wrote this in a time when I honestly felt like I wasn't going anywhere  and that somehow, no matter how much I tried, my past would always catch up to me. I hope you like it and that some of you can relate.. :))
Amaisha Jan 19
She was a word spoken too soon
A melody so gracefully out of tune
Where her mind a haven
Of all things mistaken
And her wings powered with
The mystery life brings

But we became too envious,
And stole her portrait of bedlam,
Ousting it with a mirror of drabness
Replacing the song she prayed to sing
And all to blend her into this dull ink

Ink we so blatantly call home
Chaos where our souls seek comfort
And rumours our ears so ignorantly believe

Now she is but a corpse
Of a potential beauty in store
spending her days as the ones before
Accepting the lies thread in this web

Web that led her sound to snore
Destroyed the pictures painted in her skin
And slowly consumed her heart with dread

Because society will always despise
What is said
By the flowers that bloomed before time
And the words that were spoken
so defiantly out of line
This started out as a sort of letter that I was writing to 'society', just expressing my frustrations towards it and how it has killed people's individual spirits as so to prevent almost 'anarchy' in way (Anyone who is 'too' different) , but after a while of writing it I started to play around with some of the words and eventually it led to this
Amaisha Jan 19
It is wreckage and salvation,
An absolute illusion
Of a perfect paradise

A symphony of heartache
A wretched game of pain,
Joined by melodies of tears
Along with notes of rain

It wakes the heart
Yet breaks the soul
An unwanted loss of time
In a wanted time of daydreams

Whether returned or ignored
It's uncertainty kills the most
Unable you are to walk away

From what is wished for
In the desires of the heart
But prayed to be forgotten
In the mechanisms of the mind
This is a poem I wrote when I was mad crazy over this friend of mine and the fact that I couldn't tell him got to the point where it was detrimental to my mental health (Panic attacks,etc.) so because of that I ended up confessing to him, only to find out he was in love with my other close friends. Stung like a ***** but I got over it so at least I can say I got a decent poem out of the experience :))
Amaisha Jan 19
Save me from my silence,
blind me from my eyes,
sew up my scars
with your pretty little lies

Here I lay on your hospital bed
soul surrounded by sheets of white
will you unplug me from my consciousness
I beg you, hand me to the light

Still hurting?
Pump up the morphine
comatize these fears
for there's no space for feeling
nor room for smiles and tears

I'm but a tad bit thirsty
for those small blue pills you hold
I'm told they fix mindsets
d'you reckon they'd mend mine?
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