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Oct 2020 · 44
Why can't I get rid of it
F Oct 2020
Haunting me
From a corner on the floor
His t-shirt
um chile anyways sooo
Oct 2020 · 54
I am here
F Oct 2020
Why did I do this,
write all of these poems?
To get your attention,
to capture your eye?
To prove that I'm special,
I'm one of a kind?

It all gets so fuzzy,
what I felt by your side.
Did I ever love you,
or just need a guide?
I thought I was happy,
was it just a distraction?

I sincerely apologize for the way that I acted,
sorry I gave a sh*t about your well being.
Next time I'll stay quiet,
and ignore all the pleadings.

Some people are helpless,
they simply don't want it.
So I'll just forget it,
and find someone separate.

Someone to appreciate,
all that I offer.
Someone that will get me,
and make me much stronger.
'the way I acted' being "acting like a therapist" for calling him out on his bill sh*t thinking habits
Sep 2020 · 94
His Lips
F Sep 2020
The first time we kissed
Behind that ****** marble,
Was filled with such bliss
So much that it startled.

The way that you smiled
I just cannot forget,
Too bad that it stifled
Not long after we met.

Your lips were so soft
Like satin or velvet,
And now that they're gone,
I can't seem to get past it.

Like wind it passed through me,
That feeling of joy,
But now I realized,
To you, I'm just some toy.

A kind of experiment
To test if your brain works.
PLOT TWIST! It doesn't.
Instead it made things worse.

For you, it was simple,
You just couldn't love me.
For me, it was torture,
I caught feelings too quickly.

— The End —