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Alyssa 6d
divine morning spark
the sun, remotely afire
Alyssa May 17
no clemency for sinners
rattles in the womb
a modern crucifixion
on wrong you didn't do
life is penitence
so long as isn't yours
Alyssa May 13
long shadow in the corner
haunting presence, ghastly threat
dark replicating sketch
of my mind's delirious dread
siphoning out the terror
that stirs inside my head
Alyssa May 7
no flesh, no bone
no spine holding up a cause
my name pronounced in passive tense
in the voice of a ghost
nobody to claim my gold
it's all turned to dust
and as i drift further from home
all gone with a gust
Alyssa May 1
pale from altitude
architecture of a soul
rugged cliffs, broken rocks
peaks, slopes and valleys
grinding plates below the soil
standing tall in depths unknown
fainting at the very touch
of winds coming from above
Alyssa Mar 1
you drink the poison our lies pour
I drink it too
in agony our bodies entwine
for fear or love or neither one
in unison we die
held in each other's arms
but worlds apart
Alyssa Feb 14
I wish my parents hadn't been musicians
and hadn't transformed into sound
and hear all their absent parts play loud
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