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Ally 4d
There isn't a day that goes by,
                 where I don't wonder about what could be.

Can't you see?
I am falling for you.
I am changing for you.
It's all for you.
      What will it take?
      What can I do to make you understand?
             I am NOT leaving!
             I am NOT her!
             I will NEVER be her!
*******   H E R

She broke you.
He broke me.
Talk to me.
    Help me help you.
She shattered you, and left me with the pieces.
He broke me, and left you with the shards.
Maybe, we can make NEW pieces.
Maybe, we can mend what they destroyed.
Help me, help you.
Let me in.
Lets build something new.
New begin broken mend shards letmein build help talk falling understand
Ally 4d
I can't lose you.
        You mean too much to me.
                   But the tighter I hold on.
        The more my hands begin to burn.

I love you.
I want you.

        But maybe, I need to learn to let go.
                  I don't want to, but as I look down at my raw, red hands.
                  I realize that the tighter I cling.
                  The more damage I cause.
I won't lose you.

But maybe,
you will lose me.
A loyal person knows how hard it is to say goodbye. They want to believe that any relationship can last, that even the people who hurt us the most can change. Unfortunately a lesson that those people ( myself included) need to learn; is that sometimes we cant save everyone.
Ally Feb 7
You give and give.
    But you can only give so much.
Because eventually you run out of pieces of yourself.

And after you stop giving.
  They start to take.
They take and take.
Until they have you ,
And you are no longer complete.
Give but only to people who deserve you.
Ally Feb 4
You can’t go back on what you said.

Once you’ve broken something,
It can’t be put back together the same way again.
Ally Jan 31
Love is like a fire.
It can burn you,
Just as easily as it can warm you.

Love is like an ocean.
It can drown you,
Just as easily as it can embrace you.
Ally Jan 29
You left me broken.

I only hope that the next person to love me-
is able to push aside my broken pieces,
and see the beauty ,
in what is left.
Recently someone very close to me shattered my heart, but there is someone else now. He is perfect, and I hope to God that he see's through my brokenness.
Ally Jan 22
It starts small.
A thought.

Then it grows.
It turns into actions.
Not to others but to yourself.

The lines start small,
Almost to faint to notice.

Then , they grow.
They begin to deepen,
In hopes of drowning out the pain.
The pain of everyday life.

They hurt,
But not as much as your heart does.

It starts small,
As a thought.
But as it grows,
As it struggles to keep up with your flooding emotions.
It begins to strangle you.
The thoughts begin to hurt.
They scream;
Hear us
Hear us
, but what if We don’t want to hear them.

The thoughts that start those lines.
The thoughts that starve us.
The thoughts that deprive us of living a fufilled life.

Hear us.
See us.
They scream.
For anyone feeling the same way I am here
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