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EAC Apr 25
stretch wide my mind fled away, drowned in ecstasy, drugged, numb, and not okay! slumped with daze, ripped away in pits i forget your name.

foul without scent, i rip memories to shred. chest pressed in, i **** him in the end, the me I created who carried you to bed in arms who bled for hours to no end. wrapped "together" in the ** for that's was how that night went.

Longest of lovers and timeless friends, reincarnated people brought together again. in trial you plead, worried and afraid and within my arms you stayed safe. countless hours to interview and thousand more to hear about your day.

Jealous of others your envious green showed through indifference & shame on your face. pressured by age you escaped the glue which held you together and revealed the true face. tossed aside embarrassed to say, get away from family parties and friends.

Wanted by others you accept the advances you wanted their attention that'll help you escape "the" cage. forgetful of commitments you dance away your depression in the arms of a stranger who's face wasn't mine.

you pressed your lips without time, forced on me to fade the haze. a blanket of comfort the cold of may, my heart grew darker decembers rain.
the ****** agenda i did play, forcing the intimacy to burn it away.
leaving you afraid, for the monsters you create.

but i do so hate, my heart that says. sorry for not holding you longer. the world ain't great, your grandfather was special no one can replace. I wanted to hug your mother she doesn't deserve the pain..
our love for each other has become ****
EAC Mar 9
minimal effort as I watch you leave, my arms cold from your selfish diseases, wrapped tight in comfort you had me under your sleeved, tucked in shadows no one will see..

pressed in books I couldn't be let breath as I crawled from anguish to a sunlight dream, basked in smiles from friends who wanted the best for me.

yet I broke every moment I remembered who I let leave, a gem who was sparking as the sun stroked her face so genitally. I loved for thousands suns, for the winter springs and august embers til the endless nights which kept me up with forever ***.

you were the one, the pressing mornings and numbing nights. the lift of love, and sobbing dreams.
EAC Jan 31
while the dread of peace kept you starved with wasted days.
my years with you were infinite in the moments of bliss of a kiss.

with withering tears passing dry cold on dark years nights old
my mind remains on the you who once was.
with blade I pull back the blade to expose vein, red dopamine rivers flow from my sleeve to numb my soul.
with thin brushes i paint my anguish on canvas riddled with dangers of homicide.

a youthful mind trapping you in the delusion of time, and human concepts flood your mind.
EAC Jan 2015
that falls motionless in waking dawn.
muffles the sadness within our souls.
mutes the voices within our heads.
holds us close when we're all alone.
that saves my drowning soul.
will help me grow...
EAC Dec 2014
Passionate lover, fluid strokes.
Deep inside, ****** moans.
***** thoughts, innocent tone.
Rough motion, head explodes.
Wet finish, all over her throat.
Beautiful kisses, on her toes.
Lustful whisper, do so float.
Heartful words, I do so devote~

Verse: E
EAC Dec 2014
**** the nine through five, which steals my time.
**** the system which decided if I live or die.
**** the power which puts money before love.
**** the luck, where ever it might hide.
**** the me, puts up with lies.
**** the you, who chooses to live a lie..
Verse: V
EAC Dec 2014
what beauty is pain, if not death.
to save the tormented soul
thumping voices, rupturing skulls
aborted children, will float
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