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Alli Dalzell Sep 2018
You took my soul away never to be left the same ,  broken , tattered , lost ......s....o....u....l
Alli Dalzell Aug 2014
Let me be the substance of your addiction....
Swallow me whole or drink me up
Or in hale me and let me fill you up.

Let me be the substance of your addiction
Snort me up...
.inject me ....
.poor me till you get your fill
roll me up...
light me up ....
or pop me like a pill  .....

I want to be that feeling the one you love so much,
but let it be my kiss.... my love and the way we touch.

I want to be your addiction the way that you are mine .
I want to consume everything your body mind and time.

I want you to get drunk off my lips
And make you forget what to say .
I want to be your drug,
I want to be your special K

I want to fog your brain with passion as you drawl me in and get high and not take much.
I want to make you feel invincible on top of the world with just one touch.

I want to be your addiction I want to run through your veins .
I want to be your addiction I want to cure your pain .

I want to be your addiction your euphoria of love.
I want to be your addiction I want to be your drug.
Alli Dalzell Jan 2014
A four legged animal
Called mans best friend
Always has time for me
and a ear to lend

He sits there so patiently
as I pour out my heart.
Its like he wants to heal me
but has no clue where to start.

He places his little paw on my hand
like everything will be okay.
Whoever thought I'd get this love from
an animal especially a stray ?!?

He looks up at me like he knows
what is going through my mind.
How can something that speaks no words
be so patient and so kind ?

Those deep brown eyes look up at me
like owner don't you cry
And then I look back at him
and its like God just told me "Why".
Alli Dalzell Jan 2014
Sometimes I wonder in life where I went wrong ?!
I followed the rules I played along.
Through all the ******* and things of that sort,
I never complained I was a good sport.
So why does it feel that I always get the short end of the stick ?
Its like I'm given something and its taken back just as quick !?
They say to be happy someone always has it worse,
but this isn't a one day occurrence I was born with this curse.
Always feeling alone with nobody by my side .
I'd give up and call it quits if it weren't for my pride.
On the outside it looks like sunshine like I have it all together.
Smiling and nodding saying "its going to get better" .
I'm starting to lose feeling in this thing they called my heart.
ITs getting so numb, bruised, tattered, and falling apart.
I ask you Dear God just why these feelings for me?
Can't my heart just be happy, flowing and free ?
Why do I always struggle with the things inside my head ?
My Mind full of thoughts my heart emotionless and dead.
Walking through life, emotionless and scared.
I didn't know it would be like this, I wasn't prepared.
My eyes are now empty no more tears left to cry.
Just please answer my prayer God and please tell me why !?!?
Alli Dalzell Jan 2014
You make me feel so comfortable
So good in my own skin
That beauty is only skin deep
The best stuff come from within

Its been such a short span of time
This really isn't like me
Its like my hearts a metal padlock
and you just happen to have the key

I'm normally not so open
and so willing to let someone in
Because loves played like a game
and I normally do not win

Should I keep my guard up ?
and try and keep you out ?
My heart says "lets do this"
My head still has some doubt

I think that I may try this
I'll give you just one chance
Will this end poorly
Or like a fairy tail romance.
Alli Dalzell Mar 2013
He was an American soldier
He stood for the red white and the blue .
He carried a a tremendous secret
that nobody but him knew.

He was an american soldier
the war he fought was inside his head
The needle was the gun and
the heroine was the lead

He was an American soldier
happiness a camouflage he hid behind so well
His lonely heart his fox hole
His personal trench of hell

He was an American soldier
A symbol of the free and the brave
A prisoner of his addiction
His life only his to save

He was an American soldier
Who's life came to an end
He was an American soldier
I called him my best friend .
Alli Dalzell Mar 2013
See my tears ?
They aren't there
One of the things that became hard to share
You took that from me
Or more so I took it from myself
Beaten with words and slashed with your tongue no longer a sense of self
Unable to see with the naked eye
And that's why now I'm unable to cry.

— The End —