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  Jan 2018 Alleycat
Imran Islam
No one knows you're the moon
in my secret sky
I want to talk to you, sweetie
but I'm so shy!

I want to walk with you,
but I'm nervous
You are so cute and so sweet,
but your mom is dangerous!

Sweetheart, I love you so much,
but I'm worried;
You still act like you're very young
that's why I'm confused!
Alleycat Jan 2018
Why would you listen to what he said ,
If you want to know just ask.
He's just trying to spill crap into you head ,
With his imaginary past.

Nothing he saids is true ,
He's just a bitter lair.
Trying to put a wedge between me and you ,
Yet I know your so much brighter.

So turn a deaf ear my friend ,
To a dumb fool.
For in the end ,
I will always pick you.
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